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West Yorkshire Road Car Ltd was running the services in York way back in 1927, 5 years later a joint venture with the City Council was formed, to be called York - West Yorkshire.

More motor buses came onto the York street, and it soon became apparent that the trams could not compete.

It was decided by the joint committee that the trams would be taken off the York streets, this took until November 1935 before the last tram disappeared, causing the Fulford tram depot to be obsolete.

Barbican Road would then be the main depot for all the motor buses, and over the next 60 years this had two extensions, plus a major revamp to the engineering department in 1984.

In 1969 the National Bus was formed throughout the country, which included York. This put York on the map as the company was operating three types of services, National Bus, West Yorkshire Road Car for the rural areas, Leeds and the east coast and York West Yorkshire joint service, plus the private hire and contracts work. In 1980/81 and 1985 the Public Transport Acts were introduced to gradually deregulate the bus companies. The joint service with York and the City Council could no longer operate, York City Council sold off their part to West Yorkshire.

Over the next 13 years, there were several owners and different company names and liveries, but that's a different story!

This information was provided by the late Noel Smith, an inspector with First York for over 40 years, who was greatly respected. Noel passed away on 15th May 2005, and will be sadly missed by his colleagues.