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For the past five years Anime Evolution has been a huge success due, in a large part, to our featured guests. From Voice Actors, Directors, Industry Representatives, Web Comic Creators, Writers, Producers, Designers, and Artists we have welcomed a wide variety of talented people from North America and Japan.

Now as we make our next evolution we are proud to include new performers and musical guests to the ongoing list of talent that makes our convention unique. Please check back this year’s convention guests!


Brooke Burgess - Broken Saints

In 2001, three young Vancouver creators teamed up to launch their online homage to anime, manga and graphic novels with their own savings. They never imagined that 7 years on, their work would have spawned an award-winning DVD collection (20th Century FOX), projects with celebrated talents like Will Smith (I AM LEGEND) and Guillermo Del Toro (HELLBOY 2), a live-action TV mini-series (now in development), and thousands of fans around the world!

Now considered “the grandfather of motion comics” (USA TODAY), Broken Saints finished its online run in the summer of 2003 – so this AE will mark the 5-year anniversary of this incredible local success! The series creators will be here to show exclusive clips from their top-secret new projects, give advice on creating your own motion comic, autograph limited-edition collectibles with their amazing voice cast (Michael Dobson, Kirby Morrow, Scott McNeil are all TBD), and release the final 300 copies of the ORIGINAL DVD collection with proceeds going to BC Children’s Hospital.

This is BS crew’s chance to say a very personal and heartfelt THANK YOU for all the support that Vancouver manga and anime fans have given them since day one – so come celebrate with the Saints!

Kevin McKeever - Robotech

A graduate of the lighting design program from Emerson College, Kevin has been working in the entertainment industry for nearly 15 years. He has worked in theater production at world class venues such as the Goodspeed Opera House, the Emerson Majestic Theater, Foxwoods Casino, and the Mohegan Sun Resort which he helped open in 1996.

His television production credits include Jackass, Kids Say the Darnedest Things, Guinness Book of World Records, Krypton Factor,, The 60’s as well as various television commercials. His film credits include Mystery Men, For Love of the Game, and Billy Frankenstein. Kevin has also served as Assistant VP of Production for feature film producer and New York Times best-selling author Lynda Obst.

Kevin’s first official assignment in the Robotech universe was as an audit of Robotech’s television ratings and viewer demographics during its original run in the 1980s. Kevin’s analysis of the ratings in a cost effective manner along with his years of production experience made him a natural candidate for the Robotech team.

Jake Richmond - Atarashi Games
Canceled due to work-related commitments.

Matt Schlotte - Atarashi Games
Canceled due to work-related commitments.

Manga Artists & Web Comics

Canceled due to work-related commitments.

David Stanworth - Web Comic Creator

David Stanworth has been interested in video games and animation for his entire life. When he realised he’s FAR too worthless to do either he stuck with comics. Snafu-Comics started in the summer of 2002 and has quickly grown to incorporate over a dozen separate comics, Snafu, PowerPuff Girl Doujinshi, Grim Tales, Sugar Bits, Tin: The Incompetent Ninja, Ever After, Sticky Floors, and many more. With more to be added soon!

Snafu has constantly been an evolving comic often drastically changing art styles and directions comic to comic. The subject matter could range from anime, videogames, politics, social commentary or fart jokes (mostly fart jokes.) But what Snafu really excels at is a strong forum community of active participants. Snafu wouldn’t exist without the the fantastic support from the online community. We’re excited to meet everyone at Metrocon so come by our table and say hi! Plus we have some pretty cool T-shirts and prints ;)

Sam Logan - Web Comic Creator

Sam Logan is the Victoria-based writer and artist behind the long-running webcomic “Sam and Fuzzy”. He is also the head of the Dayfree Press webcomics collective, the home of other veritable internet institutions such as White Ninja, Dinosaur Comics and Questionable Content. When not busy making comics, Sam also designs and illustrates a pair of Canadian children’s science magazines — KNOW and YES Mag.

Voice Actors

Michael Coleman - ActorMichael Coleman

Michael Coleman is a Vancouver born actor that works steadily both on camera and in the world of voice-overs in both Canada and the USA.

His voice-over appearances include work on Hellsing, Inuyasha, Hikaru No Go, Dragonball Z, Hamtaro, X-Men: Evolution, Power Puff Girls Z, Hello Kitty, Zoids: Fuzors, Transformers: Cybertron, Starship Operators, Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action!, Infinite Ryvius, Gundam Seed: Destiny, Project Arms, Megaman: NT Warrior, Galaxy Angel, Dragon Drive, Ranma ½, Cardcaptors, Boys Over Flowers, Go! Go Itsutsugo Land, Ringu Ni Kakero, A Tree of Palme, Ark, Samurai Troopers, Trouble Chocolate, and Flippo & the Sea Nymphs.

In front of the camera Michael has worked with Ashley Judd (The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood), Shelley Long (Cheers), Jennifer Beals (Flashdance/The “L” Word), Amber Benson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Jonathon Taylor Thomas (Home Improvement), Chris Isaak (The Chris Isaak Show), Lance Henrickson (Millennium), and Jack Scalia (Red Eye), Eric Johnson (Flash Gordon), Emily Perkins (Juno/Ginger Snaps) to name but a few… but perhaps his favorite moment was a McDonald’s commercial with Britney Spears and N’Sync (ask him about the kiss… Oooooh!)

Michael also works as an on set acting coach, a voice-over instructor, and as writer for film and television. To contact Michael you can find him at, (Michael Robert Coleman) or

Michael DaingerfieldMichael Daingerfield - Actor

Michael Daingerfield is one of Canada’s busiest and most versatile Voice-Over actors. With over 13 years of Voice-Over experience, his voice has appeared in countless Pre-lay Animated and Anime Series. Michael’s first voice-over job was the Series Leading role of Ace Ventura in the CBS/Nickelodeon Animated Series Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Since then Michael’s voice has appeared in hundreds of episodes of Animated and Anime Series including: Mythic Warriors, Bad Dog, Rescue Heroes, Yakkity Yak, Transformers: Cybertron, Firehouse Tales, Transformers: Energon, Class Of The Titans, Transformers: Armada, Krypto The Superdog as the voice of Superman, George Of The Jungle and Pucca.

Recently, Michael appeared in such Anime series as No GO, Ghost in the Shell, The Story Of Saiunkoku, Death Note, Black Lagoon and pre-lay Animated series Sushi Pack, Iron Man, Kid Vs. Kat and Martha Speaks.

Michael also performs on-camera, having appeared in over forty film and television roles; including Dreamcatcher opposite Morgan Freeman, Smallville opposite Tom Welling, Catwoman opposite Benjamin Bratt, The Messengers opposite Dylan McDermott and most recently he shot opposite Dean Cain in Lifetimes Movie of the Week: Making Mr. Right.

Matthew Erickson - Actormerickson.jpg

Matthew Erickson was born and raised in rural Alberta. He grew up riding horses, digging holes and watching Astro Boy. Currently he lives in Vancouver and likes acting, fencing, and punching stuff.

Most recently Matthew has played Shinn in Gundam Seed Destiny, Waya in Hikaru No Go, Trunks in Dragonball GT, Amuro in Zeta Gundam, and Van in Zoids: Chaotic Century. It’s his genuine joy to make funny voices and get paid for it.

Marÿke Hendrikse - Actormhendrikse.jpg

Marÿke Hendrikse was born in Nassau, Bahamas and grew up in Toronto where she was the first graduate from the acclaimed alternative high school program ‘Interact’; she moved to Vancouver 3 1/2 years ago.

Marÿke began her professional acting career almost 20 years ago, with a guest-starring role in ‘My Secret Identity’. She has numerous film and television credits, and has performed extensively on stage, working in theatres across Canada and the U.S.

Over the last decade, Marÿke has lent her voice to hundreds of animated series, radio plays and commercials; some of her favourite roles include Marigold, Betty Butterworth, and Hannah and her possessed Mirror in ‘Moville Mysteries’, Beo in ‘Beo’s Bedroom’, G.C. in ‘Blaster’s Universe’, the Princess in ‘Rescue Heroes’, Lunamaria Hawke in ‘Gundam Seed Destiny’, Yasmin in ‘Bratz’ (series and DVDs), Thunderblast in ‘Transformers: Cybertron’, Tabby in ‘.hack//Roots’, Brights Brightly in the ‘My Little Pony’ DVDs, Revy in ‘Black Lagoon’, and Susan Test in ‘Johnny Test’ (plus some things she can’t tell you about yet!!).

In 2008, Marÿke was honoured to receive the Elan Award for ‘Best Female Voice Over in an Animated Feature or TV Production’ for her performance as Susan Test in ‘Johnny Test’.

Jocelyne Loewen - Actorjloewen.jpg

Jocelyne Loewen recorded her first anime voice over as Merle in the popular series “Vision of Escaflowne” almost 10 years ago and her love affair with anime is still going strong. Other favoured roles include: Vocabulary challeneged Penelope in “Hamtaro,” morally conflicted Komugi in “The Soultaker,” haugty n’ naught Sakurako in “Boys over Flowers” and the luckiest klutz of ‘em all, Millefeulle in “Galaxy Angels.” She also voiced Yai in “Megaman.” Her latest role is Gretel in the adult series, “Black Lagoon.” Jocelyne is known for playing spunky and mischievous girls with a pinch of attitude. She resides in Vancouver, British Columbia with a dozen cats she names after fashion models.

Chris Patton - Actor

Chris Patton has been a Voice Over Actor for over nine years, and has lent his voice to more than 135 Anime and Video game titles, including Sousuke in Full Metal Panic, Yuuichi in Kanon, Sato in Welcome to the NHK, Ranmaru in The Wallflower, Ayato in RahXephon, Hiroki in The Place Promised in Our Early Days, Sasame in Pretear, Hajime in Ghost Stories, Greed in Fullmetal Alchemist, and many more!

bswaile.jpgBrad Swaile - Actor

Vancouver-born and raised, Brad began acting in elementary school and, once in high school, had his first audition for an animated series. This first voice acting gig took the form of a pony named “Ace” in My Little Pony Tales and soon afterwards, he landed his first anime role as “Mousse” in Ranma 1/2. Some of his more notable characters include Amuro, Quatre, Dearka and Auel (on their respective Gundam series’), Gohan (from Dragon Ball Z UK & Canada), Kicker (Transformers: Energon) and Lan (Megaman: NT Warrior). As well as voicing the role of “Nightcrawler” in X-men Evolution, Brad has worked on several anime series’ including Inu-Yasha, Hikaru No Go, Hamtaro, Maison Ikkoku, Infinite Ryvius, Tokyo Underground, Soul Taker, Project Arms, Boys Over Flowers, Kimba the White Lion, Shakugan No Shana, Dokkoida, Saber Marionette J, Video Girl Ai, Arjuna, Zoids and Dragon Drive . Along with voice acting, Brad continues to work professionally as a Graphic Designer/Illustrator and, when not at the hockey rink or on the baseball field, enjoys playing drums in his band “in.ovo”
Most recently, Brad can be heard as “Light” in Death Note, “Setsuna” in Gundam 00, “Rock” in Black Lagoon, and “Ryuki” in The Story of Saiunkoku.

Lee Tockar - Actorltockar.jpg

Lee Tockar has lent his voice to over 100 well-loved animated characters on the big and small screens.

Lee has performed the title roles in the animated series “Yam Roll” , ‘ ‘Yakkity Yak’ and lead rolls in the Gemini Award winning series “Dragon Booster” and such holiday classics as “Rudolph” and “Casper’s Haunted Christmas”, to name but a few.

Among the over one thousand animated episodes which are stamped with his wide range of characters, his most recent and noteworthy accomplishment is that of performing the lead role of “George” in “George of the Jungle”. Lee was praised for his interpretation and performance of this landmark character by receiving the 2008 “Elan” (Electronic Animation) award for Male Voice Over Artist of the year. The award was presented by Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy fame.

He has also performed the beloved character of “Bibble” in the feature length Barbie “Fairytopia” and “Mermaidia” movies,

Other highlights where you will find Lee’s voice featured are: “Pucca”, “Beast Wars”, “Johnny Test”, “Yvone of the Yukon”, “Reboot” ,“Todd’s World”, “Edgar and Ellen”, “Silverwing”, Mucho Lucha”, ”Inspector Gadget”, “Being Ian”,” X Men”, “Eon Kid” and recently “Fantastic Four”, “The Incredible Hulk”, “Iron Man” and “League of Super Evil” (Once again) just to name a few.

Lee is also a rising star in the artistic and literary circles of Vancouver, for, in addition to his formidable voice career, he is an outstanding and sought after painter, sings and plays several instruments and is a prolific writer of several genres. Lee has even written for many of the cartoons he has performed in.

He has won the BC Playwrite competition and has also written and performed award-winning plays in Vancouver’s own Fringe Festivals.

But that’s not all… Lee has recently finished writing three children’s literary masterpieces, “Billy Brainrain’s Night Time Alphabet”, “Billy Brainrain & the Incredible Everywhere Rope” & “Billy Brainrain & the Government Cover Up Toy Closet”, which he has read to hundreds of children in countless schools and public readings.

Not only did Lee write these brilliant stories but he crafted all the beautiful illustrations and voiced the audio CDs. Lee is now in the works of having these books published for everyone’s enjoyment. What’s more, all three of these fantastical works have now been optioned for development.

Sam Vincent - Actorsvincent.jpg

Sam has been voicing animation in Vancouver for 18 years. Growing up he always enjoyed creating interesting characters and sounds with his voice. He began acting in high school, doing improv and stage plays.

At age 15 he landed his first agent and started working professionally on TV series such as 21 Jump Street, X-Files, and The Outer Limits. In the world of anime Sam is best known for his work on Gundam Seed, (Destiny), Card Captors, Hamtaro, Zoids, Monster Rancher, Hikaru No Go, Mega Man, Infinite Ryvius,, and Saber J Marionette. His upcoming projects are Nana and Gundam 00. You also might have heard him on Storm Hawks, Martin Mystery, Class of the Titans, Ed, Edd n’ Eddy, Oban Racers, Krypto the SuperDog, Sushi Pack and Baby Looney Tunes. Sam is just tickled pink to be a guest at his hometown con.

Cathy Weseluck - Actor

Internationally known, award-winning voice-over actor Cathy Weseluck’s acting/production career extends over a wide range of areas. In addition to her continued success as a voice-over performer, Cathy’s noted accomplishments also include her work as a TV actor, instructor, consultant, guest speaker, casting director/director, associate producer, writer, composer, performer and photographer.

After having won several leadership and music awards for composition and music performance in her early years in Ontario, Cathy went on to complete her Honours Music Degree/Sociology minor at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. Through the University’s Practicum Program with CBC in Toronto, Cathy worked as an editor, production assistant, writer/researcher, interviewer, stage-director, director and assistant producer for the CBC’s Radio Music Department and following this, was awarded the position of Associate Producer for CBC Radio Two’s internationally acclaimed “DiscDrive” in Vancouver, BC as part of the original team.

In 1988, with the encouragement of CBC Radio Host Jurgen Gothe, Cathy launched her voice-over career, first with radio and TV commercials (”Safeway”, “McDonalds”, “Red Robin”…) and later, went on to master the voice-over world of animation, narration, ADR, the gaming industry, looping and other specialty voice-over projects. Her most recent commercials include “Staples”, “Telus”, “Disney”, “Subaru”, “Mattel” and “7-11″.

Best known for her starring role as ‘Cybersix’ (and ‘Adrian’) in the award-winning TMS/N.O.A. series, “Cybersix”, ‘Young Trunks’ in “Dragonball Z”, ‘Dorothy Catalonia’ in “Gundam Wing”, and as ‘Shampoo’ in “Ranma ½”, Cathy has performed thousands of voices in hundreds of productions. At present she has enjoyed performing the savvy, cool-head genius boy, ‘Near’ in the hit TV series “Death Note” as well as the evil villain ‘Ravess’ in “Storm Hawks”.

Other well-known animation voice-over credits include: ‘Kagome’s Mom’, ‘Ayumi’ (”Inuyasha”), ‘Chiaotzu’, ‘Puar’, ‘Maron’, ‘Android 19’, ‘Angela’ (”Dragonball Z”), ‘Misa’ (”Project Arms”), ‘Snoozer’, ‘Laura’s Mom’, ‘Omarr’ (”Hamtaro”), ‘Miraih’, ‘Kikka’, ‘Katz’, ‘Letz’ (”Mobile Suit Gundam”), ‘Kid Grave’ (”Mega Man”), ‘Midori’ (”Maison Ikkoku”), ‘Dizzle’, ‘Zinzee’, ‘Fairy Speck’ (”Barbie: Fairytopia”), ‘Scan’ (”Team Tonka”), ‘Verne’ (”UBOS: The Ultimate Book of Spells”), ‘Chad’ (”Generation ‘O’”), ‘Miss Hissy’, ‘Mrs. Winkle’ (”The Cramp Twins”), and ‘Drill Sergeant Duck’ (”Sitting Ducks”), to name only a few!

She has also performed hundreds of actor roles for other prime time animated shows (”Hikaru No Go”, “My Little Pony”, “A Very Fairy Christmas”, “Firehouse Tales”, “Pucca”, “Krypto”, “Martin Mystery”, “Matchbox Heroes”, “Yvon of the Yukon”, “X-Men”, “Transformers”, “Noddy”, “Dragon Tales”, “Barbie in the ‘Nutcracker’”, “Reboot”, “Donkey Kong Country”, “Little Corduroy”, “Sonic the Hedgehog”…) and has also appeared in a variety of TV shows and feature films such as “Cold Squad”, “Just Cause”, “Stargate” and “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”.

Cathy has also served as a Casting Director, Director and/or Music Director for several animation, ADR, commercial, narrative, educational video, cd rom, corporate video and radio projects (”The Dino Babies”, “The Little Mermaid”, “Exosquad”, “AT & T”, “My Little Pony Tales…”) and has appeared as a guest speaker/performer on a number of occasions (Vancouver Trade Forum, CBC’s “The Afternoon Show”, “Almanac”, “Definitely Not The Opera”, “Double Exposure”, “Arts National”, Capilano College, Kwantlen College, BCIT).

For over 18 years, Cathy has also been revered as an accomplished and highly respected voice-over instructor and consultant for the film and TV industries and the public. In addition to creating and conducting her own voice-over workshops and private coaching sessions which she continues to conduct to this day, Cathy has shared her knowledge at the CBC, casting symposiums, production companies, agencies, acting academies, secondary schools and institutions of higher learning. She was also invited by Capilano College in the late 90’s to create and conduct a 10-week animation voice acting program entitled “Animation Voice Acting and Audio Production” which she taught for three years.

Ask Cathy about her upcoming voice-over workshops and private coaching sessions, and get in on what it takes to break into the exciting world of voice-over acting!!

Cathy is excited to be a part of “Anime Evolution 2008″ and would like to extend her thanks to all of the terrific fans who have been a steadfast support in the continued development of animation in North America and around the world!

azahara.jpgAlex Zahara - Actor

Armed with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre from the University of British Columbia, Alex Zahara has 50 television appearances to his credit, including seven different guest star roles on Stargate SG-1. Other notable guest star roles: Johanssen in James Cameron’s Dark Angel (Red, Rising), Gabriel the Angel in The Sentinel (Night Shift) and Nazi SS Lieutenant Karl Rademacher in the 100th episode of The Outer Limits (Tribunal), based on the true story of Auschwitz survivor, Leo Egan.

Recently Alex wrapped filming on Impact a Sci Fi mini series starring David James Elliot (JAG) and Natasha Henstrich (Species, Elie Stone.) Alex plays Astro Geologist Franz Henke as he struggles to help save the world from impending doom. Alex also just worked with Amanda Tapping on Sanctuary playing Carver, (a folding man.) Alex has just started recording the Japanese Anime series Gundam 00, in which he plays the voice of Lockon Stratos a Gundam Warrior. As well Alex has a recurring role on the animated series Iron Man as SHEILD scientist Dr. peter Corbeau. Alex was also the lead voice of Nick Logan, bounty Hunter in the series, “The Roswell Conspiracies.”

Zahara received critical acclaim for his lead role in the SCI FI Channel’s movie, Babylon 5: Legend of The Rangers, portraying Dulann.

Recurring roles have included: Sol Taurus in ABC’s Kingdom Hospital, Ezekiel in MGM’s Jeremiah and Wayne in Showtime’s Beggars and Choosers.

Zahara has an extensive list of films to his credit. After making his film debut in The Thirteenth Warrior with Antonio Banderas and Omar Sharif, he went on to earn a Leo Nomination for his performance in the critically-acclaimed short drama, Evirati. Zahara has appeared opposite Oscar-winners Marcia Gay Harden in Walking Shadow for A&E and Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall in Disney’s Open Range. Recently Alex was singled out for his performance in the romantic comedy Taming Tammy, which won the audience choice award at the Vancouver International Film Festival, 2007.

Zahara’s theatre resume is also impressive. He won a college scholarship for his direction of M*A*S*H, then a Jesse Richardson Award in 1998 for his performance in the play Mojo (Western Theatre Conspiracy). He was nominated for best actor in 1999, playing all five male characters in the apocalyptic play Marisol (WTC). He was also nominated in 2000 for his portrayal of a writer looking for his soul in The Promised Land (Solo Collective).

Director John Landis cast Alex in Deer Woman, an episode of Masters of Horror and Alex was recommended by Sam Egan for an episode Masters of Science Fiction , “The Discarded,” directed by Jonathan Frakes (Riker in STNG,) much to Alex’s pleasure Jonathan said yes and he was able to work with two of his favorite actors Brian Dennehey and John Hurt, (Alien.)

Alex has also Executive Produced a half hour comedy pilot, Bandwagon, about life on the road for a touring band, told from the Road Manager’s perspective.