The International Herald Tribune (IHT) buys first-time publication rights from contributors. These rights include the worldwide right to publish the work in the print and electronic editions of the IHT and The New York Times (collectively, the "Newspaper"), as well as certain related rights.

The Newspaper will have the exclusive rights to the work for a period of one month after its publication and non-exclusive rights thereafter. The contributor is free to sell the work for publication elsewhere after this one-month period, provided that its subsequent publication is accompanied by the source statement, "This work originally appeared in the International Herald Tribune." Any income from such sale is the contributor's.

The related rights acquired by the Newspaper include the right to use the work in printed compilations or reproductions of the Newspaper or portions of the Newspaper and the right to reproduce or license reproduction of the work in any other form or media that is known now or that may be adopted in the future, as long as such form includes other material from the Newspaper. The Newspaper will have the right to translate the work into any foreign language.

Except as set forth below, any income from such use belongs to the Newspaper. Any limitations of these rights must be confirmed in writing with the Newspaper.

The Newspaper shall have the right to syndicate the work, provided that the contributor will be paid 50% of the net receipts from such syndication. Work is "syndicated" when it is sold individually to a third party for republication in any form.

These terms also apply to letters and any other unpaid contributions accepted for publication by the Newspaper.

In submitting the work for publication in the Newspaper, the contributor certifies that it has not been published previously, is an original work and does not infringe on the copyright or any other right of any person and that the contributor accepts these terms.