SPIDER-MAN SEASON 2 (1968-9)

Radiation specialist, the Kingpin, and Clive.

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"The Origin of Spiderman"
Here is how it all started. Student Peter Parker is labeled a "bookworm" by his peers when he declines their offer of a triple-date in favor of viewing a radiology experiment. While attending the experiment, Peter is bitten by a spider exposed to radiation. Dizzy, he goes outside of the Science Building for a walk and quickly finds that he has gained the ability to leap over a car, scale walls, and knock down a lamppost. Somehow, the radiation in the laboratory transferred the properties of the spider to him. Peter concocts a web-spinning formula, knits for himself a costume to conceal his identity, and hopes to use his new-found power for money in order to reimburse his guardians, Aunt May and Uncle Ben, for raising him after the death of his parents, and to improve his own finances. But Peter, preoccupied with his monetary pursuits, fails to help the police to stop a fleeing thief, and the thief later randomly targets the home of Peter's guardians and kills Ben. An enraged Peter, in his costume, confronts the killer in a warehouse and, after punching the criminal unconscious, perceives that the man was the fugitive that he did not earlier help the police to stop. "If I only had tackled him when I had the chance! But I didn't. He escaped, and now, Uncle Ben is dead. Yes, Uncle Ben is dead, and in a sense it was really I who killed him. Because I didn't realize in time that with great power there must also always be great responsibility." Peter vows never to shirk his super-hero duty again. "Robbers, killers, beware. Spiderman is here."

"King Pinned"
On his first night at work at the Daily Bugle, Peter overhears talk of a fake medicine racket engineered by a rotund mobster called the Kingpin, whose thugs have a laboratory somewhere where they produce cheap, imitation pharmaceuticals, which are then peddled at gunpoint to druggists, who are subsequently frightened into selling the fake medicine and not signing a complaint for the police. But Daily Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson, who has been informed of this diabolical scheme, is not one to be frightened by anybody and plans to print an exclusive news story about it- and he is kidnaped by the Kingpin. Spiderman pursues the Kingpin's car, in which Jameson is being transported to the mobster's penthouse suite. At the penthouse, Spidey intrudes upon the Kingpin's difficult browbeating of Jameson, and the Kingpin and Jameson are both staggered at the sight of the new, costumed crime-fighter. The Kingpin sprays gas at Spidey and seems to render the super-hero unconscious. He offers to Jameson an exclusive newspaper story about Spiderman in exchange for Jameson canceling the news report on the fake medicine, but Spidey springs into action and startles the Kingpin's thugs, downing them with one punch each. The Kingpin escapes the penthouse by helicopter and before leaving tells to Spiderman that the Daily Bugle presses are wired with a bomb primed to explode once the presses start rolling at midnight. Spidey must return to the Bugle in time to disarm the bomb. He does. Although the Kingpin has eluded capture, the story about the fake medicine is printed, the imitation pharmaceuticals are removed from sale, and Peter's Aunt May, whose health has suffered due to unsuspecting use of the Kingpin's false drugs, will recover now that she is receiving authentic medication again.

"Swing City"
A twisted radiation specialist gains illicit dominion over Manhattan's new and only nuclear power plant and uses a special ray to lift Manhattan into the clouds, and unless he is amply paid, granted amnesty from arrest, and permitted to build his own nuclear reactor, he will deactivate the ray and plunge the island by force of gravity back down to Earth. Peter must postpone his date with Sonya, an attractive fellow student, to tunnel into the power plant to stop the madman. The radiation specialist, suspecting that Spiderman's spider-powers are the result of exposure to radiation, tries to neutralize Spidey's radiation-born abilities by subjecting Spidey to anti-radiation, but by force of will, Spidey resists the anti-radiation and kicks the specialist in the face. The enraged specialist fires a ray gun at Spidey, who ducks, and the ray from the gun hits and cripples the equipment sustaining the Manhattan-levitating radiation. Spidey webs the specialist and achieves control of the power plant's nuclear reactor in sufficient time to ease the falling island back into its proper position on Earth, and the specialist is incarcerated by the NYPD. Sonya, angry at Peter for his not being by her side during the crisis, snubs him when he telephones her to apologize.

"Criminals in the Clouds"
Roy Robinson, star football player, campus ladies' man, son of a wealthy chemical industrialist, is envied by Peter, who decides to use his spider- power to play football and outperform Robinson. But there are no openings on the collegiate football circuit, and all that Peter can do is act as water- boy in wait of a playing opportunity. An aerial villain, the green-faced Sky Master, wants the formula to an invisibility serum being produced by the Robinson Industries laboratories, in order to duplicate the serum for his own criminal use, to render his dirigible invisible and enable his flying army to attack with ease the surface world that he detests. To force the formula from Robinson Sr.'s lips, the Sky Master drugs Roy and brings the football star to his dirigible headquarters to hold for ransom (the formula from Roy's father). At the football field, Peter overhears Roy's father reporting Roy's kidnaping and the terms of the Sky Master's ransom to police, and, despite his wish to substitute impressively for Roy on the football team, Peter accepts his higher, crime-fighting responsibility and, as Spiderman, searches for the Sky Master. Spidey notices a peculiar cloud formation and infers that the cloud is a camouflage for the Sky Master's headquarters. Webbing himself to the dirigible within the cloud, Spidey boards the dirigible and battles the Sky Master's men, attracting fire from the Sky Master's ray gun and ducking, with the ray from the gun striking the dirigible's engines and sending the flaming airship careening toward the Hudson River. Spidey frees Roy before the Sky Master's doomed dirigible crashes and, with his webbing, helps Roy, whose arms are numb, to win a crucial football game for his team.

"Menace From the Bottom of the World"
Investigating the disappearance of banks (which have been mechanically submerged to deep inside the Earth), Spidey finds a hole that leads to a maze of underground tunnels, through which Spidey undertakes a perilous journey in search of the lost occupants of the submerged banks, and he comes upon a bizarre city populated by group of Molemen led by a maniac intent on conquest of the "surface people", some of whom- the occupants of the banks- the Molemen are holding prisoner. When the Mole leader starts ranting megalomaniacally with the captured bank occupants as an unwilling audience, Spidey announces his presence, and the Mole leader orders the Molemen to seize Spidey, who cleverly causes the Molemen to collide with tunnel beams and with each other. Spidey descends on the Mole leader, discovers that the leader is wearing a mask, and removes the mask to reveal convicted criminal Mugs Riley, who tunneled out of prison months previous and kept digging until he found the caverns leading to Mole City, then disguised himself and gained control over the tractable Molemen, to use as his stooges in a scheme to plunder the bank wealth of the surface world. The Molemen react furiously when they learn of Riley's identity and deception of their noble race for a criminal purpose, and they agree to return the banks and people to the Earth's surface and give Riley to Spidey for return to prison.

"Diamond Dust"
A baseball diamond and the spherical, baseball-sized Optimo Diamond at the Cosmopolitan Museum are connected in this episode as Peter, about to be the star pitcher in a collegiate baseball game, is obliged to don his Spidey- suit once to stop a rampaging ape at the New York City Zoo and again to thwart men in ape disguise at the museum from stealing the Optimo. The elaborate plot of a suave, criminal mastermind involves releasing a gorilla from its cage at the zoo, guaranteeing panic and a summons of most of the NYPD to the zoo, thus enabling his men, dressed as apes, to filch the gem from the museum without police in the museum's vicinity, and with any witnesses believing that the jewel theft is mere "monkey business". Spidey subdues the ape at the zoo so that it can be recaged and later responds to an elderly man's claim that, "The apes are in the museum," by entering and stopping the thieves and their leader from exiting the establishment. Disguised as a knight, Spidey surprises the thugs, banging their heads together and throwing some of his knight disguise armor at one of them. Then, the mastermind-leader throws a smoke cartridge at Spidey, and Spidey chases the suave scoundrel to the roof of the museum, where the debonaire crook tosses to Spidey the Optimo and tries to push Spidey off of the roof, only to himself fall, onto a net provided by the New York City Fire Department and the NYPD. Peter rushes to the baseball game in time to throw the winning pitch, but none of his fellow players can ever know that the winning pitch was actually made with the Optimo, which Peter, as Spidey, will return to the police.

"Spiderman Battles the Molemen"
This half-baked sequel to "Menace From the Bottom of the World" contains a large amount of footage from that story. Mugs Riley, evidently escaped from prison, has duped the Molemen into following him again, even though they angrily deposed him in "Menace From the Bottom of the World", and arranges for Spiderman to be attached to a building so that the web-swinger will be brought underground along with the building, to face the revenge of Mugs Riley. Spidey is struck unconscious from behind by one of the Molemen and falls from atop a Mole City building, then is tied to a pole as Mole leader Riley ponders an appropriate means of execution. Feisty Daily Bugle reporter Hammond, among the humans who were in the submerged building, distracts the Molemen from the revived Spidey, who webs and pulls a hatchet in the direction of the ropes binding him to the pole, and the hatchet breaks enough of the ropes for Spidey to free himself, fight the Molemen by means of the same successful techniques as in the first encounter, and web Riley. After Spidey orders the Molemen to return the building and people to the Earth's surface, which they do, Riley removes from his robe pocket a knife to cut the web that entangles him, and he fires a ray gun at Spidey. Spidey ducks (as usual), and the gun's ray hits vital equipment. Spidey escapes Mole City before it and Riley are destroyed by a huge explosion.

"Phantom From the Depths of Time"
An episode mostly consisting of animation from Krantz Films' Rocket Robin Hood television series. Giant, mechanical beetles, formed from mushrooms by sonic impulses transmitted from an organ played by the sinister Dr. Manta (a Rocket Robin Hood villain), are used by Manta to capture and enslave the peace-loving inhabitants of an island to mine a valuable ore. One of the enslaved manages to send a distress call at a frequency that only Spiderman's spider-sense can receive, and Spidey attains possession of an experimental, rocket-powered airplane to fly to the island and help the shackled people. Manta's hunchbacked assistant, Igor, has intercepted and stopped the distress transmission, and Manta prepares a "welcoming committee" (the beetles) for Spidey's arrival. The beetles tear through Spidey's airplane, but Spidey correctly infers that they are robots and commandeers one of them to collide with all of the others. Manta utilizes the sonic-impulse-transmitting organ to transform a large rock formation into a rampaging, stone elephant that chases Spidey to the edge of a cliff, over which the elephant falls to its doom, while Spidey clings to the wall of the cliff at its highest point. Manta further hopes to stop Spidey with gargoyles and an alligator, but Spidey survives these challenges and reaches Manta's lair inside of a castle. Manta "pounds the ivory" of his organ to create a mountain monster programmed to destroy the whole Earth, and Spidey confiscates Manta's spaceship that is loaded with the ore, a powerful explosive, which Manta has been forcing the island people to mine, and rams the spaceship into the monster, after first ejecting himself from the spaceship to escape the brunt of the blast as the monster is destroyed by the explosive. Spidey releases the island's people, and Manta and Igor are jailed.

"The Evil Sorcerer"
In ancient Egypt, one of the most aggressive of evil magicians, Kotep, the Scarlet Sorcerer, is defeated in battle with an opponent, and his own demons strike him with a cursing ball of fire that puts him in suspended animation, his mummified remains lasting through the passing centuries and becoming an exhibit at a New York university and the object of a professor's obsession. The professor believes that he has found the incantations to revive Kotep and fanatically uses them. Kotep is returned to life, commands one of his resurrected demons to attack and seriously injure the professor, and threatens some of the professor's students, one of whom is Peter's girl- friend, Susan. Peter becomes Spiderman and engages in an indecisive battle with Kotep before the scarlet-clad sorcerer vanishes, with his demon, into another dimension to build an empire of black magic. Recovering in hospital, the professor repents and tells to a group of visiting students that Kotep's scepter is the source of Kotep's magical power. Kotep has materialized a huge spider web in New York City to entice Spidey into investigating and becoming caught in the web, to be transported to Kotep's realm. While Spidey is struggling in the web, he hears Susan urging him to grab Kotep's scepter. After Spidey is transferred into Kotep's midst and ensnared there in an identical huge spider web, he webs the scepter and pulls it out of Kotep's hand. Spidey becomes dazed and drops the scepter, which shatters when it hits ground, and the sorcerer is unable to exist any longer in any present dimension and vanishes into the depths of time. Spidey is returned to New York, where the giant spider web vanishes.

A giant plant escapes from storage in a house belonging to Prof. Smithers, a missing scientist. Spidey goes through a portal (located in the scientist's home) to prehistoric times to find some defense against the plant and meets Smithers, who tells to him that two radium gems in an idol in a nearby city, if ingested by the plant in New York, will disintegrate it. The city, once upon a time inhabited by Smithers' apish helpers, has been captured by sentient plants not as large as the plant rampaging through New York. The sentient plants in the prehistoric city thrive on the radiation from the gems in regular doses. The plants catch Spidey in the act of trying to reach the idol with the gems, and they punish the intrusion of the "animal" Spiderman by pitting him against a huge, monstrous slug in an arena battle. Spidey's agility and web-spinning prowess defeats the slug, and Spidey webs the leader plant for good measure! With all of the plants in the arena, Spidey easily removes the radium gems from the idol and leaves the city. The plants, now without their regular radiation feed, wither and die, so that Smithers' group can reclaim the city. Spidey brings the two radium gems through the portal to modern New York City and feeds them to the giant plant, which cannot digest all of the potent radium energy at once. It disintegrates.

"Pardo Presents"
Pardo is a sorcerer with the ability to transform himself into a giant cat with hypnotic eyes. He lures top New York City citizens and officials to a theatre with the promise of a spectacular show, then releases his feline alter-ego's power upon the hapless audience, intending to divest them of their wealth and sap the souls out of their bodies. But Peter has obtained theatre admission tickets and is attending the performance with his girl- friend, Polly. His spider-powers enable him to resist the cat's hypnotism, and he changes to Spiderman to lead the huge cat on a chase atop the buildings of New York City, thus luring it away from the theatre so that everyone there can recover from the evil feline's influence. The chase ends in a confrontation at the Brooklyn Bridge, where the cat jumps onto a web- net spun by Spidey and attached to an electric train rail. The electricity short-circuits the cat's- and Pardo's- power, reducing cat and Pardo to the remains of Pardo's clothes.

"Cloud City of Gold"
Peter is an exchange student in South America, flying in a charter airplane with a Latin American professor in the Andes mountains. The airplane encounters a violent storm and crashes in a jungle, and Peter changes to Spiderman to assist the professor and the airplane's two pilots in leaving the jungle and returning to civilization. A whirlpool on a rapid stream submerges Spidey and the three men on their makeshift wooden raft into an underground river, where Spidey's whistling foils an attack by a group of bats. The river's flow brings Spidey and his companions to a majestic city constructed from pure gold and guarded by an Aztec tribe. Spidey's three companions are captured, and the city's ruler, DiVargas, orders the hitting of a gong to summon a golden Aztec war bird to fight Spidey, who forces the bird into the ice of a mountain peak, freezing the bird's wings so that it collides with the gong and crumbles to pieces. Spidey grabs an axe-like weapon from one of the Aztec guards and web-swings toward DiVargas, but DiVargas' sharp-shooters snap Spidey's web so that Spidey falls into a volcano and onto a web above the lava. On the web, Spidey battles a huge spider. He steps onto a narrow rim of rock and uses his axe to cut the web. The spider falls toward the lava and becomes entangled in its own broken web. DiVargas angrily orders the firing of a cannon at Spidey, but the cannonball misses its target and falls into the volcano's lava, inciting the volcano to erupt, after Spidey has exited the volcano's mouth. As the Aztecs are fleeing their auric settlement in panic, Spidey releases his companions, and they depart the City of Gold by the route from which they came, before the entire lustrous city is blasted into nonexistence by the force of the volcanic eruption. Peter removes his Spiderman costume and pretends to have been near the crashed airplane while the others were being helped by Spidey. A helicopter arrives to rescue Peter and his three fellow airplane crash survivors.

"Neptune's Nose Cone"
On Jameson's orders, Peter and Daily Bugle pilot Penny Jones travel by small-engine airplane to the Antarctic Ocean to track a fallen nose cone and crash-land on an island with a superstitious, brutish, native population. Penny is captured by the savages, and when Peter changes to Spiderman to help her, he learns that the primitives have found the nose cone and plan to drop it and Penny into a dormant volcano as a sacrifice to their fire god in return for warmth. Spidey acts to save Penny's life and to stop the savages from unwittingly destroying their island as the nose cone, plugging the volcano, will cause an immense explosion. But the island contains many obstacles to Spidey's effort, including a flying snake, hostile plant life, a seemingly endless, huge-idol-filled cavern containing horrific creatures, and the tribal primitives themselves. Spidey swings to Penny's rescue as she is pushed by the tribe's shaman into the volcano, and the nose cone conveniently ignites its engine and flies away, after causing the volcano to erupt modestly so that the natives are given warmth. Peter and Penny ask the natives to help them to repair the propeller to their airplane so that they can return to New York City, where Jameson does not believe their story.

At a coffee house, Peter meets Carol, a girl with whom he has much in common; he does not realize to what extent that they are alike until he, as Spiderman, catches Carol in the act of robbing electrical equipment and finds that she has powers identical to his! Thwarting her thievery, Spidey is attacked and webbed by two of Carol's stooges, spider-powered men who emerge from a sphere. Carol and her accomplices depart the crime site in the sphere, but Spidey frees himself from the webbing and follows the sphere across half the United States to its underground lair and, to his shocked amazement, discovers an extraterrestrial civilization of spider-people awaiting transportation to their home world but needing first to stop a scientific proton test that will destroy their Earth base before their transport ray is due. Carol was trying to steal the equipment from a New York warehouse to neutralize the proton test device by remote control. Though they have a mechanical box capable of weakening the proton test device, Carol and her people cannot go near the proton test device themselves, not even before the test's commencement; they are susceptible to proton emissions of any sort, even the minimal emissions near to the device prior to the test. As he is not vulnerable to proton emissions, Spidey offers to himself transport the box, and though Carol's leader at first refuses Spidey's help because it would violate certain "rules", the leader concedes that only Spidey can save the lives of his extraterrestrial spider- people from the proton test device. Spidey succeeds in transporting the box and weakening the device long enough for the teleporting ray to arrive to transport Carol and her people to safety, to transport them home.

Clive, an unbalanced movie producer, is determined to avenge himself upon critics and audiences who spurned his claim that the darkest human emotions could be filmed and physically released from a theatre screen. He has achieved a means of doing this with his new invention, the cane-like Spirit- Scope, which brings to life a screen monster- a two-eyed, black blob that devours everything that it touches. Clive sets the blob loose upon New York, and it starts its feed by consuming a lamppost, a mailbox, and a string of trash cans. Peter is escorting in his car an international film actress to a university for a guest appearance there when his car exhausts its gasoline supply, and to their shock, Peter and the actress see Clive's monster, Blotto, covering and consuming parked cars and directing itself toward them! As Blotto eats Peter's car, Peter spins a web to pull himself and the fainted actress to the top of a building. The New York City Fire Department arrives on the scene to spray water at Blotto, but the water passes straight through the monster! Changing to Spiderman, Peter grabs a fire extinguisher from the NYFD and discharges its content onto the black terror, but the fire extinguisher, too, is ineffective. Blotto surrounds Spidey, leaving a manhole as the only route of escape. So, Spidey descends to the sewers, and Blotto follows him to an abandoned, subterranean power station, where Spidey attempts in vain to stop Blotto by electrocution. Blotto's feast increases to railroad tracks, Brooklyn Bridge parts, and whole buildings. The military cannot bomb Blotto because the bombs would pass through the monster and hit the city. Spiderman concludes that his only hope of preserving New York from utter annihilation is to find Clive, who is gloating on the television screens at City Hall, and obtain and reverse the effect of the device that evoked Blotto to living reality. Spidey confronts Clive at the Manhattan nuclear power plant, whose lead roof is immune to Blotto, kicks Clive in the face, and gains possession of the Spirit-Scope, with which Spidey is able to turn the monster back into theatre screen material, "a paper tiger". Clive is jailed, and New York rebuilds.

"Thunder Rumble"
A giant Martian warrior, who throws lightning bolts, comes to Earth to rob the planet of its gold. Spiderman's effort to stop the behemoth alien is thwarted by a thieving bomber whom Spidey was about to capture before the Martian appeared on Earth. The bomber offers to guide the Martian to Earth's gold reserves in return for a share in the plunder. The alien and his helper are confronted by Spidey outside of New York City's gold depositary. Spidey dodges the Martian's lightning bolts, until the "big boy" has only one bolt left, one that is indestructible and infinite and that, the Martian intends, will blast Spidey forever into space, but Spidey leaps over the lightning bolt, it arcs around a lamppost, and returns to the befuddled warrior, the goliath Martian now its unwilling, eternal passenger, as it sends him off of Earth. Spidey completes his crime-fighting work in this instance by punching the bomber into a stupor, to be apprehended by police.

"Spiderman Meets Skyboy"
Dr. Irving Caldwell has devised a helmet capable of levitating its wearer and is kidnaped by a villainous scientist- the Chinese genius, Dr. Zap, who wants Caldwell's helmet to duplicate for his own evil use. Caldwell's only son, Jan, is determined to find his missing father and dons the helmet to fly the skies of New York State in search for Dr. Caldwell. Spidey soon meets Jan, and after some hostile exchanges, they join forces to combat Dr. Zap at Lightning Mountain. Capturing the pair by suddenly descending them into his headquarters within the mountain, Zap quickly traps Spidey in an unbreakable, transparent cylinder and removes the levitation helmet from the head of Jan as young Caldwell is reunited with his father, who is chained to a wall. Noticing that Zap is light-sensitive, Spidey, conveniently wearing the camera that he brought with him to photograph Jan in flight for the Daily Bugle, activates the camera's flash, which temporarily blinds Zap. The Oriental villain backs into his own machinery and short-circuits it. The resulting explosion dislodges the cylinder from its bearings and releases Spidey, who then unchains Dr. Caldwell. Father, son, and Spidey escape Lightning Mountain before another, larger explosion obliterates Zap's lair.

"Cold Storage"
Sophisticated diamond thief Dr. Cool and his henchman have heisted a fortune in diamonds and are at a deserted-before-dawn ice factory, planning to smuggle the gems through international customs by mixing the "hot ice" with large quantities of the ordinary variety. When Spiderman intrudes upon their scheme, Cool manipulates his trick cane to knock Spidey unconscious. Spidey is then tied and sealed by Cool's cohort inside of an atomic freezer, and Cool turns the thermostat to absolute zero! Spidey later seems to awaken to find the freezer's power exhausted, his binding ropes frayed and easily broken, and the room of the ice factory dilapidated. Stepping outside of the crumbling structure, Spidey is astonished to find himself in a destroyed, future New York City where prehistoric beasts now reign. A tribe of cavemen, riding in a horse-pulled car and wearing bolases, time pieces, football helmets, and neckties, attack the web-swinger, who subdues the primitives with webs and ingenuity. Spidey must next fight a mastodon, a dinosaur, and a giant bird. After vanquishing these foes, Spidey becomes dizzy and lapses back into dreamless sleep, until he is awakened for real by the ice delivery man, who has come hours early, at night rather than after sunrise, to the ice factory to obtain his regular load. He opens the freezer, chips away the ice from Spidey's body, and helps to free the groggy super-hero. He says that Spidey has been in the freezer for nearly 24 hours and was, "...almost a goner." Spiderman anticipates another, early-morning visit by Cool to the ice factory and prepares to confront Cool again. This he does, and Cool's cane does not hit him this time! Spidey drops a bundle of ice on Cool and on Cool's henchman, and the police arrive at the ice factory to apprehend the shivering bandits and to collect the stolen diamonds.

"To Cage a Spider"
Two robbers dynamite a bank safe and abscond in their car with millions of stolen dollars. Spidey chases them. The villains throw a "Vibrator" device at the web-swinger, and it explodes in Spidey's face! Spidey falls more than 20 building stories to strike a Manhattan street's pavement. Unconscious after his fall, Spidey is surrounded by angry citizens (who are evidently persuaded by Jameson's editorials about Spiderman being a public enemy). Police cars and an ambulance arrive at the scene, and Captain Stacy, wary of unmasking Spidey without expert legal advice, defends the super-hero's right to privacy against the demands of the mob that Spidey's mask be removed immediately. The ambulance transports Spidey to the NYPD's prison infirmary, where, due to the insistence of Jameson, his unmasking is imminent. He therefore- after the effect of his plummet diminishes and he regains his "Spidey-strength"- forms an alliance of necessity with a group of convicts who have initiated a prison-break and have grabbed Stacy as a hostage. Pretending to go along with the convicts, Spidey douses the lights in the jail and webs the prisoners one-by-one until only one of the ruffians remains with Stacy outside of the detention building, near the prison gate. Spidey overpowers the remaining convict, frees Stacy, and web-swings away from the prison.
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