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What are you looking forward to most in September? 8 day(s)6813 852
What limits your RuneScape playing time the most? 7 day(s)11279 1611
Are you using the Tip.It Dynamic Signatures? 8 day(s)4238 530
What detail do you play RuneScsape in? 8 day(s)11688 1461
How many of your relatives play RuneScape? 8 day(s)13468 1684
My homepage is... 8 day(s)10870 1359
Would you attend official Tip.it (TET) monster-hunting events? (DKs, GWD, Etc.) 8 day(s)10448 1306
Will you purchase the new RuneScape novel? 7 day(s)12274 1753
What are you looking forward to most in July? 8 day(s)14245 1781
How many Achievement Diaries have you done? 7 day(s)11284 1612
Which would you like to see Jagex focus more resources on? 8 day(s)13383 1673
How did the Development Diary affect your view on the graphic update? 7 day(s)10471 1496
What are your thoughts on the new forums? 6 day(s)5371 895
What are your thoughts on the new forums? (Preliminary) 2 day(s)3181 1591
What are you looking forward to most in June? 7 day(s)12707 1815
When released, how often do you think you will play RuneScape in fullscreen? 8 day(s)14947 1868
Which new feature would you like to see Tip.It get the most? 8 day(s)8059 1007
While playing RuneScape, what else do you tend to do (the most)? 7 day(s)14100 2014
What is your greatest achievement? 7 day(s)14687 2098
What method do you use to train skills? 7 day(s)13909 1987
How good is clan support in RuneScape? 8 day(s)9530 1191
Are you a member of Forum.Tip.It & do you (still) play RuneScape? 8 day(s)12392 1549
What do you think of the new Summoning skill? 7 day(s)15268 2181
Do you lie on Tip.It polls? 7 day(s)16907 2415
How many holiday events have you participated in? 8 day(s)14413 1802
What do you find most important while fighting? 7 day(s)16762 2395
Which March update are you most looking forward to? 8 day(s)12799 1600
What is your favourite aspect of RuneScape? 7 day(s)12185 1741
Which Clan Chat do you get on the most? 7 day(s)10628 1518
How often do you submit corrections to Tip.It? 7 day(s)9603 1372

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