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7. Medal of Honor: Frontline (Xbox): Hitting Omaha Beach on D-Day was almost terrifyingly real. With the experience of watching the harrowing opening scenes of Saving Private Ryan still fresh in most people's minds, this version was inspired, amazing, insane, and pure video gaming gold.

6. Super Mario Brothers (NES): Finding the -1 Level was an urban legend whispered about during tetherball games or while patiently waiting to get back into the fray of dodgeball. "Dude, there is totally a -1 Level in Super Mario Bros., my brother's friend can totally get there whenever he wants." Bouncy-duck-turn-slide- jump and you'll make it. The reward is a strange swimming level that you could not escape. Rumor has it there's a -2 level if you grabbed the correct sequence of coins, too.

5. World of WarCraft (PC): Getting any epic item in WoW is a major feat, but after countless hours of playing as a priest, and dreaming from the character creation screen of one day being worthy of obtaining Benedition (the epic Priest staff) when you finally actually equip it, your own personal life soundtrack shifts theme songs into a high gear victory march. Your friends, family and wife won't care, but it will truly be one of the greatest achievements in your life.

4. Shadow of the Colossus (PS2): Epic in design and flawless in execution, Shadow of the Colossus is a rare gem amongst pebbles. If slaying 16 giants wasn't cool enough for you, the ending was quite a surprise as the colossal deity takes control of your body and transforms you into a devastating behemoth of destruction.

3. Metroid (NES): You beat the Mother Brain, race through the tunnels, and when you reach the surface of the planet...blammo! You discover that your hero Samus Aran is a woman. The sneaky game manual referred to Samus as a "he" making the revelation all the more surprising. Cool feature: you could replay the game with Samus sans spacesuit.

2. Halo (Xbox): Surviving the last level of the original Halo, The Maw, was one of the most climactic experiences in modern gaming. After single-handedly destroying Halo, the Master Chief must man the wheel of a warthog and escape before he becomes a part of the rubble. The best part: as the Chief's rescue ship is taken out, Cortana says the jump to the platform ahead is a piece of cake, but instead the Chief and his warthog go veering down into an underground tunnel. Oh, and hundreds of pissed off Covenant soldiers don't help out the situation, either.

And the #1 moment you'll never forget is...

1. Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation): Aeris is killed by Sepiroth in one of the most heartbreaking scenes ever in a video game. Those big, cute eyes will never blink again under the wrath of Sepiroth. You'd only be lying if you said you didn't cry.

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