N85 & N79: Two New N-Gage Devices

An embargo was broken and stories are hitting the Internet today about our two newest Nseries devices, the N85 and the N79. I’ve seen stories are on Unwir3d, electronista, product-reviews.net, phonemag, techradar, into-mobile, engadget, and many other places.

Some of these stories describe plans to release these as N-Gage compatible devices, although nothing has been officially said yet. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised to see an official announcement on that fairly soon. ;)

Update: As brainimpact notes in the comments below, AAN has the news about a virtual event here that you can attend: 9 AM London GMT, 11 AM Finland, 4 AM EST.

Update #2: It’s now official, there are two new N-Gage devices. Official press releases are here for the N79, and N85. The N79 will come pre-loaded with ten N-Gage games. The N96 was also reintroduced as coming with N-Gage pre-installed when it arrives.

TechRadar describes the N85 like this:

“One of the obvious features of this handset is the 2.6 OLED screen, which has a faster response time, lower power consumption and faster refresh rate than LCD, which lends the screen to fast motion video and gaming…

“GPS with turn by turn navigation, a 5MP snapper with Carl Zeiss optics and an FM transmitter make this a possibly great mid-range device, with up to 28 hours music playback.

“It also comes with an 8GB card in the box, so you can pack it full of media magic and watch it on the little kickstand in the idle moments.”

As for the N79, Engadget describes it this way:

“The N79 replaces the N78, similarly bumping the cam to the big five em-pees with a dual-LED flash, GPS, 4GB microSDHC storage, WiFi, swappable back covers, and a 24-hour music playback battery life.

“Should be out in the UK as of next month, but we’re hoping to see these hit our fair shores posthaste.”

One thing you can’t miss about the N79 is the bright green color option. So what do you think of these new devices? (And no, no update on N73 or N93 support - sorry!)