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Affiliate Program


$75 on every closed deal!

Who would benefit from affiliating themselves with Prop8.ORG?

-Realtors                             -Investors
-Mortgage Brokers            -Lawyers
-Loan Officers                    -Title Companies
-Insurance Salespeople  -Financial Planner
-Accountants                      -Friends & Neighbors

*Any company that market specifically to California Residence.



Who is our target market?

-Our perfect client would be ANYBODY that purchased a property in California between 2003-2007.

-There are over 1,000,000+ people in California that purchased between 2003-2007.

Benefit to our affiliates:

-Experience this revenue for free with no long-term commitment
-Monitor your revenue with a monthly traffic statistics, report and commission tally
-Benefit from building a profitable relationship with a stable Internet company
-Receive custom eye-catching banners and text links  for free inside our affiliate software

Huge Potential

Potential Clients             Commission          Income Potential
      1,000,000+               x        $75                   = $75,000,000

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