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An unidentified man pushes away a Canadian Press reporter's microphone as he escorts Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz out of the airport in Ottawa on Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2008. (Adrian Wyld / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

An unidentified man pushes away a Canadian Press reporter's microphone as he escorts Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz out of the airport in Ottawa on Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2008. (Adrian Wyld / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

Wayne Easter, a Liberal MP from P.E.I. who is also the Liberal agriculture critic, reacts to Ritz's apology during an appearance on CTV's Canada AM on Thursday, Sept. 18, 2008.

Wayne Easter, a Liberal MP from P.E.I. who is also the Liberal agriculture critic, reacts to Ritz's apology during an appearance on CTV's Canada AM on Thursday, Sept. 18, 2008.

Ritz sorry for 'tasteless' Listeria comments

Updated Wed. Sep. 17 2008 11:17 PM ET

CTV.ca News Staff

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz has apologized for making "tasteless" remarks about the listeriosis crisis that killed 17 people, but the NDP and Liberals say he should resign.

"My comments were inappropriate and callous," Ritz told reporters late Wednesday night. "I take responsibility and I apologize without reservation."

During a conference call with scientists, bureaucrats and political staff on Aug. 30, Ritz made several off-colour jokes about the outbreak.

After fretting about the political dangers of the Listeria scare, Ritz quipped: "This is like a death by a thousand cuts. Or should I say cold cuts."

Then when told of a death in Prince Edward Island, Ritz said, "Please tell me it's (Liberal MP) Wayne Easter."

Easter is the Liberal agriculture critic and has called for Ritz's resignation over his handling of the outbreak, which was linked to a Maple Leaf Foods meat processing plant north of Toronto.

"I phoned Mr. Easter earlier today and apologized," Ritz said late Wednesday. "He accepted my apology and I thank him for that. Most importantly, I want to offer my most humble and heartfelt regrets to the families of those affected by this tragedy. I did not intend to add to their suffering and I very deeply apologize for that."

Kory Teneycke, a spokesperson for the Prime Minister's Office, said Ritz expressed regret over his remarks to Stephen Harper but there was no suggestion of resigning.

"A resignation was not offered, nor was one asked for," he said.

Karen Clark's mother, Frances Clark, was the first identified Listeria victim in Canada and passed away Aug. 25, five days before Ritz's comments.

Clark told CTV Newsnet Wednesday evening that she found Ritz's comments "hurtful ... to any family that has lost a loved one due to the (outbreak)."

Easter said that he didn't take the comments personally but slammed Ritz's "insensitivity" to those who lost family to listeriosis. He said the comments were just one more reason Ritz needs to be dismissed.

"I spoke with Minister Ritz earlier this evening ... and he did apologize to me for the comments," Easter told CTV News.

Ritz had apologized for the comments earlier Wednesday in front of a handful of reporters, but left before camera crews arrived.

NDP Leader Jack Layton spoke out about Ritz's comments on CTV's Mike Duffy Live.

"Canadians are dying because of the mismanagement of our government . . . there should absolutely never be that kind of humour," he said.

"It illustrates the government is not taking this matter as seriously as they should."

A spokesperson for Conservative leader Stephen Harper released a statement saying the Ritz comments were tasteless and completely inappropriate.

With files from The Canadian Press

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Ritz should be fired.
What an absolute insult to the families of all those people who died from listeriosis! I think these families should all get together for a class action lawsuit against Gerry Ritz and the Conservative government.

Any lawyers out there??!!

I support the PM and believe he is the best leader of what is out there and he must show leadership here and fire this guy, you can be partisan but never joke about death and any statement by the minister now just does not matter

William Zebedee
What a discusting comment. Who the hell does this guy think he is making fun of people who are dying because of inaction by his government?

People work better when relaxed and being themselves. If Ritz wants to relax his staff with some humor, it's really nobody's business. How they treat the matter is more important. The cold cuts joke is kinda clever but listeria kills fast when it does kill.

Well you know Stephen will put the code of silence into effect once again after this. You won't hear anything out of the Cons for a while now as the bully will have to do some more damage control in his campaign.

i laughed, and anyone who has never made a joke like this is a lier. Give me some real news not tabloid material. hmmm wonder whats going on with paris hilton.....

I agree it was tasteless but here is an idea... let me (and the rest of his constituents decide his future. Let US decide how serious this is!!
By the way, he showed great character by not punching that reporter in the airport and stomping on his recorder!

I'm sure the liberal media will run with this one.

Scott Ash
Ya a bad taste joke. Who hasn't made one of those privately to a friend or group?

He didn't say it to any of the victims or their families directly. He made a bad/tasteless joke to some scientists on the phone probably when he was stressed out.

Let's not hang him over this. He's only human. Also funny how this comes out during an election? hmmm something sneaky going on?

Do I see a pattern emerging? A Conservative member other than Harper speaks, the true colors come flying out? There seems to be a lot of bad calls from the Conservatives lately.

Really not a big deal. Canadians are way too easily offended.

Dallas in Winnipeg

Law suit? Give me a break! He said something stupid but that shouldn't translate into a cash grab. Typical socialist! What I find unfortunate is people like you think that people should change their vote because of somthing like this. I guess that's all the left have to hold on to because God knows their party has nothing to offer.

Ken - Calgary
Wow, what a surprise... ANOTHER CONservative making a completely tasteless and classless comment. Didn't this bonehead learn from Tony Clement's little gaffe? When are people going to realize that the CONservative party has no class, no couth, and no right to be governing a country?

Shane Prpich
Just like every other Conservative MP, Gary Ritz is a DISGRACE to Canada!


Oh, fer cryin' out loud. Everyone has made a bad joke at one time or another. Leave the guy alone. All the media attention is punishment enough. Get over it. Why does everyone always have to apologize.

Matt from Ottawa
Al, first of all, freedom of speach buddy. Second of all, Class action lawsuit?..haha you must be kidding right? Go waste space on another comment board.

reality man
Yeah, people dying from contaminated food - that's a knee-slapper if I've ever heard one! The CMAJ is blaming the Conservatives for this tragedy. No wonder something like this occurred under this government considering they take people dying from lack of regulation so lightly. "Let's reduce the power of food inspectors and hand it over to the producers themselves. What's the worst that could happen? 15-20 people dying? That would be hilarious!"

So Jim Karygiannis (of Scarborough-Agincourt) sends out a flyer blatantly stating that Stephen Harper is responsible for the listeria outbreak and nothing happens? And then this is said and he is supposed to resign? Well, if the minister resigns, please, do us ALL a favour and take Jim Idontkarygiannis with him.

The liberal media is already running with it. If the comment had been made by anyone but a Conservative there would not be comments allowed.

Kelly Rae
Actually, he was telling the truth when he said that, it was "death by cold cuts", which is one reason I don't eat that crap. Does he have to grovel forever for that? Get real.

Just when you think that the CONROACHES couldn't dig another hole any lower than the last and then this. Am I surprised? Absolutely not. There are just too many examples of their crass, insensitive, contemptuous behaviour to cite. I believe that the majority of Canadians will not find the death of 17 people (human beings) through no fault of their own to be funny or even mildly amusing. You can't rationalize or justify this type of reprehensible behaviour unless you are a true CONBOT supporter. Sadly, many have already posted their understanding ot the Minister's remarks.


Where do the Conservatives find these clowns? Honestly, they can't go two months without embarrassing themselves and making fools out of everyone who voted for them.

I'm not big on firing people over quips, but this speaks to broader ignorance...this was a tragedy not open mic night.

Adios, Gerry!

If the PM or his staff reads these comments, this idiot, Ritz, has to go.

How anyone, especially a man in Gerry Ritz' position, can find humor in the recent deaths from listerosis is beyond me. Ritz' comments were very inappropriate. It being a stressful time is no excuse for his remarks. How would he feel if one of his family members died because of this outbreak.

M. Cameron
This couldn't have come at a possibly worse time for Ritz and the Conservatives. There is no way any respectable person would vote for him. This also reflects on the mentality of the entire party. Sadly, but not surprisingly, the Tories have been doing this type of commentary for years. I could give numerous examples but I'm not sure I would have enough space here. The Conservatives love personal attacks: Just ask Jean Chretien.

Welcome to the humourless 21st century -- where everything is on the record except the honest truth. I am sure no reporter or news room staffer has ever made an off-hand joke or a comment in poor taste about a news story -- off the record. That would be disrespectful now wouldn't it. But very human.

Mr. Ritz should resign as Minister of Agriculture and as the candidate for the Conservatives in his Saskatchewan riding. Making fun of people who are dying is disgraceful and tasteless. Unbelievable!!! Thank you

These constant gaffes by all parties make horrible role models.

Why would any youth want to get involved in politics right now?

Jack Layton should resign. In his 'magical world' where the NDP actually win an election, the government will control everything.

Hey Al,

You couldnt sue the party, perhaps the Government of Canada, but the political party itself really wouldnt have any liability here. As far as a personal suit against an individual politician... id have to say that there would more than likely be some liability exemptions in place to protect governing officials from that type of thing. Nothing stopping a class-action against Maple-Leaf though, and as I understand there is allready one underway.

Jay From Out West
Why can't people get it through there thick heads. This Conservative party is all about IDEOLOGY and nothing else. Why should these comments surprise anyone. Deregulate, destroy and suffocate those programs you find go against your ideology.

Remember, many Ontario MP's were in the Harris government during the Walkerton crisis. So in my mind the Conservative party has no credibility on this issue. I don't expect my government to be the do all and end all, but public health and safety is one area I expect the government to go the extra mile.

V. Barr
I agree Mr. Ritz's comments were inappropriate and I'm sure he is very sorry for making them. I am also suspicious about the timing of this release by CP. Is it possible the Opposition has something to do with this?

It will be interesting to see if this will blow over or become and issue.

I can't believe someone could say something so stupide but I a dying to know the context it was spoken it.

It is hard to imagine it in any other context than an idiot putting his foot in his mouth and putting his party's (my party) chances to secure a strong mandate down a rung.

I like the idea that the constituents should decide his fate but I think firing him immediately as agriculture minister must be considered.

I don't know how this one comes out good for conservatives. I do think Wayne Easter did a good job of being gracious.

As reported these are very tasteless comments. Sad he didn't take them back 2 weeks ago when he said them.

Joen Hadfield
It was tasteless, rude and shows immaturity in the extreme. As far as how stressful it was....how's this for a joke - 'If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen.' It wasn't just stressful for him. I would say that Michael McCain of Maple Leaf foods was even more stressed and he has been handling the situation with grace, remorse and offering sincere and heartfelt apologies.

The Liberals, NDP, Bloq should 'run' with this crude remark and all Canadiens should vote his sorry person out of any position of responsibility.

We all make jokes during stressful situations, but it was in poor taste. Jack Layton' only solution on every subject is to fire everybody. Unfortunate for Ritz, a hard worker, but he should probably offer to resign.

The Conservatives have a warship of loose cannons.
What's next- the Minister of Transportation making jokes about losing your head on a greyhound bus!

I would have said the same in his position !!
Ritz should NOT be fired.

Political hypocrisy runs wild during an election and this is one more example by those clamoring for his resignation.

CTV said it was a joke and anyone who is objective knows it was intended as a joke and to say otherwise is taking it out of context to suit their bent political aims.

If you have to use this as a "story" to bolster your political fortunes then you are in dire straights.

End of story.

As a farmer I am digusted that the Minister would behave like this. What a childish, disrespectful person. Harper needs to fire this buffoon, and prove that this kind of behaviour is never okay. I have never donated to a Liberal in my life. I will be sending a small donation to Wayne Easter.

I believe in Free Speech. I especially believe in Free Speech during this election campaign when the Harper Conservatives can talk freely and express themselves - you know, express WHO THEY REALLY ARE ! The Harper Conservatives have showed no real real interest during this public Health crisis even though their lack of proper precaustions led to it and they still don't even as Canadians are still dying.

I welcome and encourage all of Mr. Harper's Conservative buddies, from his Cabinet Ministers to his election "war room" Spin Doctors, to keep on telling us what is exactly on their minds.
It just makes the decision for Canadians that much clearer to vote for ABC; ANYBODY BUT Mr.Harper and his Conservative cronies come the October vote.

The conservatives have mastered this stupidity. Please fix it now, you idiots

Andre Lacroix
If Harper is the leader that he claims to be, why does he surround himself with clowns like Gerry Ritz and Tony Clements. They both showed how heartless and crude they can be. Sure, there is a lot of pressure out there, but if you can't take the heat, stay out of politics.

Is this the bunch of clowns we want to form the next government and represent our great country on the world scene.

The Conservative ( reformed politicians ) party is a scary thought. Harper is not a leader. Get them out!!! You have three other choices to choose from, unless you live in Québec. There you have four choices.

Save Canada. Vote them out of office.

man you people need to lighten up.

Some of you should stop the paint sniffing.
Ritz should resign. Period. There's no room for this sort of insensitivity from government officials. But so should Layton et al who use the very same incident in an attempt to gain points from it.

Hey Jack, people died not because of the government. They died because other people, at Maple Leaf Foods, didn't do what they were supposed to do. But that doesn't matter when we all care about is rhetoric and partisanship.

You oughta be aware that when you are in public office and you say stupid things you are gonna get nabbed. No one apologizes until they are caught....no one. Brain up and get out of office unless you are able to take control of your weak mind.

Jean Travis
I just joined the ABC Campaign.
Newfoundland saved the nation during the Meech Lake fiasco and saving the day another time.

Danny Williams for PM

Enough with the Cons
Yet another example of what ignorant amateurs we have running this country. This government has been an embarrassment on the global stage since it took office, with almost every cabinet minister taking their turn at playing the fool: Bernier, Clement, Ritz, etc., etc., etc. Surely Canadians will not be naive enough to give these cowboys a longer mandate!

Jack Layton's audition for drama TV
"Canadians are dying because of the mismanagement of our government . . . "

No Jack, some Canadians died as a result of a virus that got through the cleaning processes in Maple Leaf Foods and maybe others we have yet to learn about.

That is not the governments fault, Jack.

Some Canadian
It's one thing to "lighten the mood", but to make light of a tragic situation is a completely different story. If Ritz wanted to cut the tension, there is a whole spectrum of things he could of joked about, not what could have easily amounted to a national tragedy of epic proportions. This guy, as Minister of Agriculture is ultimately responsible, he is where the buck stops when it comes to food safety and he wants to use the liseriosis outbreak to poke fun at his political opponents? This is irresponsible at best and inexcusable at worst.

What this story is missing and other news services are reporting is the aggresive nature in which the 'Honourable' Minister tried to evade questions at the airport. If this guy wanted to show how responsible he was and if the Conservatives wanted to show what great leaders they are, Litz would have apologized in the scrum rather than push his way through and then have the war room issue a press release later.

It was bad enough we had a health minister that was out of the country at a political convention during a health emergency, now we have the minister responsible for the failed food safety inspection system making light of the mistakes his department made?!?! Strong leadership indeed.

Gord C.
I wonder if a similar comment was made by a Liberal staffer or minister, whether the MSM would be all over it.

Ritz's comment was bad, it was tasteless.

Nonetheless, when Harper is sworn in again as PM, I wouldn't expect to see Ritz in any portfolio much less the agriculture portfolio.

Good luck Gerry. Hope you enjoyed your time as ag minister.

Now can you see why Harper has muzzled his entire party...to keep them from putting their feet in.

Certainly an indication that they were more concerned on how this would impact the election than on how it impacted on those sickened by the meat.



Media really had to work hard to dig that one up. Point is, everyone, including Liberals and NDP, have put their foot in their mouths, made inappropriate comments or unfounded accusations. Only the media chooses which ones to run ad nauseum. Then they sit back and giggle at all the trouble and scandal they've caused, and how powerful they are. Headline page one, apology page 40 the following week. The media is just as guilty for being inappropriate. The media needs to grow up, stop trying to manipulate people, get back to work and look for a scoop on something that matters. What ever happened to responsible journalism.

Linda from Hamilton
Ritz lied about changes made to the meat inspection system (see CMAJ article) and for this reason alone he should face legal action. His jokes about Listeriosis deaths show that not only is he a liar, he is also unworthy of holding any public office.

Brian H. +
The comments were indeed insensitive and showed a particularly odd skewed character on the part of the minister.
But above all, it is the pure stupidity shown that is amazing.
If nothing else, the minister showed be dismissed for being a dolt.

Tasteless! lol ... No pun intended I'm sure!

Jason from Templeton
This situation is difficult and hard enough for all, especially the families involved. What a jackass! No matter what party I support, no MP, especially a Minister should have this type of attitude...No matter how "stressed" he claims he was. He should be fired.

Mike (kitchener)
I am as loyal a Conservative as it gets, but I want this guy fired. I have no patience for the absolutely stupid and these comments qualify as that. Joking or not, Ritz ought to have known better then to say these things. Not only did he hurt Canadians with these comments but he hurt his own party in the worst possible way, he needs to go.

Can anyone who has been following this outbreak please tell me how the government is to blame? Bacteria exist to get past all our defences and more often or not succeed sooner or later. This will have been a difficult time, a stressfull time for all the government staff searching to isolate and deal with this tragedy.
Leave the man alone. There will be a lot of very stressed people trying overall to help.
Leave the blame game to the NDP, they are SO good at it and certainly aren't above trying to campaign on the backs' of a families' grief.

I am a conservative supporter, but I do not want people in my party who say things like that. Campaigning is hard work and tireing; this situation needs some reflection.

However, I'll bet the Liberal posters will take a shot and say; "Hidden Agenda - Told you so!".

Ritz, who has worked hard, will resign. It's Harper's way = It's the right way, It's Leadership!

Go Neo-Cons/Reform/Alliance/Conservative Party of Canada Go!

I believe in Free Speech. I especially believe in Free Speech during this election campaign when the Harper Conservatives can talk freely and express themselves - you know, express WHO THEY REALLY ARE ! The Harper Conservatives have showed no real real interest during this public Health crisis even though their lack of proper precaustions led to it and they still don't even as Canadians are still dying.

I welcome and encourage all of Mr. Harper's Conservative buddies, from his Cabinet Ministers to his election "war room" Spin Doctors, to keep on telling us what is exactly on their minds.
It just makes the decision for Canadians that much clearer to vote for ABC; ANYBODY BUT Mr.Harper and his Conservative cronies come the October vote.

I'm a Conservative through and through, and I will always stand behind Mr. Harper, and every Conservative leader after him. But the comment made was beyond poor taste. He should stand up do the right thing and resign. If he doesn't Mr. Harper needs to can this guy.

He should never make fun of the dead no matter what and he should put him self in the families of the ones who lost their loved ones and kno what it feels like

So this comment was made August 30 and our intrepid media could only relay it out today? Frankly, it was in poor taste, but having seen one PM flip us the bird, and another do a choke hold on someone, I hardly consider this worthy of firing midway in an election. The people will decide, or do we not live in a democracy?

The Public Service is full of LIBERAL supporters
So let me get this right a boss cuts a bad joke with his staff to lighten what is clearly a bad atmosphere. I wonder what LIBERAL civil servant LEAKED this to the media, for their OWN political gain. Just proves how proliberal the public service is in Canada. It has got to the point were I put NO TRUST in any Government department or public servant as they are all pro-liberal. i am again disgusted at the polical opportunism of the public service.

Mr. B.
No doubt the joke was in very poor taste. Not exactly a good time to open his yap & try to be funny.
However, the guy apologized & I'm pretty sure he didn't mean to offend or hurt anybody. Just a dumb move on his part.
Lawsuits? Give me a break. Only the lawyers benefit when that happens.
I'm pretty sure he will be very careful in the future.
We all make mistakes. I've made a few myself a lot worse than his "jokes".
Time to worry about other things.

A conserned conservative voter!
First of all, anyboby who would joke about this is a total idiot.

Second of all, if you are a minister of some sort, a person of authority and joke about this ... you are showing very, very poor judgement and I would, as the PM, question myself about such a person holding such a position of power.

Being a conservative I have to say that Gerry Ritz should resign as Agriculture Minister with out hesitation. There are no excuses for a man in his position to show so much poor judgement. It worries me and makes me wonder where else he is erring with such bad judgement?

Gerry Ritz ... do the honorable thing! You may still run, but please resign you are reflecting very badly on your Leader.

That's the type of people congregating in Harper's party.

I think everyone should realize that the tone is set from the top. Sparrow and Ritz both thought they were doing the right thing by crapping on the opposition (pun intended).

Justin - So What
I wish the Liberal media will publish the daily Liberal slips.

The media seems to think they have to show Harper is not perfect.

Calgary guy
Seems nice that the guy apologized; not everyone would. Resign? You gotta be kidding.

What an idiot!!!!
This is just an extension of Harper's arrogance by one of his MP's.
We all make some "off the cuff" remarks, but when you are in a position where these remarks are recorded, you better watch what you say.
This has left the impression that the Government does not care about the deaths of the individuals from Listeria.
It shows there sympathy lies with big business.

Scott R in BC
I am a Conservative supporter and believe this minister MUST be fired. He has displayed a complete lack of judgement, character and maturity.

Mr. Harper, if this minister stays and is supported by you my support for you and your party is gone.

If this man is defended in his comments your judgement is drastically compromised.

Gail (Hamilton)
I see a lot of stone throwing here to push a political agenda. The gloves are now coming off and it will probably get nastier before this election is over. Listeriosis is an extremely serious topic and should not be taken lightly. To all those condemning, I would ask when they haven't told an off colour joke in a very serious situation. Let's move on.

Ritz should be fired for showing a total lack of respect for all Canadians, and especially the families of those who died. I can't believe we are paying someone this stupid to help run our country.

Whether it's Bernier, the MPPs in Saskatchewan or this latest gaffe, why are there always so many Conservative posts blaming the Liberal media for making a big deal out things like this?

I'm sure if this were a Liberal screw up, Harper would be calling for calm and understanding...ha. It's politics, if you don't like the rules, don't play the game. Admit he's ignorant and quit whining that things aren't fair.

How on earth can this be the PM's fault? Is our government expected to have an official in every food producing facility in the country? Watch your taxes then! My prayers are with the families in this terrible situation, but politicians can't be held responsible for everything.

This is Harper's handpicked Minister
And the Reform mentality rears its head again ...

... yet another stellar example of Harper's handpicked choices.

All the former Progressive Conservatives out there really need to ask yourselves who you think you're really voting for if you're thinking of backing Harper...

Prof. Pye Chartt
I'd rather be dead than live in an overly politically correct world where injecting a dash of tame, lighthearted humor into a serious situation is considered blasphemous and worthy of hanging in the Town Square.

Good gracious. Take a pill, people. They were not comments generated for "public" consumption...and now are being used by political pumpkins for bogus partisan advantage. What a pathetic non-story.

More aggravating, is that the wheels in the PC Party election machinery felt compelled to tell Ritz to go public with a goofy apology, to appease all the disingenuous whiners scattered here and across the land.

No wonder why only intellectually sterile robots seek public office: we've all made it so that REAL people with genuine character traits get driven into the ground. The electorate is its own worst enemy.

Ken in WPG
Makes one look back longingly at the good old days of statements made by Liberal MP Carolyn Parrish during the Liberal years in office. She was caught on tape saying “Damn Americans. I hate the bastards.” What did the Liberals do? Nothing. Later she appeared on This Hour Has 22 Minutes and stomped on a doll resembling George W. Bush. Again the Liberals did nothing. While the Conservatives were calling for Parrish to apologize they did not presume that her comments and actions were on behalf of the government of Canada. Ritz is certainly no more speaking on the behalf of the Conservative government than Parrish was on behalf of the Liberals.

Seriously, THIS is the big issue which the left is jumping on as a clear indication that the Conservatives are not fit to run the country. Please, take a deep breath and a dose of common sense. Dumb comment? By all means yes. Should he apologize? By all means yes. Will it change the vote in his riding (I'm certainly not changing my vote)? No, because it was just a stupid statement made at an inopportune time. He's human and is going to make mistakes. I mean, it's not like any Liberal, NDP, Bloc or Green Party member has EVER said something stupid or insensitive - whether sitting in opposition or as a member of government.

All those frothing at the mouth over this will likely continue to do so, whether it makes any sense or not. All of the ranting about hidden conservative agendas, neocon insensitivity etc will likely continue unabated, but luckily, will have no effect on the actual outcome of the election. The majority of Canadians, regardless of how they plan to vote, will see this issue for what it is - absolutely nothing - and base their decision on real issues.

And for the minority which will continue to lash out with their various conspiracy theories and inflated indignation - please continue to do so. It does makes for some comical reading.

Why do we always have to use these things as for or against one party or the other. Get a grip people. People are human and say dumb things..who hasn't?

Who ever gets fired for saying something stupid. I guess we should all be fired! The whole human race.


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