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Subject: E6) Which tropical cyclone lasted the longest?

Contributed by Neal Dorst

Hurricane/Typhoon John lasted 31 days as it traveled both the Northeast and Northwest Pacific basins during August and September 1994. (It formed in the Northeast Pacific, reached hurricane force there, moved across the dateline and was renamed Typhoon John, and then finally recurved back across the dateline and renamed Hurricane John again.) Hurricane Ginger was a tropical cyclone for 28 days in the North Atlantic Ocean back in 1971.
It should be noted that prior to the weather satellite era (1961) many tropical cyclones' life cycles could be underestimated.

Longest lasting Atlantic Hurricanes

127.25GINGER 1971
224.75INGA 1969
322KYLE 2002
420.75CARRIE 1957
STORM 9 OF 1893
620.25INEZ 1966
719.75ALBERTO 2000
819.50STORM 4 OF 1926
918.50STORM 6 OF 1893
1018.00STORM 2 OF 1930
1117.75STORM 2 OF 1899
1217.50BEULAH 1967
STORM 3 OF 1906
(From Jimmy Franklin and Eric Blank, NHC)

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