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Hamilton penalised!
The victory goes to Massa

Spa's race stewards decided that the Englishman's gained an advantage by cutting the chicane and penalised him with 25", which puts him in third place. Therefore, Massa is the winner and Heidfeld is second. McLaren appealed: "Our data shows that Lewis eased off on the pedal to let Kimi go." The decision will now be heard at FIA's court of appeals

Massa on the podium at Spa: he finished second but then the stewards awarded him the victory
Massa on the podium at Spa: he finished second but then the stewards awarded him the victory
SPA (Belgium), 7 September 2008 - Today's Belgian GP had a surprise ending: Lewis Hamilton, who crossed the finish line first, has received a 25-second penalty and therefore, Felipe Massa and Ferrari are the winners of today's race. The decision was made after analysing the tapes of Hamilton's pass over Kimi Raikkonen on the next-to-last lap of the GP.
ADVANTAGE- The stewards determined that the Englishman gained an advantage by cutting the chicane before the last straight of the lap. It's true that he let Raikkonen go first on the straight, but because he immediately passed him, he ended up gaining an advantage and therefore, he has been penalised. In order to consider his actions a regular pass over Raikkonen, he should have waited at least another turn rather than attacking so soon.
A CLOSE FIGHT- Ferrari's General Director Stefano Domenicali did not want to comment on the decision: "We are happy with this win but we want to remain focused. This race was also proof that this world championship won't be decided until the end." Timo Glock was also penalised for passing another driver under a yellow flag situation: Webber will take eighth place and the corresponding points.
APPEAL - McLaren-Mercedes decided to appeal the stewards' decision. McLaren's appeal will be heard by FIA's court of appeals that will meet next week. "We have analysed all our data and we are willing to share them with FIA's commissioners," explained McLaren. "The data show that after cutting the chicane, Lewis lifted his foot off the pedal and was slower than Kimi by 6 Km/h. After letting Kimi go first, Lewis steered his car to the right and pressed the brakes. Given our data, we have no other choice but to appeal."
HAMILTON - During the post-race press conference, before the stewards' decision, Lewis Hamilton spoke about the manoeuvre that ended up costing him a penalty: "I let him past," said the Briton. "To be honest, he pushed me wide and that's why I had to cut the chicane. I had no room and I had to avoid crashing into him. I quickly got in his tow and then I managed to pass him; I didn't make any serious mistake."

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