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Perhaps the world's most advanced video compression technology, award-winning TrueMotion VP7 can be experienced in Skype2.0, AOL AIM, Move Networks, Viewpoint Media Player, and Tencent Messenger/QQ, among others.

For the first time, achieve high quality video at low data rates - as low as 20kbps, and play back 720p HD on 1.5GHz Pentium M and 1080p HD on 2.5GHz Pentium M.

VP7 brings all the benefits that have made TrueMotion codecs industry leaders - from quality and efficiency to flexible implementations and licensing.

Read an in-depth technical analysis of VP7's technical advantages by On2 CTO Jim Bankoski at Video Imaging DesignLine.

On2 VP7 Technical Overview

On2 VP7 recognized by the 2006 Frost and Sullivan Technology Innovations Award