New Jack attacks Gypsy Joe

In April 2003, New Jack was flown to Tennessee because a veteran star of NWA Main Event, Gypsy Joe, wanted to wrestle New Jack. When Jack arrived, he found out that Gypsy Joe was a small, skinny, 70+ year old wrestler who has long since lived out his highlight days in the business. New Jack asked the promoter what he was suppose to do in this match. Jack sarcastically said he could either "beat him to death" or "have some sort of comedy match and lose dollar value in my name."

The promoter assured New Jack that Joe could take a beating, that he was "tough as leather."

At one point in the match, Gypsy Joe and New Jack ended up on the outside of the ring. Joe started shooting on New Jack, punching and head butting him, not selling the punches New Jack was throwing. New Jack had finally had enough and began the attack on Gypsy Joe.

New Jack began to legitimately beat Gypsy Joe with an aluminum bat wrapped in barbed-wire, whole rows of heavy plastic chairs, and a thick steel chain. The match was an official hardcore match and yet was ruled to Joe as the winner for "unnecessary roughness."

Fans began insulting New Jack with racist terms to which New Jack had no problem using the same tactic back. He said he had to hide in the trunk of someone's car to leave because somebody had called the cops on him for his actions.


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