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List of Journalists Arrested at the RNC

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During and before the Republican National Convention police in St. Paul arrested numerous journalists, including Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman and her staff, members of a number of independent video groups, an AP photographer and staff from local broadcast stations and newspapers around St. Paul.

Arresting and detaining journalists for doing their jobs is a gross violation of free speech and freedom of the press. Journalists must be free to do their jobs without intimidation. On September 5th, local citizens delivered more than 60,000 letters to St. Paul City Hall calling on Mayor Chris Coleman and local law enforcement officials to drop all charges against journalists arrested while covering protests outside the Republican National Convention.

Below we have begun collecting names of journalists who were charged and links to news reports about their arrests. This is a growing list. If you have information about a journalist who is not listed here please email Josh Stearns at

Name Outlet Arrested Charge
Sharif Abdel Kouddous Democracy Now! Sept 1 and Sept 4 Suspicion of felony riot and unlawful assembly
Nicole Salazar Democracy Now! Sept 1 Suspicion of felony riot
Amy Goodman Democracy Now! Sept 1 Obstruction of a legal process and interference with a peace officer.
Matt Rourke Associated Press Sept 1 Gross misdemeanor riot charge
Edward Matthews Univ. of Kentucky (journalism student) Sept 1 Riot charge
Britney McIntosh Univ. of Kentuky (journalism student) Sept 1 Riot charge
Jim Winn Univ. of Kentuky (journalism advisor) Sept 1 Riot charge
Lambert Rochfort PepperSpray Productions Sept 3 Held without charge
Joe LaSac PepperSpray Productions Sept 3 Held without charge
Stephen Maturen Minnesota Daily Sept 4 Peppersprayed and ziptied – only held momentarily.
Jonathan Malat KARE 11 Sept 4 Unlawful assembly
Tom Aviles WCCO Sept 4 Unlawful assembly
Amy Forliti Associated Press Sept 4 Unlawful assembly
Jon Krawczynski Associated Press Sept 4 Unlawful assembly
Dean Treftz U-Wire (national college wire service) Sept 4 Unlawful assembly
Jeff Schorfheide Badger-Herald Sept 4 Unlawful assembly
Matt Snyders University of Iowa / former reporter for Daily Iowan Sept 4 Unlawful assembly
Christopher Patton Daily Iowan Sept 4 Unlawful assembly
Rick Rowley Big Noise Films Sept 4 Unlawful assembly
Jon Wise MyFox Sept 4 Unlawful assembly
Alice Kathloff MyFox Sept 4 Unlawful assembly
Art Hughes Public News Service Sept 4 Unlawful assembly
Jerry Snook Westwood One Sept 4 Unlawful assembly
Ben Garvin St. Paul Pioneer Press Sept 4 Unlawful assembly
Jason Nicholas New York Post Sept 1 Unlawful assembly and obstructing the legal process
Wendy Binion Portland IndyMedia Sept 2 Felony conspiracy to riot
Geraldine Cahill The Real News Sept 4 Unlawful assembly
Ania Smolenskaia The Real News Sept 4 Unlawful assembly
Suzanne Hughes The Uptake Sept 4 Unlawful assembly
Ted Johnson Variety Sept 4 Unlawful assembly
Alice Kalthoff Sept 4 Unlawful assembly
John P Wise MyFox Sept 4 Unlawful assembly
Eileen Clancy I-Witness Video August 26 Unknown
Anita Braithwaite Glass Bead Video Collective August 26 Unknown
Olivia Katz Glass Bead Video Collective August 26 Unknown
Nick Brooks Downtown Express Sept 4 Unlawful assembly and interfering with legal process
Sam Stoker Association of Alternative Newsweeklies Sept 4 Unlawful assembly
Paul Demko Minnesota Independent ? Unknown
Emily Forman I-Witness video group ? Unknown
Malisa Jahn I-Witness video group ? Unknown
Elizabeth Press Democracy Now! ? Unknown
Sheila Regan Twin Cities Daily Planet ? Unknown
Seth Rowe Sun Newspapers ? Unknown
Mark Skinner University of Nevada Las Vegas Rebel Yell reporter ? Unknown
Vlad Teichberg Glass Bead Video Collective ? Unknown
Nathan Weber Chicago Freelance Photographer ? Unknown
Tony Webster Twin Cities Independent Media ? Unknown
Alex Lilly Portland Indymedia ? Unknown
Charlie B MTV Think blogger ? Unknown
Andy Birkey Minnesota Independent ? Unknown
Matt Nelson University of Iowa Photojournalism student ? Unknown
Mark Ovaska Rochester freelance photographer ? Unknown
Chad Davis Freelance Photographer ? Unknown
Dawn Zuppelli Rochester IndyMedia ? Unknown



More Names Emerge - we need your help!

Hey everyone,
More and more names keep emerging and our list keeps growing. Thanks to the great work of folks over at the Minnesota Independent who have also been keeping a list ( we have added a number of names to the list about. However - we need your help. We want to try to identify what charges were brought against these folks so we can track their cases. Also, if you can help us get in touch with anyone on the list please contact me at

Thanks to Dave P - who has been helping add names to the list!

Thanks for the update

Hi Victoria,
Thanks for this update - I have updated our list!

People missing from your list

Alex Lilly, Portland Indymedia

Charlie B, MTV Think blogger

Andy Birkey, Minnesota Independent

Paul Demko, Minnesota Independent

Emily Forman, I-Witness video

Malisa Jahn, I-Witness video

Matt Nelson, University of Iowa Photojournalism student

Mark Ovaska, Rochester freelance photographer

Elizabeth Press, Democracy Now!

Sheila Regan, TC Daily Planet

Seth Rowe, Sun Newspaper

Mark Skinner, U of N Rebel Yell reporter

Vlad Teichberg, Glass Bead Media

Nathan Weber, Chicago freelance photographer

Tony Webster, Twin Cities Indymedia

Dawn Zuppelli, Rochester IndyMedia

Chad Davis, Freelance Photographer

Journalists Injured and Assulted as well as Arrested

Although we have been focusing specifically on journalist arrests, many journalists also report being injured by police. The video of Nicole Salazar being thrown to the ground by police is perhaps the most vivid example of this abuse caught on video, but other reports are surfacing now as well. This report comes from "City Pages" (

City Pages Reporters Maced, Assaulted at RNC Protest

Updating their reporting every few minutes by telephone last night, City Pages' Jeff Shaw and Andy Mannix say they were "assaulted by the cops" while trying to cover a RNC protest march. Here's the play-by-play, from Shaw: "The police said we needed to leave, we showed them our press credentials. I said I was a reporter and that it was a public street. An officer struck me and knocked me backwards over a curb. I tried to get up, and three or four officers shoved me to the ground. Andy was maced." Meanwhile, The Stranger's Brendan Kiley was pepper-sprayed earlier this week at the RNC. "I've hurt myself in a lot of different ways," he reports, "but nothing hurts like pepper spray. The pain is fleeting, but it is crippling."

Thanks Dale

Thanks Dale,
We'll keep working on this case and keep working to support journalists and quality news and media across the country.

There was one journalist arrested in Denver as well. He was trying to research lobbyist influence around the convention.

No matter what event, what political party, what issue, our journalists must be given the freedom to reclaim their place as a viable 4th estate.

Josh thanks for all the work you guys are doing at Free Press

It's hard to believe our nation has sunk so low that journalists are prevented from doing their job. These detentions put a chill on news gathering and greatly harm our democracy. Compare what happened in St Paul to events at Obama's acceptance speech in Denver which I attended.

When Obama spoke the city and the nation stopped to listen and although I guess there were some arrests of protesters earlier on in the week journalists were not among them as far as I know. They were respected and allowed to do their job.

There was one guy I saw who was grabbed and hustled away when he tried to go back in after he had exited the stadium but I don't think he was arrested or a journalist. Some volunteers were having to come and go in order to help disabled in wheelchairs leave the event so that may have contributed to some confusion as people left and tried to find people they had come with.

I hope America wakes up and decides before it's too late which type of world they want to live in. One where people have fun and don't need constant threat of arrest or one where even journalists need to fear where they go and what they say. is a project of Free Press and the Free Press Action Fund
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