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Disagreements, reviews and appeals

Fair treatment and a commitment to your rights are fundamental pillars that guide our relationship.

Although most of our dealings are straightforward, sometimes a person or organization disagrees with us about an assessment or decision we've made.

When that happens, we want to resolve the disagreement as quickly and easily as possible.

Some disagreements are caused by a lack of information or by a simple miscommunication. That's why we say: "Talk to us".

For instance:

If you have a disagreement at an airport or border crossing, talk to the border services officer or superintendant while you're there. After the fact, you can contact one of our offices.

After talking to us, you may not be satisfied with our answer. One of your rights is the right to a formal review.

Our review process differs according to what's in disagreement or dispute.

Learn more about what to do in specific situations: