A New Web 2.0 Landing Page Theme for Parked Domains

By Cory Miller

Here’s a scenario I’ve seen happen a dozen times … you get an idea for a new website, so you race over to GoDaddy and register the domain name. After a while, you have 10 domain names without any content. No website is launched for your great idea. You might even have the default pay-per-click parking page provided by the domain name registrar sitting on the domain.

In fact, I just recently helped a friend of mine create a landing page for a domain he owns that he’s currently developing branding and websites for.

After having worked with dozens of clients with similar experiences, it seems like such a waste …

Especially when you could create a quick PDF report for your site, get an email newsletter solution like Aweber, and throw a quick pay-per-click campaign with Google AdWords at the site …

So we decided to commission a great WP designer Tim Bedner to help us launch a Web 2.0 landing page theme to fill this need.

Enter the Ignite premium WordPress landing page theme … this theme comes with professional support, 4 pre-built colors and allows you to:

Test drive it here and learn more about purchasing it here.

New Premium Blog WordPress Theme

By Cory Miller

With our new Blogging Success premium WordPress blog theme, we’re tried to make it easy as possible to start blogging while also providing some neat features.

What can you do with this theme?

Take this theme for a test drive here or check out purchase options here

How to Use WordPress as a CMS

By Cory Miller

Over at iThemes, we just released a new feature-filled tutorial website with dozens of resources on how to use WordPress as a CMS.

The collection of tutorials is designed to be a one-stop resource for everything you need to know, including links, video tutorials, and basic features of how to leverage WP as an affordable, easy-to-use CMS for you and your clients.

Check out WordPress as a CMS Tutorial Site here or watch a quick overview video here

A Super Simple Formula for Better Google Results

By Cory Miller

So Google is dominating search even more …

The question is: Are you talking to the search engine powerhouse?

Are you giving Google a roadmap to your content by using the free or cheap resources available on the Web?

Here’s the super simple formula I’ve used for two years of blogging:

+ Sitemap Plugin
+ Pretty Permalinks
+ Good Headline Writing

+ SEO-ized Theme
= Better Google Results

It works.

I could show you my first blog’s stats and how I’ve barely even touched it for the last 8 months (hey, I’ve been distracted) and how it still gets 500-600 daily visitors without any real effort on my part now.

Now … I didn’t say you’ll get traffic equivalent of rush hour in L.A.

But … you can get targeted and residual traffic within a niche that happens to be YOUR TARGET MARKET.

This formula … it’s really too simple … because I’ve explained it dozens of times to clients and people still search for the magic bullet … so I’m working on a more complex formula that actually incorporates some sort of quantum physics (or at least some mathematical jargon) I don’t even understand.

I think only then will people stop wasting their time past that simple formula and refocus that energy on creating better content.

A Site Redesign Worthy of the Brand

By Cory Miller

For the past 7 months or so, the iThemes website has been a severely hacked and slashed version of Brian’s awesome themes by yours truly … and this week we just unveiled a total site makeover and I think is worthy of our brand and what we offer at iThemes.

It was designed by Brian White and coded by Nathan Rice (great work, guys!) … as I mentioned on the post announcement, it’s still a work in progress as we iron out some of the things usually involved in a web redesign.

Go check it out … and if you’re interested in a case study on how we use WordPress as an ecommerce store, post a comment here and make your voice known, including what things you’d be interested in knowing specifically.