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Xbox Live Program Distributes 55,000 Voter Registration Forms
Xbox Live Program Distributes 55,000 Voter Registration Forms [09.22.08] A Microsoft/Rock the Vote program held across Xbox Live and saw tens of thousands of new voter registration forms downloaded, while a political opinion poll comparing Sen. Barack Obama and John McCain tallied nearly 100,000 respondents -- details within.
Xbox 360 Hits Six Million Sold In Europe
Xbox 360 Hits Six Million Sold In Europe [09.22.08] Microsoft says that Xbox 360 has reached six million units sold in Europe on the heels of recent price reductions there, and the company says it'll continue its momentum with a "launch-level" ad campaign highlighting new developments on the horizon for the console.
<i>Warhammer Online</i>'s Jacobs: 'We're Not Afraid Of <i>WoW</i>'
Warhammer Online's Jacobs: 'We're Not Afraid Of WoW' [09.22.08] Warhammer Online lead designer Mark Jacobs tells Gamasutra that Mythic Entertainment's just-launched game has had "the smoothest launch" of any MMO to date -- and he's "not afraid" of going up against Blizzard, even in what he describes as an MMO market that's tougher than ever.
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Preparing for WAR: Mark Jacobs on Launching Warhammer Online
Preparing for WAR: Mark Jacobs on Launching Warhammer Online [09.22.08] Warhammer Online is perhaps the most-anticipated MMO debut since World Of Warcraft, and Gamasutra catches up with Mythic GM Mark Jacobs, post-launch, to reveal initial results, comments on the competition, and more.
GameStop in 2008: The Mega-Interview
GameStop in 2008: The Mega-Interview [09.19.08] In an exceptionally wide-ranging interview, two top GameStop executives talk to Gamasutra about the business of the world's biggest standalone game retailer -- from hardware through used games to demographics and beyond.
Postmortem: Little Boy Games' Go! Go! Break Steady
Postmortem: Little Boy Games' Go! Go! Break Steady [09.18.08] In this exclusive Gamasutra postmortem, the developers of XBLA title Go! Go! Break Steady pointedly detail the trials and tribulations of making an original IP console title as a two-man indie dev.
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Industry News

April 13, 2006

Beckett To Launch MMOG Magazine

Beckett To Launch MMOG Magazine Sports and entertainment memorabilia magazine company Beckett Media has announced that it will launch a new North American publication called Beckett Massive Online Gamer, which will focus on articles targeting players of massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs), as well as products relating to the genre. The magazine marks the company's first video game related publication.

Scheduled for the end of May, the first issue will feature interviews, instance maps, questing guides, and articles on players’ interaction with various games, and will include input from Beckett Media as well as industry professionals and gamers. The company also publishes trading card related magazines including Beckett Baseball and Beckett Magic The Gathering, as well as Beckett Anime and Manga magazine.

“Beckett Massive Online Gamer will be the perfect magazine for gamers looking to enhance their playing experience in a different direction. We want to continue to the growth of the online gaming community through information sharing and interaction outside the games. We will be covering lifestyle and entertainment topics in each issue,” said Mike Obert, associate publisher at Beckett Media.

Beckett Massive Online Gamer will carry a $5.99 US cover price and a distribution to over 50,000 retail locations including Wal-Mart, Target, major grocery chains, comic and gaming shops, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Blockbuster, Toys R Us, and mass market specialty and hobby retailers.

POSTED: 09.43AM PST, 04/13/06 - Jason Dobson - LINK

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