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London Calling

To order Class War merchandise, please add up the total cost of the items you want, add 10% to cover postage and then send a cheque/Postal Order to the London address made out to 'London Class War' only!
Pamphlets and magazines
21st Century Class War: Introduction To The Fed (1)
Manifesto into the new millennium.
Animal (0.50 each)
Issues 2, 3 and 4 are still available of the class struggle magazine with the big heart and low quality production values! Issue 3 contains a core article about the Countryside Alliance.
Bash The Fash: Anti-Fascist Recollections 1984-93 by K Bullstreet (2)
The first in a series of recollections from active anti-fascists.
Beaten Up, Fitted Up, Locked Up: Mark Barnsley And The Pomona Incident (2)
Essential reading for anybody looking to support the campaign to free Mark.
Class War back issues (0.20 each or 3 for 0.50)
Are you missing copies of your favourite newspaper? For details of available back issues contact London Class War.
London Calling (free)
Please send an SAE to get the free monthly bulletin of London Class War.
Notes From The Borderland issue 4 (3)
Latest magazine from Larry O'Hara's camp looks at state manipulation of those campaigning against the EU, strange goings on in the CPGB and an interesting evaluation of May Day 2001. Add updates on BBC fraud Donal Macintyre, the Soho bombing, the ITP and Nick Griffin this really is a must read.
Up Against The Odds by John McArthur (1.50)
This pamphlet gives an account of the JJ Fast Food workers strike in Tottenham from 1995-6.
All Power To The Imagination by Dave Douglass (5)
Class struggle, trade unions, the miners' strike, and all for a fiver!
Anarchist by Ian Bone (3)
Hard hitting debut novel from Class War founder member Ian Bone.
In The Hands Of The Enemy - Mark Barnsley's Struggle For Justice (6)
Published by Mark's campaign group, this book covers a brief history of Mark and the campaign for him, before various supporters write of their experiences campaigning for Mark and against the state. Includes articles by members of Cheshire and South Yorkshire Class War. Recommended.
The Rich At Play published by RPM (4)
A serious look at The Countryside Alliance, fox hunting and land ownership in the UK. Articles by activists from Class War, Corporate Watch and RPM. Essential reading if you hate the people who "own" this green and pleasant land!
Class War 2002 Anti-Jubilee Calendar (4)
Great for your wall. All the best anniversaries to make you think, hate and inspire action.
And I Know Why I Stand Here (5)
Excellent video about the fans of the staunchly anti-fascist club St. Pauli.
Incitement To Riot! (6)
Hard music and even harder action of community fightback from around the world. Produced by Australian Class War.
(50 for 1)
5 different but equally offensive designs.
Badges and patches
Sew-on patch (0.30)
Various designs.
Small metal badge (1.50)
Smart skull & crossbones.
Class War - Probably The Best War In The World 8
Available in Medium or Fat Bastard Size.
Anti-Royal Anthems (4)
21-track CD featuring anti-monarchy songs from Manic Street Preachers, Sex Pistols, Catatonia, Exploited and loads more.
Class War Spoken Word Series
We are pleased to launch 3 new CDs, courtesy of our group down under:
    1. "Street Corner Rants - Class War Poets From The Housing
    Estates" (4)
    Something old, something new but definitely nothing blue!
    2. "Bash The Rich" (8)
    Informed political opinion over a driving drum and bass soundtrack.
    Keep it hardcore!
    3. "Class War On The Streets" (8)
    More drum and bass, this time with a new commentary on the world
    we live in, with a special emphasis on the rich and powerful.
Days Of Coma (2)
7 inch 4 track EP by Swedish metal band Mindblaster.