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This is the List of Algorithm Titles in the softSurfer Archive.
There is also a detailed Table of Contents (TOC).

Note that these algorithms can be updated after their original posting to make enhancements, correct errors, or just to refactor them.  If a particular algorithm is useful to you, check occasionally for updates.

  Basic Linear Algebra (PDF document)
1. Area of Triangles and Polygons (2D & 3D)
2. About Lines and Distance of a Point to a Line (2D & 3D)
3. Fast Winding Number Inclusion of a Point  in a Polygon (2D)
4. About Planes and Distance of a Point to a Plane (3D)
5. Intersections of Lines, Segments and Planes (2D & 3D)
6. Intersections of Rays, Segments, Planes and Triangles in 3D
7. Distance between Lines, Segments and the Closest Point of Approach (2D & 3D)
8. Bounding Containers for Polygons, Polyhedra and Point Sets (2D & 3D)
9. The Intersections for a Set of 2D Segments, and Testing Simple Polygons
10. The Convex Hull of a 2D Planar Point Set or Polygon
11. A Fast Approximate 2D Convex Hull Algorithm
12. Intersection of a Segment with a Convex 2D Polygon or 3D Polyhedron
13. Extreme Points of Convex Polygons and Distance of a Polygon to a Line (2D)
14. Tangents to and between Polygons
15. Convex Hull of a 2D Simple Polyline
16. Polyline Simplification
17. C++ Point and Vector Class  (includes DOWNLOAD)

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