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suomi on tosi hyvä

ohmycarling wrote 1 day ago: here is a sample conversation from my finnish textbook on how to use the verb täytyy, meaning … more →

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The culture of fear of outsiders in Finland 127 comments

Enrique wrote 1 week ago: Can an open and honest debate on multiculturalism take place in Finland when people feel directly th … more →

Tags: Ajankohtaista, ethnicity, EU immigration policy, european union, Finland, Finnish immigration policy, Human Rights, Immigration, Inmigración

Favorite Jams Friday

picturetracks wrote 2 weeks ago: I know you want to buy me a present. Above are some ideas. Avarus is playing at the Cakeshop and … more →

Tags: Events, Music, Fashion, Freak-Folk, Finland, Avarus, robert longo, noisette, HYDE SK

i b gone, cya in paris1 comment

wnbjournalisti wrote 3 weeks ago: Mp3-player full of Kelis and Nas. Never listened thru an entire album from either one so dis prety … more →

Tags: Finland, Kuvia, Matkailu, photos, Travel, Kelis, NAS, turku

Last Day In Finland1 comment

wnbjournalisti wrote 3 weeks ago: and i won’t miss the weather one bit. No, it’s not that dark in here because it’s … more →

Tags: photos, Kuvia, Finland, Syksy, Fall

leaving for paris/nyc

wnbjournalisti wrote 3 weeks ago: from now on i’m going to post all travel photos here * * FLIGHT AF1498 FROM TURKU TKU TO … more →

Tags: Matkailu, photos, Travel, Finland, Kuvia

listing: 3 done, 4 to go

wnbjournalisti wrote 3 weeks ago: [ ] supaernatural amounts of work to get more traveling monies [ ] place to sleep as close to Manhat … more →

Tags: Travel, Other, Matkailu, usa, Finland

Helsinki, here I comes

Candy Queen wrote 4 weeks ago: A whole 16 hours of plane ride is killing and torturing ME. On the plane, the window is hardened w … more →


juhamkinnunen wrote 1 month ago: Hello all, here is my first photograp for this photoblog The image features the Finnish mountain of … more →

Tags: juha kinnunen, Finland, saana, käsivarsi, lappi, Black and White, Nik Software, silverefex, canon


juhamkinnunen wrote 1 month ago: Hello all, I have had a few blogs before but after the first post I did not update them for months. … more →

Tags: juha kinnunen, juha m. kinnunen, oulu, Finland, Blog, new, first, Post, deviantART

Emäntäni juuret

utukka wrote 1 month ago: Juuret ovat joskus kumma asia. Emäntäni sanoo: “Minun juureni ovat Suomessa”. Siksikö … more →

Tags: Pohdiskelu, koirat, juuret

Episode I : The Finnish Message

sockymon wrote 1 month ago: The Bible Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to have a fantastic holiday in Helsinki and whils … more →

Tags: Books, Socks, Helsinki, Hobboks, stupid creatures, john murphy

things that brighten your day^^2 comments

mattyjc wrote 2 months ago: As weeks go in general, this week is pretty dandy:D I’ve been able to get a lot of things done … more →

Tags: winter, knitting, Shopping, Finland, Finnish Language, Holidays, mittens, garnstudio, Patterns

Listen to Finland

jeanett666 wrote 2 months ago: A list of Finnish Radio Stations … more →

Tags: Finland, Finnish, Hear, Listen, live, Music, radio, Sami, station


mattyjc wrote 2 months ago: So for the past few days, I’ve been trying just to learn a few basic Finnish words, but by Gol … more →

Tags: snow, exchange, Finland, Denmark, Finnish Language, Skiing, Senaatintori, Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland

K.I. wrote 3 months ago: I was recently able to take an interesting and yet lonely trip to Helsinki, Finland. I say lonely o … more →

Tags: Travel, Art, Design, Finland, Helsinki, Europe, city, Journey, Finnish

Tiedotusluonteinen tiedotus

sami wrote 3 months ago: Balttiarallaa tietotoimisto tiedottaa: Slovenian vuoristossa vahvasti puolipilvistä. “It can … more →

Tags: balttiarallaa, epähauska, �S��

Finland Romance

jeanett666 wrote 3 months ago: Apocalyptica-Romance ~ Landscape pictures from all over Finland to a beautiful song from the Finnis … more →

Tags: Finland, Apocalyptica, Events, finlandia, forest, landscape, Life, Love, Music

My controversial documentary on Finland8 comments

Enrique wrote 3 months ago: If I had access to a generous amount of financing and got the chance to do a documentary film on Fin … more →

Tags: Ajankohtaista, Finland, Clearcutting, Environment, Global Warming

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