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Company Alumni and Military & Government "Alumni" Groups

People who have worked together usually get to know each other fairly well, and can be very good connections for finding that next job. In the lists below, "alumni" means former employees only, unless otherwise stated.

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Links to alumni groups are provided in 3 major categories. Select the kind of employer alumni group you want from the list below:
  1. Corporate/Company alumni groups seem to fall into three major categories: independent groups pulled together by volunteers who create a Web site or a mailing list (like a Yahoo! Group), those actually sponsored by the former employer, and those which are developed on social network sites like LinkedIn.

  2. Military alumni groups connect members of the U.S. Department of Defense services organizations. Members of the military, particularly those who trained, served in combat, and/or were deployed together, share a bond that is life-long, and many organizations support those networks, across the country.

  3. Government alumni groups are a little sparse right now, but the corporate alumni groups list started at barely 25 a few years ago, so come back if you don't find your government department represented right now. If you know of an active alumni group which is not listed, let us know, and it will be added. If you see a group which is not active or inaccurately listed or described, also let us know so we can fix it. Send info to feedback@Job-Hunt.org.

In case your former employer is not included in the links below, see the additional networking resources at the bottom of the page.

If you know of an active alumni group which is not listed, let us know, and it will be added. If you see a group which is not active or inaccurately listed or described, also let us know so we can fix it. Send info to feedback@Job-Hunt.org.

Corporate Alumni Groups

A - - B - - C - - D - - E - - F - - G - - H - - I - - J - - K - - L - - N - - O - - P - - R - - S - - T - - U - - V - - W - - X

Employer Group Name & Membership Contact
3DO Company ex3DO Yahoo Group
   --------------- A ---------------
Accenture Accenture alumni Website
Accenture Big4 Website
ADL (Arthur D. Little) ADL Alumni Website
Adobe Adobe Alumni Yahoo Group
ADP ADP Alumni Website
Automatic Data Processing Alumni (both current & former employees) LinkedIn Group
Agilent Technologies Agilent Employees & Alumni LinkedIn Group
Alcatel-Lucent Former Lucent Alumni Website
Alltel Alltell Connections (both current & former employees) LinkedIn Group
Alltel Wireless Alltell Wireless Alumni (both current & former employees) LinkedIn Group
Altria Group (Kraft Foods, General Foods, Oscar Mayer Foods, Miller Brewing, and 7-Up) Altria Alumni LinkedIn Group
ALZA Corporation ALZA Employee Networking Yahoo Group
Amazon.com Amazon Alumni LinkedIn Group
America Online AOL Alumni Association (both current & former employees) Website
LinkedIn Group
American Express American Express Alumni LinkedIn Group
American Hospital Supply Company (AHSC) AHSC Baxter Cardinal, and affiliated and successor companies (both current & former employees) Yahoo Group
AHSC Baxter and successor companies LinkedIn Group
Amgen, Inc. AluMGEN Yahoo Group
Amgen Alumni LinkedIn Group
Aon Corporation Aon Alumni (both current & former employees) LinkedIn Group
Arthur Andersen Andersen Alumni Website
Big4 Website
LinkedIn Group
Apollo Computer Company Apollo Alumni LinkedIn Group
Apple, Inc. Apple Alumni Website
Apple (both current & former employees) LinkedIn Group
Apple Inc., Apple Computer, and File Maker (both current & former employees) LinkedIn Group
ArQule, Inc. ArQule Alumni Yahoo Group
Astra Merck Inc. Astra Merck Alumni Website
AT&T AT&T Retirees Website
AVAYA AVAYA Alumni Yahoo Group
Avon Products, Inc. Avon alumni LinkedIn Group
   --------------- B ---------------
Bain & Company Bain Alumni Network Website
Bayer Research Center (CT) BRCalums Website
BearingPoint Big4 Website
LinkedIn Group
Bearn Stearns Bear Stearns Alumni Network Website
Bear Stearns & Company, Inc. Bear Stearns Alumni Network (former only) LinkedIn Group
Bear Stearns Companies, Inc. Current and former employees LinkedIn Group
BEA Systems, Inc. BEA Alumni Yahoo Group
Bell Labs Bell Labs Alumni Links Website
Booz | Allen | Hamilton Alumni Website
   --------------- C ---------------
CapGemini Big4 Website
LinkedIn Group
CapGemini, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young CGEY Alumni Yahoo Group
Capitol One Capitol One Alumni Network (both current & former employees) LinkedIn Group
Career Builder exCBers Yahoo Group
Cendant Corporation Cendant Alumni LinkedIn Group
Chevron (also Unocal, Texaco, and Gulf) Chevron Alumni Community Website
Chevron Chevron Retirees Association Website
Circuit City (also Carmax) Circuit City Alumni (both current & former employees) LinkedIn Group
Cisco Cisco Alumni Association Website
Citibank/Citicorp Citibank/Citycorp Alumni Website
Clarify Clarify Alumni Yahoo Group
Clear Channel Communications, Inc. Alumni of Clear Channel Communications LinkedIn Group
Coca-Cola Company and Coca-Cola Enterprises, Ltd Coca-Cola Company Alumni (both current & former employees) LinkedIn Group
Coca-Cola Enterprises, Ltd (UK) CCE Alumni Website
Colgate-Palmolive Colgate-Palmolive Alumni (CP Professionals) LinkedIn Group
CompuServe CompuServe Alumni Website
Comten (of NCR) Comten Alumni Club Yahoo Group
ConAgra Foods ConAgra Alumni Website
ConAgra Foods (and past & present subsidiaries) ConAgra Alumni (Ex-Cons) LinkedIn Group
CSC Index Outdex Yahoo Group
   --------------- D ---------------
Deloitte Deloitte AlumNet Website
Deloitte Canada Deloitte AlumNet Website
Deloitte & Touche Big4 Website
LinkedIn Group
Digital Equipment Corporation Digital Alumni Website
DEC Connection Website
LinkedIn Alumni Groups LinkedIn Group
LinkedIn Group
Digital Semiconductor Group Semiconductor Alumni Website
DMR Consulting DMR alumni Website
DMR Consulting (Canada) DMR alumni Website
   --------------- E ---------------
Eastman Kodak Company Kodak Alumni Website
eBay eBay Alumni Xing Group
Eli Lilly and Company Eli Lily Alumni (both current & former employees) LinkedIn Group
Lily Alumni Network Website
EMC EMC Alumni Ning Group
Emerson Electric LinkedTo Emerson Electric (both current & former employees) LinkedIn Group
Epsilon Data Management Epsilon Alumni Network Yahoo Group
Ernst & Young Ernst & Young Alumni Website
Exodus Communications exodus-alumni Yahoo Group
   --------------- F ---------------
First Chicago Corporation First Alumni Yahoo Group
Ford Lincoln-Mercury Dealers Dealer Development Alumni Association Website
   --------------- G ---------------
The Gap Inc. Gap Inc. Networking (both current & former employees) LinkedIn Group
Gateway Gateway Employees Alumni LinkedIn Group
Geac Computer Corporation Ex-Employees of Geac Website
Facebook Group
General Electric (GE) General Electric Alumni LinkedIn Group
General Electric (GE) and subsidiaries the MeatBall Website
LinkedIn Group
General Mills General Mills Alumni Website
General Motors (GM) Life After GM Website
Google Xooglers in NY Meetup Group
   --------------- H ---------------
Harbinger Harbinger Alumni Group Website
Yahoo Group
Hewlett Packard HP Alumni Association Website
LinkedIn Group
Other HP-related groups
Hill & Knowlton Hill & Knowlton Alumni Website
LinkedIn Group
Hinditron ex-Hinditron Employees Group Yahoo Group
Home Depot Employees & Alumni LinkedIn Group
Hughes Airwest Hughes Airwest former employees Website
   --------------- I ---------------

Greater IBM connection (both current & former employees)

LinkedIn Group
Xing Group
IBM Global Business Services IBM Global Business Services Alumni Network Website
Inforte Inforte Alumni Yahoo Group
Ingram Micro Ingram Micro Alumni Association (both current & former employees) LinkedIn Group
   --------------- J ---------------
John Deere Deere Alumni and Employees Association LinkedIn Group
   --------------- K ---------------
The Kellogg Company Kellogg's Alumni Website
KPMG Big4 Website
LinkedIn Group
KPMG Connect Website
Kraft Foods Kraft Foods Alumni Association Website
LinkedIn Group
   --------------- L ---------------
L-3 Communications Corporation L-3 Communications Alumni (both current & former employees) LinkedIn Group
Lehman Brothers Lehman Brothers Alumni Website
Limited Brands and The Limited Inc. Limited Brands Alumni LinkedIn Group
Lockheed Martin Lockheed Martin Alumni Network Website
Lotus Development Corporation AXLE Website
Lucent Technologies and Bell Labs Lucent Technologies Alumni Network LinkedIn Group
Lucent Technologies Lucent Alumni LinkedIn Group
   --------------- M ---------------
Macromedia Macromedia Alumni LinkedIn Group
Major League Baseball (MLB) MLB Players Alumni Association Website
Management Science America Inc. (MSA) ex-MSA Alumni Network Yahoo Group
Manpower Manpower Alumni LinkedIn Group
marchFIRST marchFIRST Alumni Website
Marriott Marriott Connections (both current & former employees) LinkedIn Group
Martha Graham Dance Company Martha Graham Alumni Network Website
MBNA MBNA Alumni Website
McKinsey&Company McKinsey Alumni Website
Measurex ex-MX Group Yahoo Group
Medtronic Medtronic Alumni Network LinkedIn Group
Mercury Interactive Mercury Employee Network Yahoo Group
Microsoft Microsoft Alumni Network Website
Current and former employees LinkedIn Group
Millennium Pharmaceuticals xMPI Alumni Yahoo Group
Mitchell Madison Group MMG Alumni Yahoo Group
Motorola MotAlumniWorldwide Yahoo Group
Motorola Alumni (both current & former employees) LinkedIn Group
MP3.com MP3.com Alumni Yahoo Group
   --------------- N ---------------
Nabisco Nabisco Alumni Website
National Cash Register (NCR) NCR Retired Employees association Website
National Football League (NFL) NFL Alumni Website
NESLAB Instruments NESLABians Website
Netscape (Mosaic to AOL) ex-Mozilla Website
Nextel Nextel Alumni LinkedIn Group
Nike Nike Networking (both current & former employees) LinkedIn Group
Nike USA Nike USA Alumni LinkedIn Group
Northwestern Mutual Northwestern Mutual Alumni LinkedIn Group
Novartis Novartis Alumni LinkedIn Group
   --------------- O ---------------
OFS/Lucent Technologies (GA) FormerOFS Yahoo Group
Oracle Corporation Club ex-Oracle Website
LinkedIn Group
OracAlumni Network Yahoo Group
   --------------- P ---------------
Parker Hannifin Parker Hannifin Alumni LinkedIn Group
Peat Marwick Peat Marwick Alumni LinkedIn Group
Phelps Dodge Comporation Phelps Dodge Comporation - Employees and Alumni LinkedIn Group
Platinum Technology Platinum Technology Alumni Website
PeopleSoft PeopleSoft Alumni Network Website
Pepsi Bottling Company PBG Networking (both current & former employees) LinkedIn Group
Pepsi Co PepsiCo Alumni Website
Phillip Morris family of companies (Kraft, Altria, etc.) around the globe Phillip Morris Affiliates alumni LinkedIn Group
Philips PHILIPS Alumni Association LinkedIn Group
Philips Semiconductors PSSA Alumni Yahoo Group
PPG PPG Professionals LinkedIn Group
Praxis and Wyeth Praxis and Wyeth Alumni MSN Group
PricewaterhouseCoopers Alumni Website
Alumni (global) Website
Big4 Website
LinkedIn Group
Prime/Computervision Prime Computervision alumni Ning Group
Procter&Gamble P&G Alumni Network Website
LinkedIn Group
Progress Software Corporation PSC Alumni Yahoo Group
Progressive Insurance Progressive Insurance Employee & Alumni Group LinkedIn Group
   --------------- R ---------------
Reckitt & Colman (Reckitt Benckiser) Reckitt Alumni Yahoo Group
   --------------- S ---------------
SAIC SAIC Alumni Network Website
Salesforce.com Salesforce.com Alumni Google Group
San Francisco Ballet Company Alumni Website
Sara Lee Company SLC Alumni Website
Schering Plough SP Alumni LinkedIn Group
NJIT Schering Plough Alumni Corporate Club Website
Scott Paper Company ScottNet - directory of Scott Paper alumni groups Website
Seismograph Service Group ex-SSL staff Website
Shurgard Shurgardians Forever Yahoo Group
Siebel Systems Inc. SiebAlumni Network (SAN) Yahoo Group
Sierra Atlantic Sierra Atlantic Alumni Association (ex-Sierrans) Website
SmithKline Beecham (Phillippines) SBPhils Yahoo Group
Solect Technology Group x-Solect Yahoo Group

Solectron Alumni

LinkedIn Group
Sony Semiconductor of America SSA-SA Yahoo Group
Southern Airways (1949 - 1979) former employees Website
Sprint Nextel SpAN (Sprint Alumni Network) LinkedIn Group
SRI International SRI Alumni Association Website
Staples Staples Associates & Alumni (both current & former employees) LinkedIn Group
Sun Microsystems Sun Microsystems Alumni Association (SMAA) Website
Syntex Syva Companies Syntex Syva Alumni Association Website
   --------------- T ---------------
Teletype (Skokie, Little Rock) ex-Teletype employees Yahoo Group
Tech Data Tech DataI Alumni LinkedIn Group
Texas Instruments TI Alumni Association Website
Textron Textron Alumni (both current & former employees) LinkedIn Group
Thomson Reuters Thomson Reuters Alumni Website
Tivoli Systems ex-Tivoli - The Alumni Club Yahoo Group
The TJX Companies The TJX Companies Alumni (both current & former employees) LinkedIn Group
Trigent Software ex-Trigent employees Yahoo Group
Trilogy Software Trilogy Alumni Yahoo Group
TWA (DCS) TWA DCS Alumni Association Website
   --------------- U ---------------
US Bancorp US Bancorp (both current & former employees) LinkedIn Group
Unocal/Chevron Unocal Corporate Alumni Community Website
US Robotics USR Alums Yahoo Group
   --------------- V ---------------
Valtech Technologies Valtech Alumni Google Group

Viacom Alumni (both current & former employees)

LinkedIn Group
Visteon Visteon (both current & former employees) LinkedIn Group
   --------------- W ---------------
Walgreens Walgreen Alumni Association Website
WebLogic, Inc. (pre-BEA) WebLogic Alumni Yahoo Group
Whirlpool Corporation Whirlpool Alumni (former employees, interns, & consultants) LinkedIn Group
   --------------- X ---------------
Xerox Corporation Xerox Alumni Association (both former & retired employees) Website
Xerox Alumni (both current & former employees) LinkedIn Group
Xyplex Xyplex Reunion Yahoo Group
Military Alumni Groups
    More than One Service:
Organization Group Contact
The American Legion All Services Website
American Veterans All Services Website
Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) All Services (also government & industry) Website
Congressional Medal of Honor Society Medal of Honor recipients from all Services Website
Disabled American Veterans (DAV) All Services Website
Fleet Reserve Association USMC, USN, & Coast Guard Website
Military Officers Association of America All Services (active duty, former & retired, National Guard & Reserve) Website
Military Order of the Purple Heart All Services Website
National Guard Association of the United States Army and Air National Guard officers Website
Retired Military Officers Association All Services Website
Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) All Services Website
Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) All Services Website
    Specific to a Single Service:
Service Group Contact
U.S. Army Army Career and Alumni Program Website
Specific Unit:   B-2/501st Infantry (101st ABN Div) RVN 67-72 Alumni Website
U.S. Air Force Air Force Public Affairs Alumni Association Website
  Air Force Recruiting Alumni Association Website
Specific Units:   6th Weather Squadron (Mobile) Alumni Association Website
  Thunderbird Alumni (officer & enlisted) Website
U.S. Coast Guard Chief Warrant and Warrant Officers Association Website
U.S. Marine Corps Marine Corps Association Website
  Marine Corps League Website
  LINK-USMC Yahoo Group
  USMC Combat Helicopter Association Website
  Women Marines Association Website
U.S. Navy American Society of Naval Engineers (active former, & retired) Website
  Navy Nuclear Weapons Association (military & civilian) Website
  Surface Navy Association Website
  U.S. Submarine Veterans Website
  WAVES National Website
Specific Ships:   USS Enterprise (CVAN/CVN -65) Website
  USS Nimitz (CVN-68) Website
  USS Sunfish (SSN-649) Website
Government Alumni Groups
Organization Group Contact
U.S Dept. of Agriculture OIG - Investigations Retirees Website
U.S Federal Government National Association of Retired Federal Employees (NARFE) Website

Additional Networking Resources

If you don't find one of your former employers in the lists above, don't give up. Other venues for groups offer to help you connect with former co-workers as well:

  • Yahoo Groups has the largest collection of groups of "former employees" - over 1,200 of them, but many of them are not very active. Search through this database for your former employer to see if there is an active group.

  • LinkedIn Groups are availabe for corporate alumni. They usually connect members only through LinkedIn, and often include current employees as well as alumni. LinkedIn Groups are more loosely connected in comparison with the other types of alumni groups. Joining a LinkedIn alumni group expands your LinkedIn network to include other members of the alumni group, but your LinkedIn "Connections" does not include all the members of the group simply as a result of joining.

  • Meetup Groups meet face-to-face. The seem to be a bit more ephemeral than other groups, but do offer the opportunity to meet with others who have similar backgrounds or interests. Pick your location and find a compatible group, or start one if there isn't one currently available.

  • ZoomInfo collects and consolidates information from across the Web. ZoomInfo offers the capability to search through their database of profiles by name or by organization and manage your own profile.

  • Jigsaw is a fee-based service that has a database of "business card" information information abou many companies Business card information is provided by company - title, address, phone number and e-mail address. Providing accurate business card information on others can substitute for the access fee.

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