Ninja Gaiden: BLACK

Ninja Magic: Ninja Gaiden Black becomes easier and harder all at the same time.

And you thought the hardest game on the planet couldn't get any harder? Tecmo's back to its dirty tricks with Ninja Gaiden: Black, a game that adds quite a bit of new material to the original version, including a new mission mode, more costumes, and even an easier skill level for those gamers out there who lack the will of the ninja.

Did We Mention That It's Hard?
Accessibility is the main draw of Ninja Gaiden: Black, and its all new difficulty setting should help out those gamers who are having a hard time staying alive. This setting, appropriately dubbed "Ninja Dog," boosts your attack and defensive capabilities, tosses in a few all-new items (mostly to restore health), and even adds a few new cut-scenes. Keep in mind that this isn't an Easy Mode per say, but it does go a long way towards opening up the game to inexperienced players. As a bonus, though, you do receive a set of virtual training wheels in the form of specially powered ribbons. While they can boost your powers, they also serve as a sort of Scarlet Letter. After all, how many ninjas look rough and tumble as they run about with a pretty ribbon tied around their wrist?

Think You're Hardcore?
If "Ninja Dog" sounds a bit too easy for you, you'll probably want to check out the 50 all-new missions that have been added to the game. Mission mode contains all sorts of different feats of video game heroism, from taking out 100 tough enemies in arena-style combat, to taking on boss fight variations that throw not only bosses at you, but also a slew of enemies at the same time. For an even more difficult challenge, you can try to 'run through the entire Hurricane Pack #2 with the disadvantage of having very few weapons and restorative potions. Granted, you'll either jump for joy or cower in fear of the Mission mode, but some of the fights that you'll find there are memorable.

While most of Ninja Gaiden: Black is the same as before, the little additions that have been added make a world of difference, especially for those hardcore gamers looking for more punishment. And if all that content isn't enough, you even get the old school arcade Ninja Gaiden, too.

Whether you've beaten the original version of the game on every single difficulty level or don't know your Gaiden from your garden, Ninja Gaiden: Black marks the perfect reason to once again get in touch with your inner ninja

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