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Brian Deardorff
Sean Deardorff
Evan Deardorff

Deardorff family history and related info:
Ancestral lines with spouses and siblings
WANTED -- Daniel DEARDORFF Jr, PA Adams Co, ~1828
Family Record entries in Bible of Ephraim Deardorff
Don Lerew's Genealogy and Links -- Includes information on the Deardorff's, Lerew's, and many descendent families. FamilyHart Online Genealogy Databases
Map of Dierdorf (town), Neuwied (county), Germany
History of Deardorff Camera
William Dearduff defends the Alamo
Mount Deardorff, Antarctica
Christian and Matilda Deardorff, Happy Valley, Oregon
Deardorff/Gantt Burial Ground, Perry Co, PA
Deardurff Designs

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