Banksia Yellow Wing™

Banksia Yellow Wing™

What better feeding table for a Yellow-winged Honeyeater than the plant which bears its name.

One of the best meals a honeyeater can have ~

A medium rounded shrub (1.5-1.8m x 1.5-1.8m) with fine dense foliage, and large golden nectar-rich flowers from autumn to winter. The flower spikes are held well above the foliage as beacons for a range of honey-eating birds, and parrots love their seed. Moderately fast growing, and hardy in cool temperate to sub tropical and semi arid climates. Thrives in full sun or light shade in moist clays, red loams or sandy soils, neutral to acid pH. Frost hardy and suited to second line coastal gardens.

Uses: particularly suitable for hedging, screening or specimen plantings; cut flowers last well in water, may also be dried. Perfect Flora for Fauna.


Maintenance: trim spent flowers unless leaving for seed; prune foliage in early spring for a dense hedging effect. Shape plant to suit site requirements. Feed in early spring or late summer with controlled release, low phosphorus fertilizer. Low water needs when established.


Perfect Flora for Fauna.

Massed brushes of gold and bronze decorate the shrub from autumn to winter.



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