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    Submitted by Phantom Lord on Monday, July 11, 2005 at 7:57 PM EST

    As you all know by now, Shinya Hashimoto was pronounced dead at approximately 10:36 AM JST this morning from a brain hemorrhage at Yokohama University Hospital but he had already died in the ambulance en route to the hospital. Hashimoto’s funeral will take place on 7/15 in Kuboyama and there would be a memorial service in Yokohama on 7/16. Hashimoto’s sister Masanari said that Hashimoto was complaining last week about chest pains and that he thought his heart was beating too fast but he wouldn’t go see the doctors.

    Hashimoto had a heart problem last year and was put on medicine but had to come off when he had his shoulder surgery. Hashimoto’s doctor said today that high blood pressure was the most likely cause for his brain hemorrhage and that other stress over the years has caused these problems which for someone his age shouldn’t be happening.

    Antonio Inoki stated today that a death so sudden as Hashimoto’s is the most shocking kind of death and leaves you wondering how and when your life will end. Inoki said that he is at a loss for words but that Hashimoto’s family is in his prayers.

    Atsushi Onita stated today that he is very depressed over hearing the news of Hashimoto’s death and said that pro wrestling in Japan won’t be the same without him.

    Dick Togo stated in his blog that he was very shocked at hearing of the death of Hashimoto and was anticipating his comeback this year regretting that it will now never happen and sent his prayers to the family.

    Ebetaro said that he heard of Hashimoto’s death via the telephone and still couldn’t believe it even seeing it announced on television. Ebetaro sent his prayers to the family and hoped that he would be forever be remembered as one of the toughest men to compete in the business.

    Hayabusa expressed his shock over Hashimoto’s death in his blog today and basically had no words for now but just wished the best for his family & friends.

    Hiromitsu Kanehara also expressed his disbelief over the death of Hashimoto in his blog today saying that he can’t believe a person as young as Hashimoto could die the way he did and sent his prayers to the family.

    Kazuyuki Fujita expressed his shock over the news of Hashimoto’s death saying that how could a man die so young and that Hashimoto was someone he always looked up to because he always handled himself professionally. Fujita said that Hashimoto looked after him when he was a young lion and that he was a tremendous teacher, which makes the news of his death even harder to take.

    Keiji Muto was told of Hashimoto’s death at a public appearance in Tokyo and had to leave due to his shock over the news with no comment given to the press.

    Kensuke Sasaki posted his complete shock and lack of words in his blog today and wished it was all a lie but knows it isn’t and sent his prayers to the family.

    Masahiro Chono expressed his deep sympathy over the death of Hashimoto who was one of his best friends and that he went to Yokohama University Hospital to confirm the news he heard of his death and was sent to the funeral home where he met with the family. Chono said that Hashimoto was what pro wrestling was all about and had all the qualities that he wished he had saying that he was always happy and enjoyed life to the fullest. Chono said that the 3 Muskateers were going to reunite this year and were going to blow up the current pro wrestling scene in Japan but sadly that won’t happen. Chono said that he last saw Hashimoto in April and he was in good spirits but was ready to return to the ring but had to wait until his shoulder was completely healed before his return. Chono then said that he would dedicate the rest of his career to his fallen friend. There were rumors going around that Hashimoto was going to appear at All-Japan’s show on 7/26 at Yoyogi National Gym #2 for a 3 Muskateers reunion with Chono & Keiji Muto.

    MIKAMI recounted in his blog about the first time he met Hashimoto and how he was in awe of his size & presence and how he was a big fan of him as a kid. MIKAMI said that the business will miss a person like Hashimoto and sent his prayers to the family.

    Naoya Ogawa spoke about the death of Shinya Hashimoto today saying that he was one of the best friends he has ever had in his life and was just in total shock over the way he died. Ogawa said that he couldn’t believe that he died when he got the call on his cell phone and was going to go to Hashimoto’s house himself but he decided to return back to Tokyo although he said that he won’t fully believed he died till until he sees the body himself. Ogawa said that he last met with Hashimoto in Sapporo in May and said that Hashimoto was in good spirits as he was waiting to make his comeback in the very near future. Ogawa had said that he was trying to get in touch with him about coming to the HUSTLE shows last week but he never got a chance to talk to him directly and left messages on his answering machine. Ogawa said that without Hashimoto, he would be nothing in the wrestling business as his feud with him made him the star he has become and that he enjoyed his partnership with him more than anything else in his professional career. Ogawa said that there is a void in his life right now that will probably never be filled and that he would dedicate the rest of his career to the memory of his friend.

    New Japan President Simon Kelly Inoki said that words were tough to come to his mind when hearing of Hashimoto’s death but he had a visual in his head of Hashimoto’s smiling face after his big matches and sent his prayers to the family.

    PRIDE President Nobuyuki Sakakibara also expressed his shock over the loss of Hashimoto as he along with Hashimoto & Ogawa came up with the popular HUSTLE concept. Sakakibara was hoping that Hashimoto would return to HUSTLE once his shoulder fully recovered and admitted that HUSTLE hasn’t been the same since Hashimoto left but now that he is gone, the concept would have to live on dedicated to his memory. Sakakibara said that Hashimoto would want us to go on and that they would do so in his honor.

    Ricky Fuji expressed his sorrows over the death of Hashimoto in his blog today recollecting the time he spent working with Hashimoto in the New Japan Dojo during the late 80’s and time spent in Calgary in 1989 and sent his condolences to Hashimoto’s family.

    Seiji Sakaguchi just couldn’t believe that his former attendant had died when he heard the news today saying that how could he die before me. Sakaguchi said that Hashimoto was like a son to him and said that Hashimoto’s wedding ceremony was one of the happiest days of his life and this is just a tragedy.

    Tatsutoshi Goto along with Takashi Iizuka & Jushin Thunder Liger left the New Japan Dojo as soon as they heard the news of Hashimoto’s death and went to the funeral home where his body is being held at where they were met by Tadao Yasuda and they all sent their prayers to the family.

    Yoshihiro Takayama expressed his shock today over learning from Hashimoto’s death before giving a lecture to a university in Tokyo and said that it is a truly sad day. Takayama said that he has had cerebral problems as well over the years and has beaten death a couple of times but it makes him sad that Hashimoto couldn’t do the same. Takayama said that he was hoping that when he returned to the ring that he would’ve had a singles match against Hashimoto, which was a dream of his, but that dream will never be realized now.

    ZERO-ONE MAX President Yoshiyuki Nakamura expressed his disbelief and sadness over Hashimoto’s death and said that ZERO-ONE MAX would make an official announcement soon about the situation. Nakamura did say though that the phone lines at the Z1 home offices were pretty much blown out from the amount of calls over the news of Hashimoto’s death.

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