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Now my Holux M-241 GPS logger works perfectly with my ArchLinux. Things you need for getting it working:

  • gpsd (community repo of ArchLinux)
  • gpsbabel (cvs version with following patch and this reference data). You can download the PKGBUILD from AUR and change it for fetching the cvs tree and patch it there.
  • tangogps (available at AUR) (optional, but very good gps mapping application)

First of all, you must install the mentioned software. After the installation start gpsd with:

/etc/rc.d/gpsd start

Plug your M-241 to your PC and start xgps, it’s available through the gpsd package. You will see something like this:

It means, that your PC (gpsd) receives the live GPS data from your M-241. Now, you can start any mapping tool or anything else, which shows your position on a map. I mentioned tangogps, because it’s very small, has great features and looks really great. You can even change the source of the maps, standard are the maps of, but you can create more repos of other maps source. Look at the forum of tangogps there was a description.

The functionality as a GPS mouse works flawlessy. Now, the logger functionality is our next part. After you have logged some data on your logger, you must plug it to your PC. For reading those data you will need the patched cvs version, I mentioned above. A single command reads the data and stores it as a gpx file:

gpsbabel -t -r -w -i mtk,m241 -f /dev/ttyUSB0 -o gpx -F your_filename.gpx

This command is just an example, you can do lot more things with gpsbabel (saving as kml, transfering to another GPS device, etc.). Have a look at the documentation of gpsbabel for further information. With the gpx or kml file you can do funny things like that. I haven’t try the bluetooth interface of the logger, because I have no second bluetooth device around. Maybe someone else can give me more information to post it here.

Have fun with your GPS logger under (Arch)Linux. :-)

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