Jenny Lewis, Acid Tongue MP3
by Staff | 09.15.2008

Listening to Jenny Lewis, it seems she's had quite the life.  Her first solo venture sans her hugely successful indie rock band, Rilo Kiley, culminated in 2006's Rabbit Fur Coat.  Rife with songs about muddled relationships and her falling out with God backed by the lush harmonies of The Watson Twins, Jenny poured her heart and soul out to the applause of critics and fans alike.  With her sophomore solo effort, Acid Tongue due out September 23 on Warner Bros., the fair-haired chanteuse has once again worn her bruised heart out on her sleeve for all to indulge.

The title track is simply beautiful, causing goosebumps to the arms of even the toughest man.  Alone with just an acoustic guitar and her clear twang-tinged voice, she is nigh-naked confessing to taking LSD, promiscuity, and fibbing.  Yet, while she heavily admits to being a liar in a strained falsetto, the irony is that her delivery is so honest, her voice dripping like honey from the comb.  Swapping the Watsons for a male choir of harmonies (consisting of beau Johnathan Rice among others) that are mixed completely frontforward to offset her distinctive voice, the song creates a gospel feel, but still feels like you're around a campfire.  It's rather deep, despite its simplicity, a difficult task to say the least.

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