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Please describe a bit about your background

I am the guy who exposed Veco for bribing Ben Stevens, and connected the dots for federal authorities, demonstrating that Ted Stevens was laundering federal dollars through the Alaska Fish Marketing Board into the pockets of his son Ben Stevens. My research led to the vulnerability of Ted Stevens today. I have been elected to the Alaska State House twice and have fought as a public interest litigant in defense of civil liberties in state and federal courts on numerous occasions. I have litigated in defense of free speech, ballot access, open primaries, separation of church and state, wrongful appropriation of public assets into the hands of contributors, access to public information, a petitioner's right to remove Ted Stevens’ son from the presidency of the Alaska State Senate for corruption, and the right of civic-minded people to access the courts on matters of public interest without concern for retribution.My demonstrated commitment to eliminating corruption and promoting a government that is open, honest, fair and compassionate is unsurpassed by anyone. You need go no farther than Google to verify any of the above. I believe that my experience and accomplishments demonstrate that I am uniquely qualified to serve Alaskans in the US Senate.

Why are you running? What are your goals in office?

Eight years ago when George Bush stole the election, this nation had a huge revenue surplus on the horizon. A surplus that could have fixed Social Security and Medicare, paid off the national debt, and provided health care to every American. A beautiful future was before us but George Bush threw it all in the toilet with tax cuts for his rich friends and a misguided war that’s draining our treasury and exhausting our military. We now have a government that listens to our phone calls, reads our emails, and monitors our bank accounts. These are things that need to change.

What are the top three issues that you are running on?

Removing our troops from Iraq as rapidly as they are able to safely disengage, repairing the damage the Bush tax cuts have done to our economy, and recognizing health care as a right rather than a privilege. I will vote to usher in a single-payer system of universal medical care caring for all Americans from cradle to grave. Health care is a right not a privilege.

How are you socially progressive and fiscally responsible?

I’ve spent twenty years giving speeches and writing articles to educate Alaskans on the value of the resources we were being relieved of by oil companies. Oil companies who consistently advertised that Alaskans should thank our lucky stars that they are here giving us jobs. Over time, the public began to realize that we were being paid in jobs to help oil companies steal our jewels. But raising public awareness wasn't enough. Several Alaska legislators were also being paid to help oil companies relieve Alaska of its jewels. One of them was Ted Stevens’ son Ben Stevens. I sat out to prove it in April of 2005 and said so publicly. Sixteen months later, in August of 2006, the FBI raided the legislative offices of Ben Stevens and Veco, the oil service company I accused of bribing him. Veco’s owners have since admitted bribing Ben Stevens and agreed to testify to it at his trial. In the meantime, we Alaskans have seen three convictions and four guilty pleas and a legislature that has done an about face in the way it does business with oil companies. Anything I have said in this paragraph, including my hand in the exposure of the bribery, can be verified through Google.

Name twenty five contentious issues which voters can depend on you to vote for?

1 Stem-cell research. 2 Universal health care. 3 Reproductive rights. 4 Keeping promises to veterans. 5 Civil rights. 6 Privacy rights. 7 Workers rights. 8 The Bill of Rights. 9 Gun rights. 10 Fair trade as opposed to free trade. 11 Employee's free choice. 12 Retraining for displaced workers. 13 Quality public education. 14 Affordable higher education. 15 Scientific research. 16 Space exploration. 17 Addressing global worming. 18 Ending the war on drugs. 19 Ending corporate welfare. 20 Repealing the Patriot Act. 21 Power cost equalization. 22 A complete and modernizing overhaul of America’s transportation and communication systems. 23 Reversing Ted Stevens' privatization of Alaska's fishing rights into the hands of a few of his friends. 24 A judicial system that places a higher value on dispensing justice and getting it right than it places on winning for the sake of winning. 25 Ending our current tax system and replacing it with a progressive tax system that can be explained in 1000 words or less and favors no one except those who struggle to feed their families.

Who do you support for president and why?

Barack Obama is my preference; however Hillary Clinton will get my solid support if she wins the nomination. I favor Obama because he has demonstrated unwavering commitment to straight answers, good judgment and principled decisions. Only 23 Senators had the kind of devotion to principle necessary to defy a president they knew, or should have known, was lying to the American people as he redirected our troops from their pursuit of Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan and Pakistan, to fight Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Neither I, nor most of those in my circle of friends, had any illusions that Saddam Hussein had anything to do with the 9-11 attack.  Our conversations accurately predicted the debacle in Iraq and my writings at the time reflected my disgust with the course pursued by the president.My point is this: bringing it to a local level, everyone in a position of authority that I approached asking for help ran for cover and feared to talk when I showed them the evidence of bribery, kickback schemes, money laundering and extortion by a ring of thieves headed by Ben Stevens, Ted Stevens, Veco, BP, ConocoPhillips and a large contingent of very wealthy fishing processors.One hundred percent of Alaska’s elected leaders and law enforcement officials ran for cover when presented with the evidence. Are those the kind of people you want voting in Washington the next time a national leader is on the verge of harnessing public outrage on behalf of a sinister hidden agenda? – I say no, and you shouldn’t want that either.I want people who will stand on principle, even when it’s tough. Barack Obama did that. Hillary Clinton capitulated to her fears of confronting a president who appeared powerful at the moment. To this day, she won’t admit she was wrong. She professes to have been duped by bad information. Barack Obama judged that information to be unbelievable and so did I. I don’t believe Hillary Clinton ever believed it.

How do you answer those who say Alaska will suffer if we don’t have Ted Stevens to “bring home the bacon?”

First I ask, “how many of Ted’s earmarks did you get?” “Were you on his list of those to be gifted with millions?” Now that Alaska is getting our fair share for its oil, we Alaskan’s have a revenue surplus that dwarfs any amount of “bacon” Ted, Don, and Lisa ever brought us. Before the ongoing investigations are over, I hope to be able to prove that BP and ConocoPhillips, through the employment of twenty-five years of bribery, robbed Alaska of over $100 Billion that was rightfully ours. That could not have happened without Ted, Don, and Lisa rolling out the red carpet for the crooks at Veco. Ted, Don and Lisa gave Veco credibility when they should have had none. Had Ted and Don done what they should have done and called the FBI twenty years ago, Alaska would have far more wealth today. When the dust settles I fully intend to explore suing the oil companies to get our $100 billion back.

What are your predictions for Alaska’s future?

For twenty five years the majority of Alaska’s resources have been harvested for the benefit of three oil companies and a greedy few Alaskans who did their bidding. Alaska is now at a crossroads. Until we voters end the political careers of those who exchange political favors for money, honest politicians will always be out gunned by corruption money at election time.The door is now open for a Democratic majority in Juneau and in Washington. We can continue this revolving door of responding to voter outrage by replacing the corrupt with the corrupt of a different label, or we can make a change. If we make a change there will be room for every Alaskan at Alaska’s bountiful table. If we don’t, the only thing that will change is who gets the graft.

What can those who care do if they want to help make things change?

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