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Previous Ambassadors to Luxembourg

Luxembourg embassy

Before the Second World War, Britain did not have a resident Ambassador in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg but was looked after by the Ambassador to Brussels.  In October 1944, after the liberation of Luxembourg, Nigel Watson arrived briefly as Chargé.  But for most of the time between 1944 and 1949 we were represented by a British Military Mission.  
In 1949 Geoffrey Alchin became the first resident head of a UK Diplomatic Mission in Luxembourg.  He held the title of Minister until being upgraded to Ambassador in 1955, shortly before his departure.  There have been Resident Ambassadors in Luxembourg since then and their names are listed below, along with the dates of their arrival.
1955    Malcolm Henderson
1957    Harold Fresse-Pennyfather
1961    Geoffrey Aldington
1966    Dugald Malcolm
1970    John Roper
1975    Anthony Acland
1977    Patrick Wright
1979    Jeremy Thomas
1982    Humphrey Maud
1985    Oliver Miles
1988    Juliet Campbell
1991    Michael Pakenham
1994    Nick Elam
1998    William Ehrman
2000    Gordon Wetherell
2004    James Clark
2007    Peter Bateman 

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