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Experience the excitement that brought down the house at IndieGamesCon 2004. Zap! - a 2D vector graphics multiplayer team action strategy game that plays like a cross between Robotron and Tribes with the graphical blend of Asteroids and Pac-Man. As a 2D game Zap can be played with keyboard&mouse; or (recommended) a dual-analog gamepad. Zap has several game types, including CTF, Zone Control, Retrieve, Soccer, Hunters and Rabbit, and it supports familiar features like hierarchal V-menu chat and recorded voice.

Zap! is your standard team-based multiplayer action/strategy retro game. Don't miss out on the chance to play the greatest team-based gameplay on the internet. Download Zap! Now.

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Latest News and Reviews about Zap!

"The game is excellent. It reminds me of some good ship style arcade games, only multiplayer, on caffiene pills and crack (Stay in school). Seriously, though, the gameplay is unique to a ship game and completely great. I like the ease of shooting down another fighter with your choice of weapons and powerups. And yet I like the skill it takes as well to choose a strategy. For some people, its flying around shooting constantly. Other people conserve their energy and create strategy with boosters and shields, repair or cloak or what-have-you. Yet the game is very fast paced too."
--- Nate Flathers

"The depth is right up there with Tribes. I could see competition out of this game.. 3v3 or 4v4 could be very strategic."
--- Killer One

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