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Joseph Spence: The Complete Folkways Recordings, 1958


Place and Date of Recording:

Country of Origin:

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Album Price: $9.99

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101 -  Coming in on a wing and a prayer
Joseph Spence

Duration: 6:15

102 -  There will be a happy meeting in Glory
Joseph Spence

Duration: 6:09

103 -  Brownskin gal
Joseph Spence

Duration: 5:18

104 -  I'm going to live that life
Joseph Spence

Duration: 6:28

105 -  Face to face that I shall know Him
Joseph Spence

Duration: 4:30

106 -  Jump in the line
Joseph Spence

Duration: 5:41

107 -  Bimini gal
Joseph Spence

Duration: 6:20

108 -  The Lord is my shepherd
Joseph Spence

Duration: 5:47

109 -  Glory, Glory When I lay my burden down
Joseph Spence

Duration: 4:48

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