The Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences bestows the Hall of Fame Award to individuals who have displayed mastery over their craft and artistry over their chosen fields in the Philippine motion picture industry.

          First given in the 23rd FAMAS Awards (1974) in 1975 to Eddie Garcia (who had won his sixth Supporting Actor trophy in 1973), the Hall of Fame Award is a gold-plated FAMAS statuette with two semi-circles of laurel leaves anchored to each of her shoulders and her base. The cylindrical base, on the other hand, contains a gold leaf at the front, which contains the acronym "FAMAS" in big bold letters, the winner's name, the category in which he or she has won the Hall of Fame Award and the year in which it was given.

        The former Hall of Fame Award contained a smaller FAMAS lady standing atop a trapezoidal pedestal with two semi-circles of laurel leaves anchored to each of her shoulders and base. The trapezoidal base bore a gold scroll where FAMAS' name, the name of the winner, the year of bestowing and the category in which it was won was written.

       The bestowing of a Hall of Fame Award is determined by the number of FAMAS awards won by a certain individual in a category. To win a Hall of Fame Award, one must have won five FAMAS Awards for a certain competitive category. The Hall of Fame Award is given to an individual on the next awards ceremony following his/her fifth FAMAS Award on a certain category. A Hall of Fame Award signifies the end of one's chances of nomination for the same category and thus, the end of one's chances of winning a FAMAS Award for the same category.

       The following individuals were bestowed a Hall of Fame Award. Each Hall of Fame inductee are grouped according to the category in which they won the award and the calendar year in which they have received their Hall of Fame Award.

The FAMAS Hall of
Fame Award


Vilma Santos
receiving the old
Hall of Fame award
in the 38th FAMAS
Awards. (Eric


1982   Joseph Estrada


1982   Joseph Estrada

1987   Fernando Poe, Jr.

1992   Christopher de Leon

2003   Eddie Garcia


1984   Charito Solis

1989   Vilma Santos

1991   Nora Aunor

Supporting Actor

1974   Eddie Garcia


1990   Eddie Garcia

1991   Lino Brocka


1985   Eddie Romero


1993   Edgardo Vinarao


1988   George Canseco