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What is the Way of Light?

exultetJourney with the Risen Lord. A new way to express Easter joy in the third millennium
Christ is the centre of the life of the world.
The Easter mystery is the centre of the life of Christ.
It is represented by the two phases of the death-resurrection.
The popular mediation of the first action is by the Way of the Cross. After the Vatican II the necessity of the popular mediation of the second aspect was rediscovered: the Way of the Light.
Today, more than ever, it is necessary that people recognise this as their own way.
Easter must not be only a mear feast in calendar but a style of life.
The Way of the Light is similar to the Way of the Cross: fourteen stations, with corresponding biblical passages that start from the Empty Tomb, first sign of the resurrection, up to the Pentecost, as its primordial fruit; there are also available adequate biblical passages
And as the Way of the Cross has been planned with the company of Mary, full of sorrow because of her Suffering Son, so along the Way of the Light it's Mary who continues to accompany us, Mother who rejoices in the resurrection of her Son.
For centuries the Church has prayed the antiphon "Regina caeli laetare alleluia" and recently she has composed texts for eucharistic celebration in honour of "Mary, who rejoices in her Son's resurrection".
The antiphon "Regina caeli laetare alleluia" has already been alive in the Church for ages, and now in honour of "Mary, who rejoices in her Son's resurrection" the Church has composed texts for Eucharistic Celebration.
Also the Holy Rosary devotes its third part to the glorious mysteries. Aren't they the summary of the Way of the Light, which also presents a natural development starting from the Easter of the Child to that of the children?
Easter Mary takes us along the fourteen stations of the Way of the Light which inaugurates the third millennium.
And this calls us to live out our hope daily.