Mini Games and Mini Quests

RuneScape Mini Games involve one certain activity in a certain area, or are limited to a certain thing. These are often interesting and fun to be involved in, so we have a selection of guides about them. Feel free to contact us with feedback about them.

Risk levels: Most of these activities have been assessed regarding the level of risk that they pose to the player. A low risk rating means that either the game contains no elements hazardous to the player or that, upon dying, the player keeps all items in his or her inventory. A high risk game contains substantial additional danger to the player -- on dying, the player will lose all but his or her three most valuable items, as usual.

Mini-Games that do not involve any kind of combat, agility tests, or require that you travel to dangerous areas have not been assessed a risk level. Any kind of activity in RuneScape is potentially dangerous, because you can be attacked or poisoned whilst you are doing virtually anything. The risk levels assessed here are directly related to the activity the mini-game is about.

Mini Games

Mini Games are activities that you can enjoy over and over, as many times as you like. Play them for rewards, or xp, or for the sheer fun of it.

Mini Quests

Mini Quests are optional activities (or a series of tasks) that you can only go through once. Some unlock new areas, or spells, or abilities, or give reward items. Some are just for proud achievement.




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