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Dice & Glory

Dice & Glory - RPG reviewsGame: Dice & Glory
Publisher: Ranger Games   [Site Info]
Series: Dice and Glory
Reviewer: ranjr
Review Dated: 10th, March 2007
Reviewer's Rating: 10/10   [ Breathtaking ]
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Total Score: 10
Average Score: 10.00

Dice & Glory is for those who have tired of the traditional rpg's lack of allowing ultimate creativity with their own characters or GM's that find they have to bend the rules to create that NPC just right.

This new core rule system features fully customizable 'skeletal' character classes which include: the Brick, Fighter, Adventurer, Rogue, Mage, Psychic and Clergy base classes. Players evolve their characters over time using the unique experience point system to 'purchase' feats, combat & class levels and even individual skill and attribute points apart from the those included in normal class progression.

The skill system is fairly straight forward and highly flexible for any situation but skills can also alter certain base attributes of characters such as the more physical based skills or even a spiritually based skill.

This new system also features a fully detailed skill-based magic system and a psionic system, also skill based, which distinguishes itself from the magic system and in fact other games' 'poor man's magic system' type psionics. Even the magic system is fully malleable for players and the GM alike.

Don't get this system wrong it is based on the tried and true tabletop format, dice, writing utensils and character sheets but the direction it takes is a fresh angle on the more traditional and more restrictive old games.

The combat system is turn based and allows for multiple solutions to combat rather than only striking to either kill or knockout but allowing for various uses of grappling, kicking, stomping or overbearing opponents and even strategic advantages and special tactical decisions. The combat system even features its own class-like leveling system so a 20th level fighter may not also mean a 20th bare-handed fist fighter or solely a 20th level swordsman. Players will not always be able to 'nail down' exactly who or what is facing them down until they can see what they are capable of. This system also features the capability to create specialized martial arts.
Now if all of this sounds overwhelming, don't be discouraged the rules are straight forward and designed to be as easy as possible to run and in fact are that easy. The Core Rulebook features a great deal of B&W; art work, as do all books for this system, and a full color cover-art.
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