Final Polls & Results
Iowa: GOP | Dems
New Hampshire: GOP | Dems
Michigan: GOP | Dems
Nevada: GOP | Dems
South Carolina: GOP | Dems
Florida: GOP | Dems
Super Tuesday: GOP | Dems
Virginia: GOP | Dems
Maryland: GOP | Dems
Wisconsin: GOP | Dems
Ohio: GOP | Dems
Texas: GOP | Dems
Pennsylvania: Dems
North Carolina: Dems
Indiana: Dems
West Virginia: Dems
Oregon: Dems
Kentucky: Dems
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         2008 Republican Delegates

 (Democratic Delegates)

Delegate Count(1,191 Needed to Win)
Unpledged RNC-0
South Dakota06/0324 C24.0---
New Mexico06/0329 C29.0---
Idaho05/2724 17.0--6.0
Oregon05/2027 C23.0--4.0
Kentucky05/2042 C42.0---
Hawaii05/1620 C20.0---
Nebraska05/1333 ----
North Carolina05/0666 51.0-8.05.0
Indiana05/0627 27.0---
Pennsylvania04/2274 C----
Virgin Islands04/056 ----
Mississippi03/1136 36.0---
Guam03/086 C6.0---
Texas03/04137 121.0-16.0-
Ohio03/0485 85.0---
Rhode Island03/0417 13.0-4.0-
Vermont03/0417 W 17.0---
Puerto Rico02/2420 20.0---
American Samoa02/236 6.0---
Wisconsin02/1937 31.0-3.0-
Virginia02/1260 W 60.0---
Maryland02/1237 C37.0---
Kansas02/0936 C--36.0-
District of Columbia02/1216 W C16.0---
Louisiana02/0920 C----
Washington02/0919 13.0---
California02/05170 C158.012.0--
New York02/05101 W C101.0---
Illinois02/0557 54.03.0--
Missouri02/0558 W 58.0---
Arizona02/0553 W C53.0---
New Jersey02/0552 W 52.0---
Alabama02/0545 19.0-26.0-
Colorado02/0543 C-43.0--
Massachusetts02/0540 18.022.0--
Minnesota02/0538 -38.0--
Oklahoma02/0538 C32.0-6.0-
Utah02/0536 W -36.0--
Connecticut02/0527 W C27.0---
West Virginia02/0518 --18.0-
Alaska02/0526 C3.
North Dakota02/0523
Montana02/0525 W -25.0--
Delaware02/0518 W C18.0---
Maine02/0118 C-18.0--
Florida01/2957 * W C57.0---
South Carolina01/1924 * 19.0-5.0-
Michigan01/1530 * 24.0-4.0-
New Hampshire01/0812 *
Wyoming01/0512 * -8.0--
Iowa01/0340 -7.030.0-
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RCP AverageIntrade
  RCP National Average: McCain +30.4
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