I Not Stupid Too
Every Sat, 9pm

The successful I Not Stupid plot takes a re-adaptation in this sitcom spin-off starring the same cast of Joshua Ang, Shawn Lee, Xiang Yun, Jack Neo, Huang Jiaqiang and Nick Shen. Jaime Teo also co-stars.

From Sept 23, evey Sat @ 9pm

After Liu Chengcai’s (played by Joshua Ang) father passed away, he returns to school determined to study hard so as to not let his father down. He rents out his apartment to earn pocket money.

Tom’s father Steven Yang (Jack Neo) is out-stationed in Shanghai. His mother Xiumei (Xiang Yun) quits her job as a magazine editor and takes on part-time work as a freelance reporter to be a stay-home care-giver to her two children Tom (Shawn Lee) and Jerry (Li Jiaxun) and her mother-in-law.

Tom decides to invite Chengcai to come and stay at his place. With one stranger in the house, many skirmishes begin to surface. Granny naturally favours Tom more and tries to give all the good things to him. Tom disagrees with her behaviour and argues with her. During his stay, Chengcai also learns the intricacies of getting along with people.

Hao Letian (Nick Shen) is a lively and cheerful teacher and an advocate for appreciative education. He simply detests hurting people. Chen Jie (Jaime Teo), an English teacher in the same school, likes him and is obvious in trying to win over his affections. Letian is unable to bring himself to reject her and even asks for help from his students to make things clear to her. However, she misunderstands further that he has feelings for her in return.

Chinese teacher Fu Dabing (Huang Jiaqiang) is influenced by Hao and begins to see the full potential in the students. Dabing voluntarily gives Jerry and Chengcai private tuition in Chinese and thus often visits the Yang family. Xiumei and Dabing get along very well and become good friends. He often helps out in the house with the heavy chores.

Chengcai’s guardian Lady Boss (Liu Lingling) often visits the Yang family. She feeds Granny speculations of how Xiumei and Dabing may be having an affair. A small upheaval takes place which is thankfully resolved with the help from the children.

Tom and Chengcai fall for a classmate Jingjing (Qi Wen) at the same time and the two friends begin to feel jealous of each other. They decide to give it their best shot to win Jingjing’s affections with their own capabilities - Chengcai with martial arts, Tom with computer skills. Their friendship is put to the test.

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