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GET IT! From Monolith Productions, the developer of BLOOD, comes the official expansion pack that rips loose where the bloody action left off! Sink your teeth into eleven all-new horrific, bloodcurdling levels of intense 3D first- person action. Battle seven new maniacal monsters including Zealots, Fire Chrysallids and a new boss, The Beast! Also featuring 2 sadistic new Bloodbath levels for fierce multiplayer action! The BLOODBATH continues! Take a look at some Bloody screamshots from the Plasma Pak


  • All new weapon modes: Spheres of Incineration, intelligent Guardian Life Leeches, dual voltage Tesla Cannons.
  • Incredible environments - large parts of which are destroyable - including sloped and slanted floors for enemy hideouts, hidden switchbacks, and overhead bridges.
  • Ambient 3D sound puts the player deep in the universe (e.g., creaking floors, hooting owls, bullets whizzing by).
  • Avoid the abyss of flames and blast your way through the spiral staircases and numerous pitfalls in the Ruined Temple.
  • Visit labyrinth-filled castles where solving the puzzles of the locked dungeon doors will unlock its mysteries and keep you alive!
  • Enter into battle in the Chosen's Training Ground & encounter the new final boss, The Beast whose stomping feet will make your screen rock and whose talons will rip your flesh to bits!
  • Super Secret level featuring delirium-causing spiders, pools of acid (No Swimming!) and Beware! Breaking mirrors causes serious bad luck: the shattered pieces become your worst enemies and really stick it to you!
  • Go postal in the Monolith offices and while you're at it, blow up their X-mas tree!
  • 3Dfx patch (alpha version) available here!

System Requirements:

  • CPU: Pentiumô: 75 MHz or better
  • Memory: 16 MB RAM
  • Available Hard-Disk Space: 25 MB
  • Distribution Media Drive: 4X CD-ROM drive
  • Audio System: 100% Sound Blaster Compatible
  • Video System: VGA 256-color
  • Input Devices: Keyboard, Mouse, Gravis Gamepadô, Joystick
  • O/S: DOS 6.2 or better

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