Monday, September 22, 2008 (PARIS)
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1.00 EUR = 1.4783 USD
09/22/08 Rate = 1.4783

Global Currencies

Base Currency USD per
British Pound1.85521.8566-0.0014
Japan Yen0.00950.00950.0000
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Currency Conversions

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Base Currency USD per
Bulgarian Lev0.75600.7398-0.0291
Czech Koruna0.06190.0605-0.3750
Danish Krone0.19830.1939-0.1143
Estonian Kroon0.09450.0924-0.2355
Hungarian Forint0.00620.0060-3.4000
Latvian Lat2.08942.0442-0.0106
Lithuanian Litas0.42830.4199-0.0465
Norwegian Krone0.18050.1758-0.1487
Polish Zloty0.44750.4407-0.0345
Romanian Leu0.40770.3985-0.0569
Russian Ruble0.04000.0396-0.2622
Slovak Koruna0.04860.0478-0.3230
Swedish Krona0.15410.1516-0.1092
Swiss Franc0.93060.9051-0.0303
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Recent Business News

Mon, 22 Sep 2008 21:05:04
Senate Democrats on Monday put forward their version of the rescue plan, including a bold addition aimed at helping homeowners at risk of foreclosure.