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Driving In

Regardless of your starting point you will pass through some of the most beautiful country the United States has to offer.  The lodge is located in the Idaho Back Country Wilderness.  The trip offers  a photo opportunity of a life time, so bring along a camera and have it ready.


We have included a Driving Directions map from Cascade, Idaho to Big Greek Lodge, easer than following your nose. A map of the of the Big Creek area has also been included.


Flying In

We are fortunate  to have the Big Creek backcountry airstrip located right at our front door. Just about 200 feet from the Main Lodge.


Big Creek State of Idaho Airstrip

  • Backcountry Mountain Airstrip

  • Class USFS REC

  • Chart Great Falls

  • Airstrip/Airport ID:   U60

  • Long/Lat:   115-19-18.404W/45-07-59.675

  • FAA Regional Code:   ANM-Northwest Mountain

  • Length:   3550'

  • Width:   110'

  • Elevation:   5743' MSL

  • Turf & Gravel

  • Tie Down Area

  • CTAF 122.9

  • FSS 122.1T 116.2R

Airstrip Caution * The LAFD recommends land RWY 19, take off  RWY 01 when wind permits * Pilots should be experienced in high density and turbulent air * Be alert for sprinklers on RWY * Opened to ski equipped aircraft in winter * Aircraft use sides of strip during winter operations * Close flight plan prior to landing * No winter maintenance * Be alert for Moose, Deer and elk on or near strip. * The runway has a large dip at north end * Info: (208) 334-8775 Div. of Aeronautics


More Info


The strip is owned & maintained by the Idaho Division of Aeronautics .





Big Creek Area

Big Creek Area


Cascade to Big Creek

Cascade to Big Creek



"Reaching New Heights in Adventure Flying"

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In Memory of "YELLOW BIRD" Marv Gregersen

US Forest Service

Long Landing Strip (3550')

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