Where’dja grow up?

I was born in Logan Utah but then we moved to Phoenix AZ for 4 years but by the time I was 9 we moved to Pocatello and I underwent most of my public education in P town! District #25 (That's why I'm so smart)



How did you become a DJ?

HA! HA!  Ever heard the term "The squeaky wheel gets the grease?" I basically would call in EVERY morning to answer the question for "The Answers Never Dirty" and always answer with some type of twist on the game of croquet and became "CROQUET SHAY" Then they told me if I would STOP calling in they would let me be a judge on Dog House Wednesday. So basically I squeezed my toe in the door little by little until my giant fat head had some earphones on it and I was sitting in front of the microphone!! 



Name 3 artists you like that Z103 DOESN’T play…

WOW! I know this is what everyone says, but I like everything! Nickel Creek, Pearl Jam, Norah Jones, Brand New, I can sing almost every word to the Phantom of the Opera AND Moulin Rouge soundtrack. I also like country every 2nd Tuesdays and when I'm feeling Nostalgic...


What’s your favorite concert you ever went to?

That is a tuff one.. I have seen Green Day live 3 times! So probably one of those shows.. I remember waiting in line at the Holt Arena to get tickets to Boys to Men when I was like 15 or so...It was SO cold they let us go inside and there was a TON of track and field equipment on the football field so we stayed up all night playing on that! The concert wasn't as fun as buying the tickets..



If you weren’t a DJ, what job would you want?

Probably one of the other 5 that I have. If I could just say what I want and have it? I would be like a Dane Cook. He is pretty dirty though what I mean is a stand up comedian and then start being in movies . Then after I made a ton of money I would start my lawn care business...."Moe's Mowing"



Favorite Magazine?

Ummmm... I just get it for the articles! HA! HA! When I was a young daring skier I had a subscription to POWDER magazine.. I had like 60 issues and I took off all the covers and made a border that went around my whole room. It was AWESOME!!



What is delicious?

Well, according to my pant size EVERYTHING!!! But there is something magical about being in the movies and enjoying an Ice cold Coco-Cola Classic on the rocks with a large bag of buttered popcorn and red-vines.



What’s your favorite technology?

Electricity! Think about it..................



Where can people run into you around town?

I'm not telling...I don't want my wife to know where I've been...



Words of wisdom, please…  

In all seriousness if I could shout at the top of my lungs to all the world what would I say....... GET OUT OF DEBT!!! "The borrower is SLAVE to the lender" I cherish my freedom more than anything..


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