Police Baton (Minto Bar)

Closed: 11:42 pm, Thu 5 May 2005
Unique NZ Police Monodok PR 24 baton.

In 1980 the NZ Police formed a Unit, The Red Escort Group, which during the 1981 Springbok Rugby Tour of New Zealand became known infamously as Red Squad.

Red Squad comprised 54 personnel.
Ross Meurant was Second in Command of Red Squad.

Members of Red Squad were issued with plastic Monodok PR 24 long batons. This weapon became as infamous as the men and one woman of Red Squad who wielded the baton in a blaze of blood through out The Tour.

Prior to The Tour Meurant and several other members of Red Squad imported from the USA at their own expense for use in the police PR 24 batons made of aluminium.

Offered for sale on this auction is the unique aluminium PR 24 Monodok long baton of Ross Meurant.

This baton was carried through out the most violent period in the history of the NZ Police by the man who commanded the First Squad of The Red Escort Group.

Almost as infamous as the PR 24 is Ross Meurant who wrote a best seller book on The Tour: The Red Squad Story (Harlen Press, 1982).

Meurant was subsequently 'buried' in the bowels of the police in purgatory until he emerged on the streets of Auckland again when he was commissioned as in Inspector in 1985.

In 1987 Meurant resigned from the police when he won the Hobson Parliamentary Electorate of Hobson. He served as a Member of Parliament for 9 years including 2 years on The Executive as an Under Secretary. Meurant has a BA degree from Auckland University and a Masters degree from Victoria.

A certificate of authentication will be provided, and engraving if requested.

This item is being sold on behalf. Serious inquiries will be forwarded to the owner and answered daily.

Please read the questions and answers for this auction below.

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 Comments on this auction
Can I just confirm that your asking $10,000 (Ten Thousand) as a starting bid?  posted by: pitchey (126 )  1:04 pm, Wed 4 May
Yes, that is correct.
I would have thought that Mr Meurant would have fleeced the New Zealand public enough already as a police officer and politician without now trying to sell off police property at an exhorbitant price. cheers.  posted by: davestrade (3745 )  1:13 pm, Wed 4 May
I think that it is disgusting that seller is trying to sell this baton and profit from his official Police duties in this way. I have sent a copy of advert to Minister of Police and hope he can block the sale.  posted by: daveyb (60 )  2:31 pm, Thu 5 May
What a scam, and how do we know its real?  posted by: stewart.hall (214 )  6:35 pm, Thu 5 May
does the rose come with it?  posted by: garwin (2 )  6:35 pm, Thu 5 May
oi i saw u on da news on 3 just now haha  posted by: livinitup1 (23 )  6:36 pm, Thu 5 May
i would hope the rose comes with it? specially at that price! lol  posted by: carmad69 (226 )  6:36 pm, Thu 5 May
Just seen it on the news. Why is it so expensive? And how would you be able to tell it was genuine?  posted by: ggalore (121 )  6:37 pm, Thu 5 May
Tell him he's Dreaming....  posted by: nic2oo1 (15 )  6:38 pm, Thu 5 May
Do you legally own this baton or is it police property???  posted by: dex250 (283 )  6:39 pm, Thu 5 May
Isn't this police property?  posted by: acedj4 (42 )  6:40 pm, Thu 5 May
Hi,are the proceeds from this auction being donated to a charity?  posted by: johnny50 (308 )  6:42 pm, Thu 5 May
Hi, I'm Paul Holmes from the Holmes show. I'm on that channel that no one watches at 7:30pm called Prime (6). Please call me day or night so I can have an interview. I am incredibly desperate for this interview, I need some ratings because only 5 people watch my show.  posted by: rwt33 (21 )  6:42 pm, Thu 5 May
are u trying to be the next arsenalboy (the guy who had the $7500 ciggy) if so i think u shod gv iron age a call..  posted by: peelback1 (169 )  6:42 pm, Thu 5 May
DONT U THINK PRICE IS WAY TO DARE. WOULD RATHER BUY A CAR.  posted by: ellmers1 (86 )  6:43 pm, Thu 5 May
just curious how you can sell that belongs to the New Zealand tax payers  posted by: umirocks (105 )  6:50 pm, Thu 5 May
hello there could i please ask what the reserve price is... or do u have a buy now price...  posted by: mickey72 (43 )  6:52 pm, Thu 5 May
Why such a high starting bid? Do you honestly believe this baton is worth thousands? Thanks  posted by: ciumeghu (161 )  7:00 pm, Thu 5 May
i dont think ur doin it justice mate at 10,000 like u say a ciggy but went for 7000 this is a awesome piece of memorablia and in the big picture will have massive sporting history in time.. fair call for putting a price on it. hope u get a mint for it. wink wink  posted by: nz8baller1 (106 )  7:08 pm, Thu 5 May
Hi, Are you selling one police baton or 10,000 of them?  posted by: tobby  (102 )  7:13 pm, Thu 5 May
Your SICK!!!!!!!  posted by: leroyd (257 )  7:17 pm, Thu 5 May
are you serious re $10,000  posted by: unleashed46 (202 )  7:39 pm, Thu 5 May
Are there any plans for Officer Rickards to auction his batton? Sorry... i couldn't resist :)  posted by: wgtnchris (4 )  7:46 pm, Thu 5 May
Can you confirm that the rose (pictured) comes with the baton?  posted by: jezzabelle (11 )  8:05 pm, Thu 5 May
Are you not mistaken with the MK2 ali baton that was used to replace the monodok PR 24 as first assigned to the 'Red Squad' and then the MK2 model introduced to the 'Team Policing' units. I do own an ORIGINAL MONODOK PR24 presented to me from the Hamilton Team Policing unit for training them in the art of the Tonfa in the very early 80s. If not on TM reply 0274 994 969. cheers  posted by: 00buck (407 )  8:06 pm, Thu 5 May
28 unaswered questions already aye, I can pretty much imagine the nature of those. Feeling ashamed.....you should be! A further illustration of the lack of moral fibre in the New Zealand police force.  posted by: gavin11 (525 )  8:25 pm, Thu 5 May
As this item was originally paid for by the tax payers, what Charity is the proceeds going to if the item should sell?  posted by: dizzydesign (162 )  8:33 pm, Thu 5 May
Can I ask if this is a Charity auction?? Cheers.  posted by: ranuih (205 )  9:07 pm, Thu 5 May
How mant notches are on it?  posted by: warren38 (311 )  9:49 pm, Thu 5 May
haha.. i just saw you tv converage on the news!  posted by: thugs313 (93 )  10:52 pm, Thu 5 May
Does this come with a pair of police handcuffs aswell?  posted by: t94xr (126 )  10:53 pm, Thu 5 May
hi tv nz!  posted by: thugs313 (93 )  10:53 pm, Thu 5 May
you have got to be fuckn kidding!!!!  posted by: gussyboy (42 )  10:56 pm, Thu 5 May
1. How did you retain this item which was issued to you as a member of the Police, aren't you supposed to return equipment when you retire or resign? 2. If I bought this item could the Police seize it from me because YOU have not got lawful possession of it?   posted by: rrbm11 (27 )  10:59 pm, Thu 5 May
Wow!!! It pays to put things on the News, This Baton has gone up by $5000 in 15 mins.  posted by: jamie21 (133 )  11:03 pm, Thu 5 May
Hi there, do you have the phone number for nightline? I might give them a call when I next list an item. Nothing like a bit of free advertising!!!!  posted by: js81 (138 )  11:04 pm, Thu 5 May
did this baton kill enyone.. did you use it.. do it has spirits of the nasty persun whom bashed peeps.. or the sad spirits o eny it hert.. has it had utha uses??  posted by: badz(or)madz (478 )  11:16 pm, Thu 5 May
I did some rough calculations, and how the hell do you expect to get $114,885 in a wk?!!?! if $17,250 is 15% of the current RESERVE price. based on the fact that it has reach reserve before the auction is successfull.  posted by: t94xr (126 )  11:22 pm, Thu 5 May

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