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September 19, 2008, 12:16:23 AM

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Author Topic: Answers from a Beta Tester  (Read 1059 times)
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  #1 - August 19, 2008, 03:31:20 AM

I have went through about 4-5 fansites to gather questions from the community, I decided to put them all together an post them on all the websites, more info is never bad!

How hard (time consuming, amount of quests available to each level, difficulty of dungeons) is the leveling compared to other games like EQ, AC, DAoC or WOW?
Leveling is actually pretty fast, faster than WoW but slower than DAoC post-catacombs.  You can level through RvR alone as well as PvE, the dungeons are easy enough for a PUG to do, and there are more quests between the three tiers than you can do on one character without outleveling the quests themselves.

Does the PvP require skill and knowledge of your class, or is it similar to WOW, gear and button mashing based with the I Win button assigned to each class?
All group fights require skill, there is very very little 1v1s in this game.  There are not really any I-WIN buttons, but there are strategic cooldown skills such as the detaunt(50% less damage taken from the debuffed player, debuff is removed if you deal damage to the player)

Which class is the most closely related in terms of play style and ability to a Druid from WoW? Basically the best healer class that doesn't have to just heal.
There is no 'best' healing class, but I think you would like the DoT/HoT spec'd (Valaya) Runepriest.

1) Does the Witch Elf have any kind of decent defense or is it a "glass cannon" ?
Witch Elves have a pbaoe Detaunt, and there are mastery skills which will allow you to help prevent burst.

2) How does the Witch Elf DPS compare to other DPS classes in the game?
High single target damage, but not much in the way of AoE

3) How does the Witch Elf's poison work? Is it like in DAoC where you have to buy poisons and apply to weapons or does it work differently?
The poisons are a buff, you click the buff and it will put up a long duration buff, no need to buy any reagents.

4) Are any of the healer types prefered in RvR/PvP setups or does any healer class fit well into the "healer spots" in a group?
Any healer is fine for a group, each has unique buffs or abilities that are desired for a group, Don't be suprised to see 6mans running all 3 healers, with 1 or more spec'd into DPS.

5) Has any of the abilities from the classes that got cut out been moved to the existing classes?
Yes, many abilities have been altered to reflect abilities from the classes removed, or skills added to certain classes.

6) Is it practically possible and viable to level from 1-40 without doing any PvE whatsoever from an exp and gear standpoint? (I know you get exp from kills as well as items, but is it actually something that would work. For instance, in DAoC you could in theory level to 50 from exp gained from BG kills but it was often not an viable option as there was not enough people in many of the BG's and the gold from the kills was not enough to cover buying new gear).
Yes, while it is faster to do RvR and PvE at the same time (queueing for scenarios will put you back wherever you took the queue from)  You can level from 1-40 by just doing RvR, your gear will actually be fantastic by leveling through RvR.  Gold will be a tad bit lower by just doing RvR, but if you do the RvR quests you will be fine, also you can scavenge players (scavenging is a gathering tradeskill) for more gold.

7) Are there any siege towers or other viable options for Melee characters to get into the fight in sieges, besides just working as siege crew?
You will not be able to push into a keep without melee, period.  Some melee are able to go through enemy postern doors which are near the ramps going up to the keep walls.  There will be times when you will be sitting back doing siege, but melee are fantastic at guarding postern doors and they are absolutely needed to push up to the keep lord.

Cool I hear you can buy gear with renown. How does this work? Does it come at the expensve of the points needed for your next 'Renown Rank' or are there separate "exp renown" points and "curency renown" points, so to speak?
You buy renown gear with gold and they are sold from merchants inside keeps, and you buy stats/tactics with renown points.  Gear becomes available as you rank up in renown, in order to wear certain peices of gear you have to be a certain renown rank. You get 1 renown point per renown rank.

9) Can you sprint like in DAoC?
Each character gets a skill called 'Flee!', this skill will drain your action points and make you unable to regenerate action points for 10s, and for that 10s you will move at 130% movement speed.

10) Is there endurance in WAR?
Abilities cost Action Points, there is no mana/power points or endurance, and I believe action points regenerate 25 every 2 seconds.  With a full action point bar you will have a total of 250 action points.

11) Will it take a long amount of time to reach level 40 or is this a fairly fast game to level in?
It is actually very fast, and suprisingly fun.  Since you can level through RvR and PvE the replayability is EXTREMELY high, there are 1-2 scenarios per racial pairing tier, and at tier 4 there is 1-2 scenarios per zone, each zone in the tiers has its own spots where order or destruction level, they do not share quest spots or quests.  So in total if you just did PvE between the 2 factions, you could level 6 characters in different quests.

12) Is there a significant difference between the speed of leveling through PvE and RvR/Instances?
No, not really.  However, if you decide to ignore the RvR quests (there are alot) then leveling will be noticeably slower.

13) Are there a cap on how much boosts to stats etc you can get from items? (Aka, is it like in DAoC where you make a template and try to and cap your important stats/resists etc or more like in WoW where no caps on stats exist?)
There are no caps.

14) Are there melee styles and style chains like in DAoC?

No there are not, but Black Orcs and Swordmasters have a 3-stage combo mechanic, where certain skills require different stages of their combos.  But there are no chains in generals, however there are positional attacks.

15) Is there an purge like Renown ability that clears you from all negative effects?
No, but CC is very limited, you will not lose control of your character for more than 5 seconds.

16) If yes to the above, do you feel it is as much of a "must have" as Purge was in DAoC? (If you played DAoC that is:) )
There are actually no Renown Abilities outside of siege buffs as of now.  Mythic does not want new players to feel like they can not compete because they do not have skills such as RR5 skills and other things like that.

17) How much Damage can DPS classes dish out quickly, IE is it possible to kill another player off your level in just a few quick hits?
No, the gameplay is much much slower than DAoC as far as burst damage.

18) How fast does stealth drain your action points?
Not too fast to make it worthless and unusable, but not too slow to have a Witch Hunter or Witch Elf sneaking around forever waiting to ambush random people, stealth is a skill with a 1min cooldown that is designed to help them close range on ranged dps, or let them sneak up to a keep wall after going through the postern door.

19) How easy/hard can you detect a stealthed class near you? Are there any ways to increase your stealth detection (both as a stealth class and class without stealth?)
If a WE/WH stealthes in front of you, you will not see them for a few seconds, however if they stay in stealth for much longer, then anyone close by will see them from a decently long range.

20) Is there a way for a stealth class to increase their "stealth skill"?

1) How Balanced are the Order/Destruction players amounts overall (over the closed beta server/server)?
Destruction will be more populated than Order on average of about 15-20%.

2) How many guild features are available other than Heraldry and what are a few unique to Warhammer Online?
There are standards, calanders, guild taxing, guild hall access, alliances, standard bearer abilities to use while carrying a standard, ability to port to guild controlled keeps, guild crafting merchants, and more.

3) Do you have to pay to unlock the abilities you gain at a certain level?

4) How does the Tome of Knowledge basically work, and do certain quests that come from it unlock automatically
The Tome of knowledge basically tracks everything you do (literally everything) the lore and titles, as well as tactics and xp unlock and are gained automatically as you complete the tome tasks.  You can go back and look at how many creatures/players you have killed, and what type you have killed, there is so much to the Tome that I really cannot explain it all in one post, it is pretty amazing.

- Will gold drop from RvR kills like in DAoC?

- Where will players get a majority of their gear at level 40? PvE? RvR? or a mix?
The majority of the gear will come through RvR, but you will see players getting specific items from public quests and cities that they want over other items, like a PVE quest for example would have just ballistic skill and wounds, where a RvR item would have less ballistic skill and wounds, but have resistances as well.

- How difficult will it be to change your mastery once you're level 40?

Very easily, just pay a minor fee.

- Is there any renown rewarded at the conclusion of a scenario for the winner and loser? (even just a tiny bit?)
Winners will gain more renown than losers at the end of scenarios.

- Do you see a reason anyone would want to buy 1000g from a gold farming website?
No.. not really :\

- Is reverse mouse supported for mouselook?
Not at this time I don't think.

- Does the UI support mods?

Yes, very much.

- What is a talisman and do they drop in PvE or RvR?
I do not know much at all about crafting, but talismans are items that you can use to put in gear that have enchantment slots, and you will find items for them in PvE and some merchants.

1) How does the death mechanic work?

If you die, you have about 250+ seconds to wait for a res, or you can ressurect at the nearest Warcamp (which are on the edges of RvR areas)  If you die to a mob, you will have a 10min debuff which gives you 10% less health, this can be taken off by visiting a Healer NPC.

2) Do you "feel" the game world is small (boxed in, limited exploration, etc)?

The zones are quite large, tier 4 is VERY large.

3) How long does it take to reach the level cap?

I cannot give you a definitive amount of time, but it is pretty quick.

4) Does the game run smooth with a lot of people in the same general area/zone? If you would elaborate on the general "smoothness" of gameplay, that would be appreciated.
The game will dynamically reduce certain parts of the graphics to ensure that you don't lag at all, I have been able to fraps with ~200 people on my screen, it is unbeleivably smooth.

5) Do you hit a sharp content "dropoff" at a certain level, or is there enough content throughout the entire PvE experience?
It would take you a VERY long time, and multiple characters on each faction to see all of the PvE content, this is no exaggeration.

6) Do you feel the game will be fun to your typical MMO player(mainly casual players)?
This game is actually the first MMO (I have played nearly every MMO) where you can be casual or hardcore, and there is enough to do for each, even the hardcore players right at launch.

1. Do you feel that PVP in Warhammer is dynamic and has sustenance? (ie: no stun/nuke/nuke/nuke)
Extremely, the CC is very limited, most of the CC is snares/knockbacks/knockdowns/roots/short silences and disables(melee silence), you will not lose control of your character for more than 5 seconds, the most CC comes from morale abilities which are used during a long fight, and the most CC from there is a 7s stun, and it takes awhile to build up to that, like I said.. you will not lose control of your character for more than 5s on average.

2. As has been noted repeatedly, Warhammer is the first major PVP MMO that features no/limited stealth. Will a character that is meant to be "roguish" still reflect this in his abilities/performance despite actually being a visible?
Yep, stealth is very limited but it is designed to be able to close the distance, and there are a few openers that you can do from stealth.  You will feel pretty rogueish, no doubt.

3. Will it be possible to do solo PVP without being "zerged"? How effective can you really be without backup, especially considering everyone will be visible?
As melee you will do 'alright' as solo, the best soloers will not doubt be ranged players using melee as a meatshield, but if you go up against an organized group as a solo pug running around with other pugs, expect to have a pretty rough time.  The burst time is pretty slow, so don't expect to get destroyed as a solo melee player.

Can public quests be 'camped' so that a few characters near-the-maximum level for the quest can farm them for the rewards... I know they'll eventually level out, but at least to the point where the characters who would just like to walk in and try them 2-3 times for fun have a very slight chance of being near the top of the 'contribution' list and get a good reward?
In a way yes, but even a player that walks by will have a chance to roll high and get loot, and if you don't get loot then the next time you try the public quest you will have a higher chance to get loot.

4. How powerful is the Siege in Warhammer, for example, is it powerful or just an annoyance aside from it's obvious uses on keeps and towers.
Siege is balanced, it won't 1shot you, but it won't do such little damage that noone cares, multiple siege weapons attacking the same target/area of targets can be pretty deadly.

5. Are all bright wizard spells instant?

5) What gains you most renown points, open field rvr or grinding it out in scenarious?
Open Field RvR will give you the most renown, unless you are getting dominated and are unable to take objective or keeps.. but then if that is the problem, scenarios will get you enough to keep you going.

6) Beacuse of the extreme numbers of scenarious, are alot of them empty?
No, but it depends on the server to be honest (ie: people on 1 server only go to 2 racial pairings for some reason) In the zones that have 2 scenarios, currently most people only go into the first one, but this is because people just do not know they can queue for a second one, expect a change to help get people to notice the secondary zone scenarios.

2) Tier 4 zones. Are these completely RvR zones? Is it one big open field? Basically the general layout of the 4th tier.
No, no zone is completely RvR zones, but the tier 4 zones are so gigantic, that if you just stay in the RvR area you won't notice that there are actually PvE areas.

Can a swordmaster tank as well as a ironbreaker? or Chosen as well as black orc? If specced for it of course.

In the long run, will this game still focus on RvR? Or will its main focus shift to the cancerous Group v. Group?
Due to the nature of the campaign, it would be impossible for the game to degenerate into group vs. group.

1. What exactly is the voice acting like in game. Do dwarfs speak with a scottish accent?
The voice acting is decent, you will be able to tell the races apart and for the most part, they speak similar to what they are suppose to.

3. What are some of the major gameplay differences between the Sorceress and the Magus?
The major differences would be their mechanic, magus has pets and more supportish type of DPS spells, and the sorceror builds up dark magic with her damage spells, which increase crit chance, crit damage, and the chance to miscast and damage yourself (as well as miscast damage, it goes up the more combustion you have).  The magus specs into long range, short range/aoe, and pbaoe/pets.  The sorceror specs into direct damage, DoTs, and AoE.

4. Have RvR zones been designed with bottlenecks to take advantage of collision?
The structures and buildings take advantage of the collision mechanic, be it ruins/keeps/houses and other small structres (there are many non-keep buildings!)

5. How do Action Points work? Do all classes have the same AP regeneration rates?
Yes, all classes have AP, and to my knowledge they regenerate at 25 every 2 seconds or so, some classes have buffs that increase AP regeneration, AP drain spells, Self-damage for AP, and many various spells that ineract with AP regeneration.

6. How addictive is the game?
Its ridiculous :\

7. Are all classes balanced in PVP? If not, which and why.
For launch, the classes are suprisingly balanced. It is actually scary how balanced they are (alot of people will QQ about unbalance because they get raped cause they are bad)

8. Does ranged have an advantage over melee in siege warfare?
Somewhat.. but not to the extend I am thinking you are thinking of, melee have ways to help negate damage, get to ranged players fast, or actually pull players to them (think scorpion from MK).  You will not take a keep without melee, I'll put it like that.

9. How does the solidity of the world feel? Are there a lot of instanced areas or just open solid world?
The world is seperated by tiers, but the zones are so big its actually very much a solid world.  Tier 4 is gigantic, and you would have to be a fool to think it does not feel like a solid world.

10. How big is the game world?
For a game that is just launching, it is RIDICULOUSLY BIG, the terrain designers are easily the best in the industry, meaning the world is VERY detailed.

11. Is excessive socializing and knee pads for kissing up to the guild master required to accomplish serious game play? Or does personal skill reign paramount?
The way the game is set up, you could be a solo player or a player that is a part of a small guild and do pretty much anything, being in big guilds will only be a perk.  It truely is RvR and not GvG, and you will notice it as you play~

12. Does any one class seem overly popular (ie. a million Chosen running around) or is it relatively even?
At times it feels this way, but after being in beta for a long time and doing searches of classes, it is actually pretty even in the overall scheme of things.

13. How good is the levelling process? Does it feel like a race to 40 or are there things to do that keep the game fun and fresh as you progress?
There are tons of different scenarios, public quests, and some dungeons to do while leveling to 40, between all 3 tiers, you could level 6 characters or more differently, this is no exaggeration.

15a. Is SLI and Crossfire supported?
SLI is, not sure about Crossfire.

16. Can characters have surnames (ie. last names)?
There are plans to, if they are not implemented at launch (they are currently not in beta as of the 18th) expect them to be in shortly after launch, imo.

17. How does the loot system work? Does gear require repair?
Gear does not require repairs.

18. Is there a death penalty? If so, what? Are there different penalty mechanics for PvE and PvP?
No RvR penalty, but if you die to a NPC you will get a 10min debuff that takes off 10% of your health, it stacks, but you can get them removed from Healer NPCs.

19. Will user made mods be accepted in the UI mechanics?

Yes, expect to see information for modders soon.

20. What is the crafting system like? At what level can one begin their crafting career?

Expect to start crafting around level 3 or 4.

Duo combinations - What pairs work well together?
Tank/melee healer seems to work very well, the tank can guard the melee healer letting him DPS/heal to his full potential, its really powerful.

Class viability - Is there a class you have seen/found that just doesn't work? IE Can't kill mobs one on one/doesn't contribute in any noticable way in PVP? What is your favorite/least favorite class? Why?
Every class is actually viable in solo and group PvE/RvR, since every class works off action points it just seems to balance out, noone goes OOM and you can't really 'outlast' people by fagging it up.

UI - Do you feel the UI lacks any major features? Is it as customizable as they say?
Besides being able to mod warhammer like for example, WoW, the default UI is ENTIRELY customizable, you can move/reshape/hide/lock/change opacity of every part of the default UI.

Guilds - Are the guild management tools that are available adaquete? What are my options for how a guild is run? Can I create my own ranks?
As a guild leader myself, the management tools are MAGNIFICENT, you will definately have a fun time managing a guild, and expect more features post launch~!

Order vs. Destruction - Do you think that each side is "balanced?" At least in the sense that each side is viable? Have you seen a population imbalance so far in beta?
It is very balanced, the only thing that is really out of wack is that destruction tanks are more popular.  Destruction definately has more people but I think mythic can help balance it out.

Dungeons/Quests - Are the dungeons and quests (and rewards) actually rewarding or do you feel like you're just grinding out until you hit 40?
Definately rewarding, there are however some crappy quests, but that is to be expected, however the majority of the quests are really awesome.

Abilities - Do you find you are making use of most/all of your class abilities or are there a lot of "useless" ones?
At the start of beta there were definately some useless abilities, but as of right now Mythic has done an incredible job listening to their players and have slowly went over every class (swordmaster/witch hunter/witch elf are next) and all the abilities and such are definately useful.

2. Is PVE horribly slow from mob to mob depending on class choice?
Since every class works off action points and their own mechanic, after playing every class alot (except for witch elf, rarely every played that, just enough to know what all they do) every class has a VERY smooth PvE playstyle.. there is really no downtime at all.

3. Are there instances? (ala WoW)
Yes, but.. with a WAR twist.  Most all of the dungeons start out as a faction-based instanced zone, which for example all order go to one instance, then there are PQs that lead to instances where you fight the bosses, this allows solo players to experience content and such and so far it actually works well for solo and group oriented players, its very cool.

6. Do mobs drop armor/weapons and are they worth a toss

7. As you upgrade armor on your character.. can you visually see the change or does your appearance always remain the same.
You will see big differences in your appearence, but you will not stray from what the class is suppose to look like.  The concept art is actually how you will look, the art team is amazing and you will like all the sets I am sure.

8. What is the level cap?
40, renown rank 80

9. To form a guild.. do you have to first create a group of six.. then go to the guild registrar (DAoC) or can you go there first, get the guild name, pay the fee and then find people to sign the charter (WoW)
You will need to form a group of six and have them all at the Registrar in Altdorf/Inevitable City

10. What (if any) is the fee to create a guild and how hard is that to come by early on
50 silver, its really easy.

11. Is the RvR reminiscint of DAoC
rofl, ya, if you liked DAoC you will fall in love all over again~

13. Are there multiple specs available to classes, providing different builds or is one Choppa pretty much the same as the next Choppa
Each class has 3 specs that actually alter the playstyle quite a bit, and since there are 10 classes each with 3 unique specs, it is pretty awesome in the overall scheme of things.

14. Is crafting worthwhile, will the gear made with crafting be comparable to drops
Currently there is no crafting profession that makes gear, Mark Jacobs said that he wants to take crafting slow and doesn't want it to turn into something that you HAVE to do.

15. Are there crafted potions
Yep, tons~!

16. Are there RA (Realm Ability points gained from RvR kills) type abilities that will unbalance RvR
None whatsoever ^____^

17. What is gained from RvR
Each battlefield objective you control gives your realm in that zone up to 20% xp and renown (4 Battlefield Objectives per zone) Keeps give you access to renown trainers and merchants.  Everything you do, taking objectives/keeps/scenarios, killing players, doing quests, etc; will add to zone control and when you take over a zone, some points go up to the next tier, so as a level 1 character, you can actually give victory points to tier 4!  There are RvR quests that give xp/gold, you are able to take over zones, you can buy gear, stats, and tactics from renown trainers and merchants.  You can get tactics and additional mastery points. You can actually get your own statue in your realm city if you do really well, and if you are attacking an opposing city, you can actually destroy those statues.  There is so much to RvR, it is pretty crazy.

18. What types of server rule sets will be available at retail
Core/Roleplaying/Open RvR, Core is definately the best - think of it as a DAoC server.

19. Are the zones you RvR in as you level comparable to the Battlegrounds in DAoC
Somewhat, the RvR areas are actually much much much better than the battlegrounds, once you understand how everything works in relation to everything/everyone else, it becomes quite important.

20. Are the quests clunky and hardly worth doing
Quests are easy and give good xp/gear, and when you pick up a quest.. the minimap/map actually show you the general area the objective is at, really easy!

21. Do you need to quest in order to level (WoW) or can you grind out levels by killing mobs (DAoC)
You can level through RvR, grinding, grinding PQs, doing quests, or a combination of either or all!

22. Are there camps of mobs or just mobs scattered everywhere
They are kind of scattered everywhere I suppose, but with a purpose.. similar to the mob placement in WoW but with a bit more 'breathing room'.

23. Do mobs become locked to you when attacked
Yes, but if you attack a mob that gives influence for PQs or a player that gives renown, the influence and renown is split based on contribution, only XP/gear is locked.

24. Do gray mobs Aggro

25. Do gray mobs drop loot
Of course.

26. Are there elite type mobs

There are normal mobs, champion mobs, hero mobs, and lords.  Each are stronger, going in that order.

27. How friendly is the UI and is the UI upgradable
Default UI is amazing, and the UI is moddable.

28. Did they overdo the pretty on graphics (EQII, AoC) and forget to add content

Actually, the graphics are SUPER optimized, you can have 200-300 players on your screen and barely lag (unless your comp is just REALLY REALY bad) there is more content on this launch then any game previously at their launch.  It is fantastic, almost unbelievable.

29. Can your average PC run the game on high settings
Maybe, average PC will probably want to run the game on.. average, just so the game is smooth during large scale RvR.

30. Will the game release with any major bugs that have been reported time and again.. but not fixed (like memory leaks)
No, not really, this might seem like bull#$!*, but the game is actually very polished (paul wasn't lieing!)

31. Will there be a naming policy in place and will it be enforced


32. Are there a variety of guild tools at release or planned for the future (vaults, houses, tabards, ranks and privledges)
There are a TON of guild tools at release, including a guild hall (or house I suppose, but no player housing), the guild hall even has a flight master in it!

33. Will there be housing?
No personal housing.

34. Will there be Vaults


35. Are there buffs given by players that increase stats
Yes, but none that will make you insta-win against players with no buffs, mythic wouldn't do that again!

36. Are buffs available only to those in your group
Yep, pretty much all the buffs (but not all) are group-only

37. Will "buffbots" exist on a large scale like DAoC
Hell #$!*ing no

38. Will gear be a crutch for the less skilled players.. like wow.
I have played with nearly all the gear sets, and actually... gear doesn't play much of a role at all in a fight, it will help but not to the extent it did in WoW.

43. Will servers show their time zones, so we can choose the closest one to our own?

Currently they do not, but I will put this in the feedback forum~  however, oceanic server have (oceanic) next to them~

1. What kind of armor slots are there?

Helmet, Shoulders, Cloak, Chest, Legs, Gloves, Boots, 4 accessories, 4 trophies, one hander, shield, two hander, standard, ranged slot. LOOTWHORES BEWARE~!~!~

2. Are there a good variety of quests?
There is a decent variety of quests, but overall it is mostly standard stuff, however there are kill quests where the Tome keeps track of how many of a certain NPC you kill and a Kill Collector NPC will give you xp based on how many you have killed since the last time you have visited him.  There are alot of RvR quests as well.  Oh, also you never have to loot a mob for a quest item~

3. What were the king battles like?
Awesome, no spoilers from me though~

Are there normal / epic mounts?
Only one type of mount, runs at 50% movement speed.

Can I kill someone that is an opposite faction while they are questing? Is there any world PVP ala ganking.

If they are flagged for RvR then you can, however if you go into a low level zone where you do not belong, you turn into a chicken when you flag.  There are a few RvR Public Quests, where each side has to fight over to see who finishes the first stage, then the winning faction gets to move on to the other stages and have chance at loot, however once the losing side loses.. watch out~

Yes, how bad is the lag?
Lag from crowded areas is nearly non-existant, I can fraps a 200-300 player fight and still play just fine.  However, if you are talking about server lag.. expect to see some during the first week or so.

Can you respec?

Do you know of anything Mythic is doing in terms of population balance issues?

There are faction caps on the servers, but you only enter a queue so you aren't stopped from playing on that server indefinately, their task is trying to force players to even it out themselves without actually forcing it and ruining the experience.  If one side is getting dominated, they will add buffs like they did in DAoC.

4. Is WAR really casual-friendly?

Very, while at the same time having tons and tons of stuff to do for hardcore players.

5. Any imbalance you see from each class or faction?


6. How hard is it to acquire gears in WAR?

Easy, but gear doesn't decide fights unless you are wearing super low level gear for some odd reason.

7. Is the Chicken rule good or bad?
Yep, so far all the fights are actual fights, no crap ganking or anything, which is extremely good for slow levels~ they can level at their own pace without having to worry about unfair ganking.

8. Do tanks serve good function in pvp with collision-detection?

Currently they do not, actually.  But if you put a few tanks together you CAN block off chokepoints.

9. How's city siege?

I am actually not allowed to go into detail, but I cannot skip this question because city sieging is AWESOME.

10. Do you need to join a group for PQ or anything else in this game, or are there solo contents in WAR?

No, the reason for public quests is to get solo players into the RvR aspects of the game, however you WILL see solo players joining public quest groups.. it really does work.

Is there good builds customisation,meaning 2 chosen/engineer/whatever can perform totally different from each other,as well as having totally different stats?
Stats will not be too much different, but the specs actually do play very different.

Can you spec your characters stats to your liking,such as making your shaman have higher defense and mitigation or one who is specced for pure damage and healing output?


How cool are the capital cities? What have you actually seen in game that's new/innovative there?

The Hickman and Josh Drescher were not lieing in their videos and interviews, what they said is true.

Are there any major missing features that you thought would be implemented now?
If there is a missing feature, then they have announced it. So.. no, no missing features whatsoever.

I.e. Is it in a completely finished state and they're just working on bugs, or do there appear to be content gaps? Does the game look like it will be done in time?

The game was done about 2 months ago, really.. no bull#$!*ting.

How has server stability progressed in the time you've been in beta? Was it like early WoW, late WoW, or more like early EQ with the random LDs and being locked out of the server.
The stability has actually gotten better, everytime they let 50+ thousand people in, the servers will act up for a day or so, then they fix them, if open beta goes well the servers should be really decent, however I would still suspect some crashing on day 1.

When something goes down, does the entire server go down including login, or just a zone at a time? Are there any zoning points other than between tiers?

Just the zones, similar to how WoW is, there are no zoning points other than the tiers.

Is there an auction system?

Does a PQ require the tank + healer + Dps combo we're all familiar with?

Yeah, I won't lie to you, you will require the standard setup.

How many people does it take to do a PQ?

Varies, alot just 1 group can do, and some can take from 2 groups up to 4.

If it "needs" a tank, how many people does it take to not "need" a tank? Are there alternative methods for tank fights that don't "need" a tank?
Melee healer with other healers has been working just fine.

How many "tanks" are useful in a PQ?
1, and sometimes 2.

What is it like forming a "PUG" compared to other games?

Have you not read about the open party system? PUGs form themselves, its ridiculous.

I'd like to know if all the pairings feel equally polished. Is it worth choosing a career from one of the first two pairings, given that the elves have only been in the game for a short while? Or are they fully fleshed out and rockin'?

At first I thought, 'wow the elves feel pretty incomplete' then Mythic redid them and they are FANTASTIC, every racial pairing is great.. its a polished game.

What is the morale/other penalty for losing your standard in rvr to the opposing faction?
Besides losing the buffs that you were getting form the standards, nothing.  However they cost 2 gold a pop, so don't go slingin' em around like a whore.

2 - does dying during a PQ reset your contribution to zero?
Nope,  you keep your contribution!

Have you sieged a fortress? How is it different from regular keeps? Tier 4.
The forts are bigger, have an extra floor and more siege pads as well as much stronger guards.

why do beta testers think they're special
Cause they are more evolved you~

What's the differences between highest and lowest quality graphic settings? Are there different settings for pvp vs. pve or do you need to manually adjust down when you go to pvp like in old DAoC?
The client dynamically adjusts your settings depending on the size of the RvR fight, you shouldn't lag at all if you are running on the graphic setting your comp is made for.

Are there roaming patrols like in DAoC? Are there a bunch of smaller structures that can be captured, or just main keeps?

Yep, objectives are for the roaming type people, and mean alot to the zone by giving 5% xp/renown per objective captures and giving alot of zone control points (victory points)

Is there a difference between pvp gear and pve gear?

RvR gear will have more resistances, and alot of the time the pve gear will have no resistances but more stats or armor.

So if someone gets turned into a chicken, how do they change back?
Go back to where you belong, CHICKEN~

How stable is the client? Is it like most beta software or is it more like a "been out for 2 years" stability where it almost never crashes?

There are a few crashes in the current client, but they have a month to work most of them out (alot have been worked out so far, but not all), so expect a very stable client on release.

Where/when exactly does the chicken change take place?

When you flag for RvR, so you can actually help low level players do PvE and such.

Is there a global cooldown?
Yes, 1.5 seconds, the UI currently shows 2 seconds but that is a bug.

What aspects of this game have caused you major or minor disappointment?
Nothing has really disappointed me since Mythic never lied about anything.  I dislike the 4 keep lord guards, however they do their job in preventing/slowing down groups trying to ninja a keep.

I believe Engineers get turrets at level one and mines as well, how long are the cast times on them, or perhaps, if you have more extensive experience, do the cast times get longer/shorter.
Your first turret will be at level 3, cannot think of the level you get the mine, however the mine will be instant cast ground targeted aoe with a 10s cooldown (you can have 5 mines up at once now!) And the turrets have a 3 second cast with no cooldown, however you can get a tactic to make turrets instant cast.

does the game seem to have an issue with lag of the non-graphical variety?

Fixed already~ you won't have any issues on launch aside from servers crashing on the first day (maybe)

What do you see on top of an enemy's head? is it the character name and the guild name? or is it their renown rank title (like DAoC)?
You see their name, their guild name, and their title that they have selected.  Also, you can choose to show their health bar above them as well.

4. Is there dye to dye our cloths with a bunch of differant colors like as in DAOC? {hate that wow does not have this >.<}
There are 119 dyes in the game, the majority of them need to be found/created~!

5. Is there a glow that can be put on weapons? {i love glowy things =p }

9. Do we have a bag just for quest items?
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  #2 - August 19, 2008, 03:58:48 AM

Wow, that's alot of questions (and answers  Wink). Thanks, very much.

Moving to Beta Forum & sticking.

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  #3 - August 19, 2008, 04:59:55 AM

It took me about 30 minutes to read all that between all the 'hell yeas' and the ' *giggle* '

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  #4 - August 19, 2008, 05:23:19 AM

I just had a wargasm. O_O

By Zog.
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  #5 - August 19, 2008, 05:29:02 AM

Wonderful! Grin

In other news, elevatormusic has been replaced by speed-metal, played at maximum volume.
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  #6 - August 19, 2008, 05:44:22 AM

well damn, didn't think i could get anymore excited about WaR, but i guess this answers that... thanks for the info  Shocked

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  #7 - August 19, 2008, 08:27:08 AM

I created this post for my guild, but I decided I might as well share this with everyone since its pretty good information, so just ignore the design goals.

Guild standards are something that the guild leader and the elected Standard Bearers can buy and equip.  They are purchasable from merchants in keeps and the guild hall in Altdorf (Sigmar's Hammer).  Standards are actual guild banners that you carry into fights and plant and fight over, standards take 10 seconds to pull out from your inventory (can use while on the run) and when you take it out, it replaces your current weapons and your skills are locked out.  Now, you have your Guild Standard in hand, you will now get a granted hotbar above your original hotbar (or wherever you put it) with skills that the standard bearer can use while holding it, you can unlock more skills from different ranks from the guild.  The Guild Standards will give the buffs that you chose to equip it with (standard tactics) to ALL players within range (60 yards), if you are holding the standard then your group gets a 25% run speed increase buff.  Taking a enemy's standard will destroy the standard (2g down the drain!), give your group a small amount of renown, and give you or your group (not sure on this) banner scraps which you can use to purchase some high-end RvR gear.

There are the following skills available (cant think of the actual names offhand, sorry):

Plant the standard - puts the standard on the ground, which then keeps giving buffs to everyone within 60 feet, and freeing the standard bearer of the standard and letting him use his skills and weapons once again.  Once the banner is on the group, it takes 10 seconds for a enemy or friendly player to pick it back up, if the standard bearer dies then a group mate can pick up the standard (doesn't have to be a standard bearer) and it will return to the standard bearers backpack.

15 Second 99% damage mitigation buff - This helps the player get to where he needs to be to plant the standard, and then run back to his group (so casters can carry a standard and not have to worry about getting shat on while planting it in a good spot).  This also helps a player that is currently holding a standard to go immune and place it back into his inventory.

A frontal AOE knockback - Low damage, and currently is not a very far knockback but I expect that to chance, but this is good for melee standard holders that want to smack a bitch before planting it down.

Single target ressurection - thats right, you read it correctly, a standard bearer from a high ranking guild will actually be able to ressurect someone while holding the standard.

Now there are some more stuff about standard, besides that it looks fantastic and displays the same Heraldry that will be on your cloaks.  There are 3 standards that you can unlock, each standard is not better than another, but this lets a guild have 3 different standards for different situations.  Standards have 3 tactic slots (these are what decide what buffs you standard will give to players beside it) there is a 3 different catagories of tactics (Will post the pictures below) so you have to choose wisely which ones you want to have on which standards, a good idea imo is to have a theme for each standard and decide what kind of situations you think you would need different standards for, for example: RvR/PvE/Sieging

Here are the design goals I will want to discuss (will discuss this more thoroughly when everyone is registered and has access to this forum around a week before launch), keep these in mind when thinking of standard designs.

- Will this standard be beneficiary to just 1 class or archtype, or multiple?

- How often are we going to use this standard?

- Which type of standard theme should we create first?

- Should we have standards for certain group makeups or have more general beneficial standards that can be used in many different group setups?

- What themes should there be, all 3 RvR with different standards for different groups? PvE/RvR/Sieging or something else (discuss your ideas please!)

- Will this standard only be good while leveling up?

There are more ideas but I think you know what I am getting at.

Here are ingame pictures of each of the three catagories with their tactics, tactics can be ranked up to level 3, and scale like this: rank 1 increases xp by 5%, rank 2 increases by 10%, rank 3 increases by 15%, all of the tactics scale like this, so keep that in mind.



« Last Edit: August 19, 2008, 05:34:55 PM by Cranmer »
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  #8 - August 19, 2008, 08:49:38 AM

I have one question, I didnt see if you put in the section or not.  How many people are going to be able to be standard bearers?  Just one would be dumb, but having to many is dumb too because then everyone can hold one and then everyone and there mother would be trying to place it instead of fighting

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  #9 - August 19, 2008, 08:56:43 AM

7, 6 bearers and a guild leader
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  #10 - August 19, 2008, 09:07:38 AM

7, 6 bearers and a guild leader

Depending on guild-level should be added Wink
As the guild gain higher levels you get various awards, such as being able to add more standardbearers to your guild;)

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  #11 - August 19, 2008, 09:44:29 AM

That's right, you get extra standard bearer slots 2 at a time, so at the earliest you will have 3 standard bears, then 5 in the 20s, and i think the last 2 in the 30s.
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  #12 - August 19, 2008, 01:15:16 PM

They redid the paper doll window last patch, and some of the values don't show for the stats that have 2-3 things for them, but they are all of a pretty significant value, won't be able to tell you the formula till next patch though, where the paper doll window should be complete.  But these images should give you a strong idea of what stats do and what classes would want.

« Last Edit: August 19, 2008, 05:35:43 PM by Cranmer »
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  #13 - August 19, 2008, 03:07:04 PM

thanks mize, i've been looking around and actually planned on posting to ask what each stat did since many are different sounding than what i'm used to.

as always, i will carry you kicking and screaming, in the end you will feed me.
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  #14 - August 19, 2008, 04:59:23 PM

Hmm. There's no way 50 Weapon Skill should lead to 21.7% armor penetration. I guess it's showing WS and Initiative tooltips based on all your stats.
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  #15 - August 19, 2008, 05:49:20 PM

Excellent post Mize, thank you VERY much!  Shocked

Proud tester of the 414.......................

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  #16 - August 26, 2008, 12:53:27 AM

Thank you for the response about the standard bearer, I can now tell my guild how many we will be able to assign so they can start looking at who is going to be one, we actually only have 4 main officers for now, so it should be interesting on who get left out until level 20 lol

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  #17 - September 07, 2008, 07:37:20 AM

  Thanks man that was very interesting stuff and it took me almost 90 minutes to read it all Cheesy
  It is a real WAR Elephant :PP
  But one thing is bothering me, specifically: "15a. Is SLI and Crossfire supported? SLI is, not sure about Crossfire"
I mean WTF? SLI and Crossfire are identical futures, just from different distributors. From what i remember ATI's graphic cards are supported by WAR as well as NVIDIA's are. Please let the Chaos stay in Warhammer, don't let it spread into our world! :S
  Well now seriously, does anyone know anything official about this subject?Smiley

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  #18 - September 10, 2008, 06:59:28 AM

A zillion typos, but still very good.
Nicely done.
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