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Welcome to GameWyrd's RPG review collection. Here you can read what various people have to say about different games. It is easy to contribute, you can either simply vote for a favourite game or write your own review and submit it to the database yourself.
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elder scrolls: morrowind, 26th August.
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Fantasy Sagas: Player’s Guidebook, 2nd May.
       Review article for the FANTASY SAGAS PRODUCT LINE! By Christopher L House Wednesday, May 02, 2007 First Book: Fantasy Sagas: Player’s Guidebook part one Character creation Page count: 175 Price print: $ 10.53 Price download $5.00 url: The Fantasy SAGAS players Guidebook is a review copy PDF I asked for a copy so I could review the game and see if I wanted to write a review on yet another Universal game system. I am always happy to encourage small independent game companies , especially if they are innovative and promising. The way most reviews I write are laid out with first world then mech ...
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Dice & Glory, 10th March.
       Dice & Glory is for those who have tired of the traditional rpg's lack of allowing ultimate creativity with their own characters or GM's that find they have to bend the rules to create that NPC just right. This new core rule system features fully customizable 'skeletal' character classes which include: the Brick, Fighter, Adventurer, Rogue, Mage, Psychic and Clergy base classes. Players evolve their characters over time using the unique experience point system to 'purchase' feats, combat & class levels and even individual skill and attribute points apart from the those included in normal class progression. The skill system is fairly straigh ...
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Character Law, 31st October.
       Here's a story you might not see in an Average D&D; game. A party enters an inn. The party is composed of five adventurers: a paladin, a thief, a mage, a cleric, and a fighter. The paladin, seeing a beautiful female, walks up to her and in the most noblest way possible he says, "Ah, fair damsel, what lovely lips you have." The damsel knocks him in the mouth and calls our favorite Paladin a lecher. All the fighter talks about is how he will be a king some day, the mage is constantly "somewhere else", and the cleric is brandishing a big sword and prays to his god, the God of War, a thanksgiving for his blessing. And the thief, a cad by any ...
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Cthulhu Nation, 30th October.
       This is the first browser-based game I've ever played, however I found it almost immediately addictive and exciting to play. I have also seen screen shots from other, similiar, games, but most of them appear very basic and primitive compared to Cthulhu Nation. The basis for the game is a Lovecraftian fight against sanity-draining monsters and other more generic creatures. Unlike Lovecraft's original stories, the players in Cthulhu Nation at least have a fighting chance. The trade off for this game is that, while the lesser creatures are easy to kill, many of the larger - More Lovecraftian ones - are almost impossible to kill. And everythin ...
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The CrossRoads of Eternity RPG - Core Rule Book, 27th October.
       -The following email was sent to the designer of The Crossroads of Eternity mere hours after publishing the core rule book- Dear Travis Brown, Just to keep this quick: thank you for this wonderful RPG. Too long has my gaming group swam through seas of RPG material (usually 25+ books) in order to get a full scope of the game. But in a single book, you have outlined a combat system with a healthy dose of cinematics and realism, a wonderful array of races and professions, and a magic system that reflects a (in my opinion) realistic learning curve for magic users. You have lain the groundwork for great stories and adventure, without detaili ...
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