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User bio: Dear viewer,
I am a f*cking idiot and I'm behind your back to do something you won't like.

Actually I'm really not. I'm just insane.
Please continue reading.

Also, this take is a f*ck.

Dear viewer,

1. i no stalk stalk you
2. who someone read something

ur a music, i want to get asm and i want an awnser know

how 2 do the brakround?

theese bakdropz r a f*ck *shot*

I,m you from the future now please go through that portal so you can learn to fight bob (vanishes)

REQ #$30
LDQ #$33DD
SEQ #$30

Try it in Xkas. Might make SMW in 6D... but it might also become the evil 6H, or... even worse, 3H!! It's all random what'll happen.
LDA $19 ; Load powerup in accumulator
TAY ; Transfer accumulator's value to index Y
ROY ; Rotate Y.
TYA ; Transfer index Y's value to accumulator
STA $19 ; Store into powerup
RTS ; Return
|)3/\|- 5|\/|/\|_|_|-|/\[|<3|-

|. | |\|[] 5|-||_|-|- |_||> 5|-||_|-|- |_||> Y[]|_|

Z. \/\/|-|[] 5[]|\/|3[]|\|3 5|_|8|\/||-|- 5[]|\/|3-|-|-|||\|G
* Topic is 'A boy called Wierdboo was choking, but his awful bondage was disturbing and repulsive. So Pester decided to do extreme amounts of pain inducing nonsense, resulting in BDSM and muffins. Wierdboo joined and touched DJ_Galax's Realdoll, after groping a sauerkraut. THE END : Ersan + Smkd + Roy
* Set by smkd on Mon Aug 04 13:11:45

[13:50] * bizarro_smkd changes topic to 'A stupid kid gained a bike manufacturing lard and RealDolls. After Wierdboo cleaned up the fluids of the bondage, she managed 512 bytes of goatse.jpg, which is orgasmic. The RealDoll hacked Wierdboo's website containing cookies. The Begin ( ^______^)

[14:01:30] * Roy changes topic to 'The biggest, motherfucking collosus started an adult apocalypse, which erected a misshaped genetalia, made astounding nuclear fission. Wierdboo perved on little preschoolers and BRM64 pornography. The Middle Miscellaneous. (6______9) ~CREDITS~: Ersanio + smkd + Roy

Am I sick? You decide. Am I insane? That's a fact.
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Originally posted by Sample quote

Sample post

For any ASM or SMW questions or discussions or blah whatever, join #serioushax on!

I boycott SMKD's kick scripts on IRC.
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