Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826 . Notes on the State of Virginia
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  • Front Matter
  • Query 1 "Boundaries of Virginia" An exact description of the limits and boundaries of the state of Virginia. Limits
  • Query 2 "Rivers" A notice of its rivers, rivulets, and how far they are navigable? Rivers and Navigation
  • Query 3 "Sea Ports" A notice of the best sea-ports of the state, and how big are the vessels they can receive?
  • Query 4 "Mountains" A notice on its Mountains?
  • Query 5 "Cascades"Its Cascades and Caverns?
  • Query 6 "Productions mineral, vegetable and animal" A notice of the mines and other subterraneous riches; its trees, plants, fruits, &c.
  • Query 7 "Climate" A notice of all what can increase the progress of human knowledge?
  • Query 8 "Population" The number of its inhabitants?
  • Query 9 "Military force" The number and condition of the militia and regular troops, and their pay? Military
  • Query 10 "Marine force" The marine?
  • Query 11 "Aborigines" A description of the Indians established in that state?
  • Query 12 "Counties and towns" A notice of the counties, cities, townships, and villages?
  • Query 13 "Constitution" The constitution of the state, and its several charters? Constitution
    • Insertion
    • Query 14 "Laws" The administration of justice and description of the laws?
    • Query 15 "Colleges, buildings, and roads" The colleges and public establishments, the roads, buildings, &c.?
    • Query 16 "Proceedings as to Tories" The measures taken with regard of the estates and possessions of the rebels, commonly called Tories?
    • Query 17 "Religion" The different religions received into that state?
    • Query 18 "Manners" The particular customs and manners that may happen to be received in that state?
    • Query 19 "Manufactures" The present state of manufactures, commerce, interior and exterior trade?
    • Query 20 "Subjects of commerce"
    • Query 21 "Weights, Measures and Money" The weights, measures, and the currency of the hard money? Some details relating to the exchange with Europe?
    • Query 22 "Public revenue and expences" The public income and expences?
    • Query 23 "Histories, memorials, and state-papers"