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Battle Imps

Battle Imp: EaemWhat power is there in a name?

Your name is the key to a specific Battle Imp Card. Your name decides which one of ten battling imp stars on your card and determines every one of five attributes for your imp. The lucky are associated with powerful and rare imps whereas the unfortunate only have access common and weak battle imps.

Once youíve determined your Battle Imp you can test it against others and see who wins the fight. Thereís an element of luck in each fight; weak imps may just defeat more powerful ones. Cutínípaste code is provided so you can display your Battle Imp Card on your own website or blog and have your friends and site visitors challenge your imp.

If youíre fond of your imp or just curious then you can adopt the Card and then have access to a score card that summaries your impís victories as well as keeping a record of the last Battle Imp to fight yours.

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