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Roleplaying news.

Salutations wanderer.
You find yourself in the GameWyrd; a site dedicated to the roleplayer.

Please look around. You'll find many things here, an online text adventure game, interactive stories where you can guide the heroes through the dilemmas and dangers created by previous narrators. Free form roleplay in the forums, laugh at the "famous last words", read the latest RPG review or vote for your favourite game in the WyrdRanks. Tour the Cyber Nexus and search for other RPG pages, add your own or even apply to the prestigious Adytum webring. You can do some of this already but for the others you will need to introduce yourself to us.

9th Dec:
    I've made a big change today. I've added rel="nofollow" to outbound links from the forums. This should mean that spammers have nothing to gain from spamming. I doubt they'll stop though and will be working on better anti-spam defense later.

8th Dec:
    A rare update. What's going with this site? It lives! Well. It lives despite the Wyrdmaster now being super busy with a booming professional career. This is a great time for me and I've a real chance to make something for myself. GameWyrd is a labour of love for me and I won't shut the site down. Instead I'll find those spare minutes I need to keep the site going. In the future I hope to have some cash to hire a professional web developer to migrate, tart up and fix the site.

GameWyrd welcomes our newest player: smarti95
There are 38523 Wyrdlings. There are 1 users on the site at the minute.
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Forums >> General Chat >> heyhowareya?!?!
Up & Coming RPG Conventions [2007/2008].
A list of RPG Conventions in the UK, Ireland, and Europe.
Forums >> General Chat >> Up & Coming RPG Conventions [2007/2008].
Any other ARMORY players?
Good light medieval game
Forums >> General Chat >> Any other ARMORY players?
Fallen Sword
A Great RPG Game to Play
Forums >> Online computer RPGS >> Fallen Sword
Feature: GameWyrd's RPG Reviews
      GameWyrd's reviews try to provide a detailed and neutral opinion on all sorts of roleplaying games and products. You can read about books, online games or even the increasingly popular NetBook downloads. We aim to be fair, you wont find authors of products giving their own books the thumbs up in the guise of a review but you might find such enthusiasm in the preview section where publishers have the chance to whet your appetite. Of course, each review comes linked to the WyrdRanks so you can see how other Wyrdlings have voted for the game, adventure or supplement and so you can add your own vote.
Feature: The WyrdRanks
      Which is the best roleplaying game ever? Vampire? Dungeons and Dragons? Call of Cthulhu? Or perhaps a computer RPG is a challenger for the title? The WyrdRanks gives you your chance to vote high for your favourite and low for that stupid game everyone else likes. The WyrdRanks is divided into four main sections; tabletop RPGs, computer RPGs, LARPs and the online textual game section for MUSHes, MUDs and their kin.
Win RPG Stuff
Game: Evil Eye
    Do you have what it takes to poke the devil in the eye? Do you think you could get away with it? If you're a brave soul and fancy a chance of winning September's prize then this is the game for you!
    Current Prize:
Kosmic Powerz
Game: Treasure Hunt
    Can you help guide a band of adventurers from treasure chest to treasure chest? If you waste time opening too many empty chests then the adventurers will loose faith in you and you'll have to start over. If your treasure hunting skills are something to be proud of then have a go.
    Current Prize:
The free and frustrating, interactive, roleplaying inspired, treasure hunting, chest opening, prize game!
Savant and Sorcerer
Game Scrying
Most recent referrer:
Battle Forces Online

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Famous Last Words:
Oh crap, not again!

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GM Mastery: NPC Essentials

[Type: Tabletop RPG ] [ Total Score: 10 ] [Average Score: 5.00 ]
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