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IOC: 1998

Also Known As: Rostok APS


Contractor/s: GAZ Group

Description: The BTR-90 is an all-terrain, highly mobile, 8x8 armored vehicle designed to carry safely infantry troops to the front line on the battlefield. Besides, it provides fire support to dismounted troops as well as enhanced protection over preceding Soviet/Russian made armored vehicles. It has been designed to equip mechanized units within the Russian Army as well as Marine units of the Russian Navy. A wide range of vehicles to fulfill different missions could be developed on the basis of the BTR-90 chassis.

The BTR-90 has been developed with the combat experience gained on the BTR-80 armored vehicle. A heavier armor has been provided to achieve enhanced survivability on the battlefield. The powerplant is located in the aft, the combat compartment in the front and the troops compartment in the middle of the body. The gunner and the commander are accommodated in the turret, and the driver and seven infantryman in the middle of the body. Top and side hatches have been provided to facilitate mount/dismount operations.

The BTR-90's turret accommodates all the weaponry. The weapon package includes the 30mm 2A42 automatic gun, the 30mm AGS-17 grenade launcher, and one coaxial 7.62mm machine gun. An integrated fire control system ensures target kill on the move and in adverse weather conditions. A Kornet (Konkurs?) anti-tank missile launcher system can be integrated on the turret providing BTR-90 engagement capability against heavyweight armored vehicles such as MBTs and Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs).

The BTR-90 is powered by a multi-fuel diesel engine and features an advanced 8x8 independent torsion-bar wheel system providing high mobility and enhanced cross country speed. Improved survivability for the BTR-90 can be gained through add-on armor.

The BTR-90 achieved initial operational capability in 1998. It is available for export and replacement of aging BTRs by BTR-90s in the Russian Army remains uncertain.

Accommodation: Crew 3, Passengers 7

Guns: Main Gun Caliber 30 mm

Dimensions: Height 2.4 m, Length 8 m, Width 2.9 m

Weights: Max Weight 20,920 kg (46,120 lb)

Performance: Cross Country Speed 14 mps (27 kt), Main Gun Max Range 4,000 m (13,123 ft), Max Range 800 km (432 nm), Top Speed 28 mps (54 kt)

Power: Power 400 shp

Other: Wheels 8

Related Equipment
Guided Missiles: 9K113 Konkurs, Kornet

Guns & Missile Launchers: AGS-17

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FOC: Full Operating Capability
CEP: Circular Error Probable
Comm: Commissioning Date
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