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Gabbing with Glaiel_Gamer - 01/02/2006
Author: CockathriceOfXanth | Interviewee: Glaiel-Gamer
Few Flash artists have what it takes to make a great game. One of those flash artists is Glaiel_Gamer. Since he first joined Newgrounds in late 2004, he has gifted the portal with 30 submissions. 19 of these were original IPs and all of them played very well. In fact in such a short time Tyler Glaiel has won 16 awards and worked with well-known artists such as Dan Paladin and GameCubicle. He is now himself a well-known flash artist. When I Instant messaged the Tyler I didn’t know where to start; so I decided to start at the very beginning, which unbeknownst to me was a very good place to start.
How did you get into flash?

When I was in like 6th grade or something, my dad's friend gave us a copy of Flash 4 and my dad, my brother, and I played around with it a bit. It was fun to do shape-tweening to make weird little animations. It wasn't until about 2 years later that I got into programming.

Who is your favorite flash artist and why?

Probably JoeCartoon. He was really the first flash artist whose funny movies I enjoyed watching. I spent hours at his site playing the gerbil in a microwave and the frog in a blender games and watching his wacky gerbil genocide movies.

You make a lot of puzzle game, why is this?

Because I have a fondness for programming. I'm not really good at art. Well, I am if I try hard enough, but I don't like animating. I'm a mathematical and logical thinker, and I enjoy solving complicated programming problems to make a puzzle game. I believe Blockslide was the first big puzzle game I completed. It was so fun to make, and designing the levels proved to be a challenge. I basically randomly laid out the levels, then I had to see if they were solvable. It was fun. Plus, I love thinking games. Any game that makes you think is a winner in my opinion.

You have a lot of interesting IPs out there like Magnetism and Chain Reaction. Where do you get your ideas?

Well I got the ideas for those two games in completely different ways. One day I thought "I need a game with magnets" So I brainstormed and my brother gave me a few ideas and eventually I settled on drop it in the cup.
Chain Reaction, on the other hand, is the only game which I kind of stole the idea from another game. I played this Japanese game called "Chaos Theory." I modified the game play a bit and made my own fast engine for it. Most of the time though the ideas for my games just hit me in the head out of nowhere. Sometimes they fail, but most of the time the games come out fun.

How did you learn about Newgrounds?

Before I was good at flash, many times websites I was browsing redirected me to Newgrounds. After I launched my website a little over a year ago, I needed to do some promoting, so I thought of all the flash sites I knew and submitted there. I was surprised at the method of submitting to Newgrounds. It was so popular, and the submissions were added immediately. Deep Space Wars, my first submission, passed with a 2.68 I think, (It is now deleted from my account). The portal is awesome!

What interests do you pursue off the computer?

Well I'm a member of a Boy Scout troop, and we go hiking and biking and camping. Plus I'm taking two band classes: Wind Ensemble, where I play the Tuba, and Jazz Combo, where I play the piano. The band has to play for the halftime shows at the football games. And every game last year it was raining or snowing. It was a very wet year. So biking, hiking, and music are my favorite extra-curricular activities, besides computer stuff.

Do you play video games?

Yes, of course. I have a Sega genesis, a Playstation One (the big bulky one), a Gamegear, a Gameboy, a Gameboy advanced, a Nintendo DS, and a Gamecube. Sonic the Hedgehog is my favorite game ever. I have every sonic game ever made for the genesis. Oh and I also have an SNES and an N64, plus I love playing my own games too.

360, PS3, or Revolution?

Revolution, definitely. Nintendo is great. They aren’t overpriced, they have a variety of good games, and they always come out with something original.

What are you currently working on?

A game with MindChamber, a super-massive flash RPG, an updated version of Supersoldier with levels and more stuff. Plus I'm trying to learn C++, and I have tons of essays to write.

What computer languages do you know?

Actionscript, HTML, a tiny bit of Javascript, whatever language TI-82's use, and a little C++.

If you could make a collab with any flash author who would it be with and why?

Well that already came true with Supersoldier. Dan Paladin is awesome, and I'd wanted to make a game with him ever since I saw his stuff. And the game came out awesome. The full game will be more awesome! Although making a game with Adam Phillips would be cool.

How do you test a game before submitting it to the portal?

It all depends on how excited I am about the game. Sometimes I get people to beta test it for bugs, but most of the time I test it when making it. This method had some issues though. When I made Project: Monochrome I Finished it and then added Easy and Hard modes. Unfortunately you couldn’t get past the first level on them due to a small glitch, and only the mode I tested, Normal, worked. So I was in a scramble trying to fix it. From then on I made sure the games worked before submitting.

And finally what advice would you give to aspiring flash artists?

Practice, and don't give up. It takes time to learn flash. Nobody can pick up a copy of flash and have an award winning game in a week.

So there it is, an interview with Glaiel_Gamer. He is sure to be known as one of the great flash artists. Not only does he make new and exciting games, but he has connections like you wouldn't believe. If I was Adam Philips I would ask Tyler to make a collab with me.
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